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Richard’s Items

1. SpaceX rocket booster makes breakthrough landing at sea [News]

2.mr-buchman-son 3. mr-buchman-sun
Joseph Buchman’s Dad & Son                   Joseph Buchman’s Dad with sunshine


Jerry’s Items

1. Xpeditions.tv videos

2. Jeff Byrd Project

7. Camp-in-Amazon 8. Aramu-Muru

9. Andes-Tunnel 10. S.-Az-Arch

11. Magnetic-Galixy 12. Footprint

13. View-from-Footprint 14. Cumbemayo

15. Doomsday-Stone-1 16. Doomsday-Stone-2

17. Doomsday-Stone-3


From an early age Jerry Wills was captivated by the unknown. Jerry read all he could from authors such as Erich von Däniken and marveled at the details. Driven to know more and to explore, Jerry eventually found himself traveling through Mexico, central and south America for extended periods of time. Each location Jerry visited was rich in history and always populated with fantastic stories of the past. Exploring ancient sites fascinated Jerry. He knew the answers he sought were “out there” somewhere buried beneath the rubble and tumbled earth of those old pyramids and temples, or hidden beneath the dense foliage of the jungle. Jerry felt important answers lay waiting to be unearthed. He was absolutely right…

Kathy Wills, an intensely curious and adventurous lady whose interests mirrored Jerry’s, joined the adventure and married Jerry late 1997. Together they left the conventional world of 9 to 5 to embarked upon an adventure cascading them deeper into distant lands and ancient places most have never seen. Together they trekked the ancient paths leading through the Andes in a search for ancient civilizations. Occasionally their incredible journey pointed them deep within the Amazon Jungle. Here they paused to explored ancient shamanic practices handed down from a thousands generations past. Along the way Jerry and Kathy created lasting friendships with area guides and local Shamans willing to share their secrets. During their decades long series of adventures they actively sought answers. Who traveled these roads a thousand years ago? What did they know that we don’t? Their intense curiosity and intuitive sense of adventure took them deep into a mystery far beyond well worn paths. Together they traveled into dark and dangerous places few have ever seen, and most would not have taken. Their discoveries provided answers well outside the usually accepted details of history. Their discoveries challenged dogma.

In 2000, Xpeditions Magazine became available online. In 2006 Xpeditions TV started, and during 2014 The Jerry Wills Show began. These media outlets were created to share Jerry and Kathy’s discoveries and ongoing adventures with the world. Xpeditions TV provided the perfect outlet to share their video documentaries and the Jerry Wills radio show allowed them a perfect medium to provide live broadcasts from any location via satellite. Audiences worldwide gathered to find out what lead was being followed and what the latest discovery would be.

If you want to know more about a lost and largely forgotten past ask Jerry and Kathy Wills. They might be willing to fill you in with details they have personally experienced. Off world influences, advanced civilizations, and ancient spiritual practices are only a few of the subjects they could spend hours telling you about.

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