What’s REALLY going on with North Korea?

Has the Korean War — a decades-long conflict “ended,” not in a Peace Treaty but in an “Armistice,” 65 years ago — finally, truly been brought to a peaceful close?

What about North Korea’s “nukes?”


And, what’s with all those high-level political (and even religious!) dignitaries — from Secretaries of States to Popes (!) — suddenly developing an “overwhelming urge” to visit “the bottom of the world” — Antarctica?!


What’s that REALLY all about?

Join Dr. Joseph Farrell and me tonight, as we explore–

What’s the World Truly … Secretly … Racing Toward — at apparently “Warp 9?”


Richard C. Hoagland


Show Items:


1-  Trump boasted he’d open all JFK files, but now says he can’t


2-NASA Scientists Seek Fossils of Ancient Mars’ Life –“Was There a Common Ancestor? Maybe We’re All Martians”



3-  Bitcoin is surging and so is the debate over cryptocurrency



4-  Here’s the Odd Reason North Korea Is Shutting Down Its Nuclear Testing Site

5-Hackers steal over $150,000 in cryptocurrency with DNS scam



6-   Dennis Rodman’s North Korea trip is backed by a digital currency for weed


Joseph P. Farrell Books:








Dr. Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history, science, and “strange stuff”. Raised in South Dakota, he has had a wide range of jobs and is currently a full-time author and researcher. His many books include: The Giza Death Star Trilogy; Reich of the Black Sun; The SS Brotherhood of the Bell; Nazi International; Secrets of the Unified Field; Roswell and Reich; The Cosmic War; Grid of the Gods; Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops; Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations; Thrice Great Hermetica and the Janus Age; The Third Way; Transhumanism and others. His latest book, “Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks and Secret Sorcery” blows the lid off not only the mainstream media’s consensus view that 9/11 was perpetrated by a terrorist network but even alternative views suggesting there were two levels to the attack – Farrell says that there were at least three: the twin towers were downed by the force of an exotic energy weapon, one similar to the Tesla energy weapon suggested by Dr. Judy Wood, and also ties together the tangled web of missing money, secret technology and involvement of portions of the Saudi royal family. Farrell unravels the many layers behind the 9-11 attack, layers that include the Deutschebank, the Bush family, the German industrialist Carl Duisberg, Saudi Arabian princes and the energy weapons developed by Nikola Tesla before WWII. It is Farrell at his best―uncovering the massive financial fraud, special operations and hidden technology of the breakaway civilization.

Robert Morningstar’s Items:



Robert Morningstar

Websites: UFODigestwww.facebook.com/robert.morningstar.12

Robert Morningstar is a civilian intelligence analyst, investigative journalist and psychotherapist, living in New York City.

Robert is a specialist in photo interpretation, geometric analysis and computer imaging. Robert Morningstar is a graduate of Power Memorial Academy and was a New York State Regents Scholar (1967-72) at Fordham University where he received a degree in psychology.  While at Fordham University, in 1969, Robert participated as a research fellow in a US Navy-sponsored program to develop Artificial Intelligence

Robert Morningstar is a FAA-licensed private pilot and Instrument Ground Instructor and has studied the paranormal and UFOs for over 50 years and published many research articles on the Internet, exposing government cover-up and deception applied in the JFK Assassination. Robert has written extensively to expose NASA’s use of “Disinformation Technology” to suppress evidence of an extraterrestrial presence on on the Moon.  Robert is currently the Publisher & Editor of UFODigest, which exposes the real

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  1. Jennifer Deen says:

    I am the proud owner of all of these books

  2. DeborahSala says:

    Excellent program with Dr. Farrell! My husband and Inhave been following Professor Hoagland and Dr. Farrell and others on YouTube to realize that if you want the truth of your existence and what is really going on you will not get this information from mainstream sources!

  3. This show was as good as Art’s on any night (RIP). Confirmed what I suspected as well.

  4. Donna Griffin says:

    I’m dyslexic and can’t find it next to impossible to read a regular book. It will take me as much as three months to read a regular book and most times I get so frustrated trying to read that I wind up giving up. Whereas it only takes about a week to read an ebook and understanding it. As such I have found that an ebook is the only way that is compatible for me to read a book. I am sure that I am not the only dyslexic out there like myself. It is unfortunate that Mr. Farrell has chosen not to put his books in ebook form. I would have loved to have read them. I am sure that others in my same boat would have too. I don’t care about the reason that he gives for not publishing ebooks. I only wanted to read them to understand what he discusses on the show and learn more about the subjects that he writes about. He is making a big mistake by cutting people like me off like that. If I want to go back and find certain passages in the book I can do so easily on my own. Sure would have loved reading those books. Pass this along to Mr. Farrell

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