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Richard’s Items

1. Record-Breaking Snowfall Dumps on East Coast [News]

2. Transcript of ABC-TV “Good Morning America”
Program on Cold Fusion Excess Energy and Radioactivity Reduction [News]

3. The Cincinnati Group Discloses Its Radioactivity Remediation Protocol [PDF]

4. Snow Storm 2016

From Valerie Sisler

From Valerie Sisler, Rivesville, WV

Dennis’ Items

  1. Remediation Proposal for the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant [PDF]
  2. Fukushima NPP Remediation Project Team Executive Summary [PDF]
  3. NEXXUS NEWS 1.21.16 [PDF]
  4. To Sign Petition, Donate to Remediation Project (wtsenates.info/nexxus/)
  5. LIFE RAY is a nonprofit organization developing the technology of John Hutchison for the elimination of radioactive contamination (www.life-ray.org)

DennisWattsAs founder and President of Rejuv-A-Nation Research & Development, Dennis Watts’ purpose was to understand the roots of consciousness, energy and nutrition as it relates to the body, mind and spirit. His strong belief is that success and enjoyment stems from the maintenance of health and homeostasis in life.

Dennis Watts is a consultant and advisor to Clear Water Vision and Nexxus Environmental Corporation. He is also on the Board of advisors for the Blue Planet Groupe which markets Nano-microbes and extremophiles used for environmental remediation.

Dennis Watts has Engineering degrees from Howard University and University District of Columbia. He has been working as a Master Systems Engineer Scientist for various Aerospace and Engineering Corporation for 25 plus years. He has experiences that range from Program Manager to Project Engineering and Project Planning. He has worked in the field of electrical/electronic and advance spacecraft systems engineering. He has worked at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratories in Laurel, Maryland, Space Communications Department, Boeing Advanced Systems Phantom Works Division, Northrop Electronic System Division, and many other aerospace engineering firms during his career.

His passion, however, is in the area of life Extension and the health and healing of mind, body, and spirit from the urge of death. His passion for health and healing also extends to the Earth and how to restore and heal planetary Eco-systems – including water and air pollution.

He is an accomplished inventor and innovator. He successfully designed and developed a series of practical quantum technology devices used for restoring balance and connection back to the source of creation. He also built a healing table utilizing the principle of Quantum Physics, radionics-psychtronic technology. This was a very successful development around 1983. In 1990 he developed a way to harness the healing effects of Tachyon Energy Technology for a company called Tachyon Research Inc. This healing invention was very successful and brought relief to countless people around the world.

In his research he has found natural non-toxic methods to relieve serious degenerative disease processes in the mind, body, and spirit complex. He has a vast knowledge and understanding of conscious awareness, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, quantum physics and can explain, in simple understandable terminology, how the body/mind connections work in conjunction with the health and well-being of one’s life expression. These same healing considerations also apply to Earth’s ecosystems. The foundation of Dennis’ success as a healer and teacher lies in his understanding of the Law of One which is the same as the Law Of Vibrational Energy (LOVE)

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