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Tim Ventura is the founder of American Antigravity, the nation’s largest forum dedicated to exploring the physics & innovators behind antigravity, warp-drives, and emerging science in Breakthrough Propulsion Physics. Originally founded in 2002 as a hands-on experimenter’s website for emerging propulsion technology, it has grown over time into a massive collection of research, interviews, and scientific knowledge relating to emerging space & energy science, and it serves as a community center for bleeding-edge research not covered by traditional media.

American Antigravity’s research has been featured on the Discovery Channel, BBC News, Nippon TV, Janes Defense Weekly, Wired Magazine and dozens of other television, radio and print channels and live conference events. Ventura works as curator, collector, and subject matter expert in the field of breakthrough propulsion helping to locate & interview innovators doing research in this area and help explore how their innovations may serve the future of space exploration.




Tonight RCH will take calls and discuss whatever is on the minds of his listeners.

You can call in by phone: (505) 796-8802
or by Skype: enterprisemission

RCH will also continue to talk about Pluto:
See the Pluto bone-yard images  and Enterprise Mission Pluto page

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