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Richard’s Items

  1. Einstein’s gravitational waves detected in landmark discovery [News]
  2. Gravitational Waves Detected by LIGO: Complete Coverage [News]
  3. Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity Confirmed [News]

Tori’s Items

1. 1.-Carl-Jung 2. 2.-Watkins-Logo

3. 3.-Tori-Hartman 4. 4.-William-Shattner

5. 5.-RoadSign 6. 6.-Facade

7. Chakra Wisdom Oracle


tori-hartmanWebsite: ToriHartman.com

Tori Hartman is a professional intuitive. Following a near-death experience almost 20 years ago, Tori was visited by spirit who told her a collection of brightly coloured stories. These stories prompted her life-long fascination with colour, the chakras and their power to transform and heal lives. Tori is based in Asheville, NC.

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