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Cars and electrical generators that run on water?!Sounds impossible, right?

It’s not.

Tonight, with my guest Moray King, we’re going to explore the world of water — electyrolyzers, Brown’s Gas, water nanobubbles, microscopic ball lightning, plasmoids … and zero point energy–

All drawing on the vast potentials of “Torsion Field Technologies.”

We’re also going to get into the unknown biological aspects of water via this same torsion field connection, with my second guest, Keith Perry.

I guarantee you that, after tonight, you’ll never look at “an ordinary glass of water” the same way again ….

Tune in.

Richard C. Hoagland



Moray King’s Items:

1-  Is Water the Key to New Energy?    CLICK ON COVER TO BUY

Cars and generators that seem to run on water? Sounds impossible! Yet inventors sometimes stumble across a huge energetic phenomena, which they unwittingly attribute to hydrogen, as they explore water electrolyzers, Brown’s gas, HHO and hydroxy. This book culminates ten years of research and discloses a surprising, new explanation: In an engine’s combustion chamber, water nanobubbles or fog particles convert to microscopic ball lightning when subjected to a wide plasma, abrupt electric discharge. For a few milliseconds thousands of tiny plasmoids manifest a huge anomalous force on the piston. The plasmoids self-accelerate due to their coherence with the quantum vacuum’s zero-point energy. The behavior mimics a thunderclap. Herein offers an easy success for inventors: Just create the conditions of a thundercloud in an engine’s combustion chamber.

This book is a call to inventors:
Build thunderclap engines and prove to the world that indeed: Water is the key to new energy!
2-  Complete Presentation of the following items… with 189 slides
KING, Moray B. : Annotated 2016 presentation ~ Nanobubbles & Water Electrolyzers PDF ] PPT ]


5-  Temperatures

Melt    6192 F  3422 C
Vaporize   10031 F   5555 C
Browns Gas     266 F  130 C

Acetylene   5972 F  3300 C
Hydrogen arc  7232 F  4000 C
Cyanogen  8477 F  4525 C
Dicyanacetylene  9009 F  4987 C


6-  Brown’s Gas Torch Contains
EV/EVO (Microscopic Ball Lightning)










10-   Electrum Validum (EV)
Exotic Vacuum Object (EVO)

One Hundred Billion Electrons
One Million Ions
e/m Ratio like electron
Contains excessive energy


11- Ken Shoulders






14-  http://www1.lsbu.ac.uk/water/nanobubble.html


15-  Superstability of Surface Nanobubbles

















21-  Plasmoid Anomalies 

  • Self-Acceleration
  • Excess Force
  • Excess Energy





23-   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sprite


24-  http://www.academia.edu/6336579/Arc-liberated_chemical_energy_exceeds_electrical_input_energy









28-  http://h4gas.com/



29-   Patent US 2012/0186557 A1
Walter Jenkins

Apparatus, System, and Method for Vaporizing Fuel Mixture

Published: July 26, 2012, Filed: Jan 24, 2012, Provisional: Jan 24, 2011








32-  Genset Runs on Water  /  http://h4gas.com/







35- Moray’s Books                    CLICK ON COVERS TO BUY 

Moray B. King


Moray B King has Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, Masters Degree in Systems Engineering, and finished the course work for a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering, all at the University of Pennsylvania. During the oil embargo of 1974 he learned about the existence of zero-point energy in the physics literature, and began researching the possibility that it could be tapped as a practical energy source. From the standard scientific literature it appeared that excess energy anomalies were observed in pulse plasma experiments, especially if they produced ball lightning. Moray took leave from the University in 1979 when invited to join Eyring Research Institute in Provo, Utah. For practical employment, Moray engaged in software engineering at both the University and commercial software industries. He has presented his zero-point energy research at numerous energy conferences over the last 40 years, and has authored four books on the topic of how the zero-point energy could be harvested via technological means:

Tapping the Zero-Point Energy (1989)
Quest for Zero-Point Energy (2001)
The Energy Machine of T. Henry Moray (2005)
Water: The Key to New Energy (2017)
The last book is the breakthrough for it describes the simplest means to accomplish the goal.


Keith Perry’s Items:







5- Quartz “Donuts” for Pain


Keith Perry

Keith Perry has been developing Energized Waters for the past 15 years. It is his desire to make these healing waters available to the public. Five years after Keith made is breakthrough with the water, he was approached by someone to make a fuel additive, which he did do and it turned out to be the strongest ever recorded by the EPA at 1 part per billion/boosts horsepower/mileage 10%. He is currently pursuing other projects from his home in New Mexico. Keith is currently seeking distribution for his healing waters and fuel additive.
Since early childhood, Keith has been drawn to frontier science. When a best friend of his took ill, he wasn’t ready to lose him so he set about searching for a cure which led him to electro medicine and the study of torsion fields. The torsion field experiments led him to water, which he had also been studying for a long time and thus came his breakthrough to the Healing Waters.
Contact Keith Perry at [email protected]
Phone: 505-859-3369

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