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  1. What cancer treatment did Jimmy Carter use? Why these kind of treatments are suddenly gaining traction.  [News]

Maria’s Items

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3. Band-transmissions 4. Britains-Leys

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Websites: The Avebury Experience, Esoteric College

Maria is a second-generation dowser who was taught by European Master Dowers and Chinese geomants. Maria is a leading authority on geodetic earth energies and ley lines.

Maria is an accomplished author of books on sacred sites and dowsing.  She has continued her late father’s dowsing research into the esoteric design canons of prehistoric sites, Druidic ceremonial enclosures and the Knights Templar’s churches and cathedrals.

Maria has studied Neolithic Britain and Bronze Age prehistory with the University of Bath and alongside other professionals, Maria combines her knowledge of archaeology, and earth energies with state of the art equipment to locate, detect and interpret the hidden frequencies that the Earth emits. Her findings challenge our understanding of sacred sites.

Maria has also written holistic diploma courses for private colleges and she runs the Avebury School of Esoteric Studies which offers certificated courses on holistic subjects including past life regression, astrology, tarot and dowsing. Her new online college, Esoteric College, teaches advance dowsing techniques which are not taught anywhere else in the world and Celtic Feng Shui. They are affiliated to the Association of British Correspondence Colleges.

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