My guest tonight, author Gary Williams — as a result of decades of serious investigation into what is generally termed “psychic phenomenon” — has come to the following, remarkable conclusion:“I disagree with Stanton Friedman — that the ‘biggest story of the millennium is that we are being visited by so-called aliens’; my view is that ‘the biggest story’ is that organized religion has hushed up the facts about life after death — in order to feather their own nest.  And, that now that quantum physics is discovering other dimensions, we are close to the cutting-edge of discovering that the so-called ‘dead’ are alive in another dimension, and it [life after death] has nothing to do with ‘religion’ ….” 

Joins us … for a MOST lively discussion on–

“The Other Side of Midnight.”

Richard C. Hoagland


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2-  That Moon Colony Will Be a Reality Sooner Than You Think




4- Satellites in space see lava pouring from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano






5-  Mysterious wolf-like creature shot in northcentral Montana near Denton



Gary Williams’ Items:

1- A Walk on the Wild Side: One Man’s Experiences with Psychic Phenomena

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There has never been a book like this. This book is designed for young people of all ages, by which I mean those whose imagination has not been stifled by the standard educational process. It is written for people who can still be awed by the way ants build their burrows, by the cold elegance of a snake, or the beauty of a flower. I am writing for people who can tolerate a temporary state of ambiguity, for those that can take change easily and are not afraid of handling wild ideas. Those who cannot tolerate change will drop out very quickly. Few scientists will read this book to the end. But I do hope that it will stimulate the thinking processes and implant some ideas into the minds of future scientists.

In his new book A Walk On the Wild Side, Gary explores the question of life after death from both religious and scientific points of view. The question of what happens after death has perplexed mankind for centuries. The information gleaned from psychical research in the last 80 years has turned the religious equation upside down. Perhaps…..just perhaps….the time has come to tell the truth.

“I am attempting in this book to build a model of the universe that will satisfy the need for a comprehensive picture of “what our existence is all about”. In other words, a holistic model that encompasses not only the physical, observable universe that is our immediate environment and the distant universe observed by astronomers but also other realities as well. Most of us see the universe through a tiny window, which allows us to see just a single color, or reality, out of the endless spectrum of realities. Viewing our universe through this tiny window forces us to see the world in a sequential form, that is, as events that follow each other in time. This is not necessarily so.”




3- The Mediumship of Ethel Post-Parrish


4-  Afterlife Research and Education Institute, Inc.


5- Frederic William Henry Myers, 1843–1901  pdf


The Road to Immortality                 Click on Cover to Buy


Gary Williams

Email: [email protected]

Gary Williams is an awarding winning writer, and radio and television host, “A working psychic and a working astrologer”, as well as the leading authority on the paranormal, having spent 40 years researching ghosts, mediums, life after death, flying saucers, conspiracy theories, and cover-ups. Widely traveled, Gary has consulted and tested hundreds of psychics, mediums, healers, and other individuals who claim to possess paranormal abilities

Born in Virginia Beach, Virgina, home of the famous trance channel Edgar Cayce. He began studying astrology in 1970 in Virginia Beach, and two years later undertook psychic development classes at the Edgar Cayce Foundation. In 1973, he began work as a professional astrologer and moved to Boston, where he studied under Isabel Hickey, author of Astrology: A Cosmic Science. This lead to further studies in tarot and psychic development at the college of Psychic Studies in London. Gary divides his time between writing and lecturing. Click here to learn more about Gary.

In his lectures Gary Williams gives blazing evidence for life after death and he also gives new hope for those who fear dying. He addresses the hard issues brought up by religion and speaks to the lay person as well as the scientist.

6 Comments so far:

  1. Rick M. says:

    God bless everyone at the Other Side of Midnight and anyone associated with them!

  2. leon says:

    Oh please, this is crap; Ezechiël 18:4,20; Leviticus 19:28, 21:1. King Salomon said that the dead know nothing, Eccleasiastes 9:5. Plato’s Atlantis presented us a netherworld that was filled with afterlife. The Bible speaks of resurrection.

  3. Rick says:

    How do you evaluate what is coming through? Whether it is coming (being channelled) through a medium or a channeller, the question to ask yourself is: Does the information resonate with me? You can tell if it does or does not. If the information does not resonate with you, then ignore it. It really is that simple. Now you could make it more complicated than that, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  4. Rick says:

    Terrific show Richard. Thanks very much.

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