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1. Ceres Of Anomalies


Pluto & Ceres archiology comparisons

DavidWaltonDavid Walton lives near Philadelphia with his wife and seven children.  When not working as engineer for Lockheed Martin he spends his time writing Science Fiction. His first novel TERMINAL MIND, won the 2008 Philip K. Dick Award for best original paperback novel. His next book SUPERSYMMETRY comes out September 1st.

Supersymmetry is a sequel to Superposition, but it stands alone as its own story.  It starts up 15 years after the end of the last book, and follows a pair of twins . . . if you’ve read Superposition, you can probably guess who!  The varcolac is back, of course, and new technology that promises to change the world.

David is a member of Tenth Presbyterian Church.

From David:

“I am a Christian. I do not write “Christian” fiction, however, because I think stories created to promote one’s doctrine or politics generally fail.  The power of fiction is that it can tell the truth about people and life, even when it takes place in an imagined future or in fanciful lands.  My hope is that people of any religious perspective or background will find much to enjoy and relate to in my novels, because–if I have succeeded–they will recognize in it their own experience of what it means to be human.”

Websites: http://www.davidwaltonfiction.com/



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