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Mantik’s Photos

Figure 1

Figure 1. AP (Frontal) X-ray from JFK’s Autopsy

Figure 2

Figure 2. Lateral X-ray from JFK’s Autopsy

Figure 3

Figure 3. Harper Bone Fragment (Photo taken in Dallas, TX)


Figure 4. Dr. Cairns’s Placement of the Harper Fragment

Figure 5

Figure 5. The Mystery Photograph from the Autopsy


Figure 6. Newsweek Image of Dealey Plaza (November 22, 1993)

Figure 7

Figure 7. Three Headshots in Dealey Plaza

Figure 8

Figure 8. Quentin Schwinn saw this Autopsy Photograph

Morningstar’s Photos

9.  Morningstar-1

10. Morningstar-211. Morningstar-3

12. Morningstar-4 13. Morningstar-5

z-207-213 - gestalt editing- morningstar

14. Gestalt Editing

Z-207 - No damage to back of sign - Red Coat top middle

15. No damage to back of sign

16. Empty-porch-No-red-coat

16. Empty-porch-No-red-coat

17. First-sign-damage

17. First-sign-damage

18. Blacked-out-vapor-trail-and-sign-damage

18. Blacked-out-vapor-trail-and-sign-damage

19. Vapor trail & wound

19. Vapor trail & wound

19. Contrail-rdm-arrows

20. Contrail-rdm-arrows

David-MantikDavid W. Mantik received his doctorate in physics from the University of Wisconsin and was a member on the physics faculty (as assistant professor) at the university before leaving for medical school. He completed his internship and residency in radiation oncology at LAC/USC Medical Center in Los Angeles.

He has also completed fellowships in physics at the University of Illinois and in biophysics at Stanford University, and a junior faculty clinical fellowship with the American Cancer Society.

Mantik has carried out extensive research into the assassination of John F. Kennedy. This includes detailed studies of Kennedy autopsy X-rays and the Zapruder Film. In 1993 Mantik disclosed that after examining the autopsy X-rays at the National Archives they had been altered and “that there were 2 shots which struck the head, and that the magic bullet is anatomically impossible”.

Mantik, along with Robert Livingston, Charles Crenshaw, Ronald F. White and Jack White, contributed to Assassination Science (edited by James H. Fetzer). Mantik also contributed Paradoxes of the The Medical Evidence Decoded, The Zapruder Film Controversy and The Silence of the Historian to Murder in Dealey Plaza (2000) and The Dealey Plaza Home Movies to The Great Zapruder Film Hoax (2003).

morningstarWebsite: UFODigest

Robert Morningstar is a civilian intelligence analyst, investigative journalist and psychotherapist, living in New York City.

Robert is a specialist in photo interpretation, geometric analysis and computer imaging. Robert Morningstar is a graduate of Power Memorial Academy and was a New York State Regents Scholar (1967-72) at Fordham University where he received a degree in psychology.  While at Fordham University, in 1969, Robert participated as a research fellow in a US Navy-sponsored program to develop Artificial Intelligence.

An expert in Chinese language, history and martial arts, he is acknowledged as a Master of Yang Family Tai Chi Ch’uan by the Hong Kong Tai Chi Masters Association and has taught at Oberlin College, and  Hunter College, the City University of New York. In 1992-93, he worked in the Behavioral Science Department of The International Center for the Disabled.

Robert Morningstar is a(n) FAA-licensed private pilot and Instrument Ground Instructor and has studied the paranormal and UFOs for over 50 years and published many research articles on the Internet, exposing government cover-up and deception applied in the JFK Assassination. His work is cited in major books on the JFK assassination, notably in Paris Flammonde’s “The Assassination of America” and “Conspiracy Science” by Prof. James Fetzer.

Morningstar was a featured speaker at the Secret Space Program Conference held in San Francisco, June 2015 where he exhibited Apollo lunar anomalies and UFO activity that occurred throughout the Apollo Missions.

Robert has written extensively to expose NASA’s use of “Disinformation Technology” to suppress evidence of an extraterrestrial presence on on the Moon.  Robert is currently the Publisher & Editor of UFODigest, which exposes the real nature and menace of the UFO phenomenon and its cover-up to our constitutional liberties. Robert is regularly heard on many national and international radio programs, including Red Ice, Far Out Radio, The Outer Edge, Future Theater, Dr. J Radio Live and Skywatchers Radio.

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