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 A Celebration of the Life of Art Bell

Art Bell is a radio legend ….

Tonight my long-time friend, British broadcaster Howard Hughes and I, are going to talk about the impact Art had on our respective lives … as well as his remarkable influence on the accelerating changes we are seeing across the field of broadcasting.

You have heard me many times refer to “the other side of midnight” as that time when “the ‘impossible things’ we normally ignore and hurry by in daylight, we often pause to take a second look … between the dusk and dawn.”

Tonight, we’re going to examine the trans-formative role that our friend Art played in causing millions around the world, in the last several decades to “take that second look” ….

Richard C. Hoagland



Richard’s Items:

1- First Lady, Barbara Bush, visits the Briefing Room of the “USS Dunbar” on Capitol Hill in 1990 ….

Barbara Bush — 1925-2018

“What really impresses me is that you are having a lot of fun while learning.”

Barbara Bush, Ochtober 10, 1990 / Dunbar High School, Washington, D.C.
Aboard the Enterprise Mission’s first “Starship”



Art Bell (June 17, 1945 – April 13, 2018)




THIS IS THE ARTCLE:  https://gizadeathstar.com/2018/04/r-i-p-art-bell/


4-  NASA Finally Gets a New Leader



5- Lyrid meteor shower peaks this weekend: What to know about the starry spectacle


6- Bizarre purple beams and UFOs in Phoenix skies spark HAARP weather control frenzy



Howard has worked on London’s two biggest radio shows.  He spent ten years writing and reading news. travelling the world  and winning awards on Capital Radio’s Chris Tarrant breakfast show.   And he spent two years doing the same with Nick Ferrari on LBC.   In recent years he’s been working with talkRADIO and the BBC – where he’s filled in for legendary broadcasters like Anne Diamond and Tony Blackburn.   In Howard’s years on air at national news service IRN he broke news of the Gulf War and the fall of the Berlin Wall.   On Capital he told London about the death of Princess Diana and reported live from Ground Zero in New York.    He’s been heard on stations nationwide including Radio City 96.7,  talkSPORT, BRMB, Power FM/Ocean FM, BFBS, County Sound Radio.  Howard has also been heard as voiceover on tv shows – including eight years as live commentary voice on “The British Comedy Awards” for a UK  audience of up to 14 million.      Howard has been doing his own show   “The Unexplained”  (www.theunexplained.tv)  online and on air since 2004 featuring guests as varied as astronaut Edgar Mitchell, David Icke, Graham Hancock and Harvard space professor Avi Loeb.

In 2007 Howard received the IRN Gold Award (then called the Special Award) for Contribution to Commercial Radio News.






Twitter Fans:


“Heard Art Bell has passed. Condolences to his family.”


“Thank you Art Bell for the years of entertainment and information. RIP”

  Waylon Jennings son and recording artist







“RIP Art Bell. As a longtime overnight guy I bow down to your legacy! One of the most important talk show hosts ever!”


“R.I.P. Art Bell — voice of the night.
“My dad passed his love for Art Bell onto me.
We believe in everything. Monsters. Bigfoot. Ufos.
The world is infinitely more interesting 
when you’re not a skeptic. Thanks for the stories, Art. https://t.co/QWmlTjrskk
I’m a night owl now but I pulled a lot of all nighters in high school.
I’d stay up and listen to Art Bell many of those nights. His voice was one of a kind and his shows were so weird & spooky but somehow managed to hold off your skepticism. Of course he died on Friday the 13th



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  1. CameronGarrett says:

    in 1994 art exposed me to the face on mars for the first time. this compelled me to see you, richard, give a lecture at the university of washington and show images of mars and the moon on the gigantic screens at kane hall. i was hooked ever since, not because i believed every thing i was told but because it ignited in me the journey for the truth and to find it for myself.
    i will never stop searching. thank you richard and thank you art!

  2. Nick says:

    Listened to Art in Vegas when he was a small local host, what an education and companion. Years later me and Richard drove out to Pahrump to meet him. We also produced an incredible live simulcast show from a Phoenix lecture, I think a first for Art. Anyway, great indelible memories. And his bumper music…. Chills man!

  3. DKJ says:

    I recall the 1st night I heard Art. It was the night of the day that he had captured Comet the cat under the house.
    I was staying in an Oakwood Corporate Apt. in San Jose. It didn’t have a TV, I turned on the radio and found Art. I listened to him until Snoory came on and quit.

  4. Cal says:

    I once faxed Art a guest suggestion with the title: Do Spy Satellites See UFOs? He instantly replied and booked the expert in UFO corroborated cases based on DSP spy satellite data obtained through FOIAs and pilot flight recordings of the incidences. When the guest was due on air Art said hello and the guest wasn’t there. Dead air!

    The guest claimed helicopters were flying over his house and his phone connection suddenly went dead. He said he went to a neighbor’s house and was able to get a working phone connection to be on the program.

    I assumed my name would be “mud” for making this referral but Art handled it like a pro. I had the greatest respect for Art’s professionalism, intelligence and pursuance of the truth. No one can fill his shoes.

  5. Art Davis says:

    I found Art Bell slightly after his first retirement and return to the airwaves. The show was on a small station the had to power down at night making it difficult to hear through the static and constantly strolling and fiddling to get his voice to come in clearly. He was pretty much bootlegged through the ether with other large radio stations at night, especially on the East Coast of the US. I remember the Miami Circle and Richard C. Hoagland and Art helping to save the circle. Yet some how on the wikipedia page for the Miami Circle neither are mentioned. Art opened our minds to listening to others thoughts and experiences. Art Bell was a master at his craft. May Art Bell finally know the truth from the only one that knows it. May Art Bell’s family know the love and kindness of God through this difficult time and through their grief find the peace of God.

  6. Scott Jansen says:

    The words ” From the high desert, in the great American Southwest” will forever be the greatest show intro. Those words were craved by the world. In fact, when Art Bell would come back for a show after his retirement, his show entrance would would be followed by every listener in the world saying, “YES”. We all wanted to hear those words, because the ride was always out of this world. Rest in peace, Art. I just wonder if Art “went into the light’ [ remember that show where he was told never to enter the light], or is still here.

  7. Roni says:

    I was so saddened when I heard of Art passing. Oh the things I’ve learned since I discovered Art Bell on the airwaves way back in the 90’s. Art Bell was responsible for expanding my mind, expanding my world. Thanks for the ride!

  8. Suzy Freilinger says:

    RIP Art…..thank you for taking me on a 25 year ride…..My heart is heavy but your legacy will live on!!!!!

  9. Chris Rogers says:

    Hello Richard. I want to formally offer my condolences on the passing of your friend and associate Art Bell.
    Back in 1998 I was a stay-at-home Dad (experiencing sleep deprived nights) with the recent birth of my second child. I was staying up late at night for the bottle feedings, while my now X-wife could sleep to leave for work in the morning. A friend told me about Coast To Coast AM and Art Bell. I had never heard of him, and even though I am a space enthusiast I had never even heard about the Face on Mars! But my world was rocked forever (in a good way) when I tuned in that night thanks to the tip from my friend.You were the guest and I heard you and Art speaking about the Face on Mars, and although we did not have ‘radio with pictures’ at that time, it was amazing listening to Art’s reactions as you took him though various Enterprise Mission website images. This was my introduction to you and your work. I began recording the shows, and just a few months ago re-listened to one of my favorites – revealing the thermal imaging of the Cydonia surface, the question of BAMF, and the memorable discussion of the term POOF-DIRT!!!!!! Art will be missed, but your conversations remain all-time classics both in the on-air personalities and the historic subject manner which now documents how far ahead of this game you were and are…..

  10. William tra says:

    Thanks art 🙂

  11. Friend of Earth says:

    The entire archive of Apollo moon footage, missing to even those in the know (long story) is secured thanks to my late Grandfather and his friendship with former NASA personnel. This information is being digitized and, once it is released to the world, there will be no turning back for anyone.

    • Kynthea says:

      Re: The entire archive of Apollo moon footage!….
      care to share more? …hungry to hear…:)))

      Send me a note in the “Contact us” form.

  12. Art Bell was and will always be a shooting star! My prayers go out to his family and Heather Wade!

  13. Tony Henderson says:

    Art made me realize these things He talked about weren’t just imaginary, they are REAL. If you’re open to it, keep your mind open, your eyes open. That thing that went bumb in the night was not just a coincedence.. there’s something there! We love you Art!!

    • Tony says:

      And the next time you hear one of those bumps in the night, it just might very likely be Art saying hello from the other side..

  14. Vikki, in California listening on Dark Matter says:

    I have listened to Art Bell since he started his shows. He always put out the truth whether people believed it or not, he was the master of talk radio and the paranormal, aliens, conspiracy, crypteds, space, and ancient civilizations. I admired his courage and style, there will never anyone like him. We will all miss him greatly. Blessed Be!

  15. Leonard Valeo says:

    It was my old Mom (whose nightstand AM radio was crazy glued to our local station which ran Art’s show nightly) who I credit with introducing me to the wondrous world of the Kingdom of Nye ! “That space guy you like is going to be on Art Bell’s show tonight.”, she insisted. So there I was, waiting to hear someone of Carl Sagan’s ilk. Imagine my pleasant surprise to hear the first C2C Art Bell interview of my newest hero, Richard C. Hoagland !!! 🙂

  16. Alin Almasan says:

    It was a few years after my brother had passed away. In 1991 ..I was a kid in the 90’s by mistake I found coast to coast am. I had sleepless nights dealing with the trajedy of loosing someone close. And so staying up late faith would have it that I heard a voice on the radio that I knew from that moment on that I have stumbled on something extraordinarily different. It was then that I found ArtBell. In the beginning I could not understand the subjects they were talking about, however it drew me in passionately. It was then that I also heard of Richard C Hoagland. From those few episodes my eyes opened and questioned everything. Thank you Art for an amazing journey. I hope you have all the answers now, that you spent an entire life asking on your show. We were lucky to have someone like you. Thank you Richard, Kynthea and the whole Enterprise team for continuing the mission
    To explore.

  17. David Kneeland says:

    The great thing about Art Bell, king of night time radio, was his perfection. His insistance on high quality audio was much appreciated, making the listening experience so much more enjoyable. Current C2C has deteriorated in that regard. Art also loved cats. He is missed.

  18. Dave says:

    Art Bell lead the way into the unknown for me and others who enjoyed listening to his insightful interviews about otherworldly topics. From UFO sightings and crop circles to spiritualism and conjecturing on the possibility of life after death, Art’s genuine curiosity and interest in his topics and his audience made the early morning wee hours entertaining. I hope Art has found answers to those eternal questions about the unknown he so often asked.

  19. Mark Volmut says:

    Thank you Art Bell! Listen to your show made the 90s an awesome decade for me! RIP

  20. Roberta says:

    Art Bell started it all! He opened the way to examine and discuss topics that were totally “out of the box.” God Bless Art Bell!

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