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1. Did NASA time its Mars announcement to coincide with ‘The Martian’?

2. Enterprise Mission Investigators Confirm Existence of Present Day Water on Mars

3. Martian Water Stains or Dust Slides?

4. Bi-Modal Distribution of Key Features Due to Ancient Tidal Stress?

5. Palermo’s Martian Anomalies – A Study of MOC Stain Images

6. m0001221e  7. m0002117a

8. m0902487d

9. Discovery2a

10. Discovery1

Efrain Palermo


Born in Brooklyn, NYC Efrain currently resides in Portland, Oregon. For 15 years he worked on a human powered helicopter for the Sikorski Human Powered Helicopter contest, while also working in the construction industry. His first novel, Alien Cartel is a Sci-Fi epic, and it’s sequel  ‘Tides of Retribution’ is currently being edited for a release in 2016.

Palermo discovered the Phobos monolith while doing his martian stains research, the monolith was featured in the Science Channel series – NASA’s Unexplained Files – Season 2 episode 1 (2015)

Website: palermoproject.com

Jill England

Software Designer / Engineer, private pilot, tree farmer and backyard lumberjack, and sometimes ride a Buell Firebolt.

Have a lifelong hobby interest in Software development engineering, Physical sciences, aircraft, and history. Also love space exploration in all aspects.

In 2001 I contacted RCH about a ‘flow’ image he has posted and followed up with a study of the satellite images and meta-data to determine if the flows were created by active water related phenomena on Mars. Efrain Palermo and I did prove that the flows were current geologic features appearing in months and not thousands of years old as the current at the time assertion.

We wrote a paper, presented at Stanford, and celebrated with an Electric Ice tea before the plane ride home. I’m an American, Military brat (Air Force), I love flying with a passion. A life not lived in calculated risk is a life not lived. Carpe Deum!

Mars or Bust!

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