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Special Guest: Will Farrar

WillFarrarWebsite: whatsupinthesky.com

Will Farrar grew up in Maryland where he started his career in technology at the young age of 16 and is currently the Information Technology Director for a national healthcare company as well as the man behind the Space Anomaly YouTube Channel WhatsUpInTheSky37 and the website whatsupinthesky.com.

He attributes his keen eye for spotting anomalies in imagery to his fascination with images returned from various spacecrafts as well as his travels around the United States visiting various national and state parks. Will is also known for applying various technological approaches in his hunt for anomalies in space imagery that has helped make his case of obfuscation in the past.  Will is also an accomplished musician and artist.


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Phone: (505) 796-8802 • Skype: enterprisemission

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