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5- The Enterprise Mission – Europa


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7-  Massive Genetic Study Reveals 90 Percent Of Earth’s Animals Appeared At The Same Time


8- As Massive Dust Storm Rages on Mars, Opportunity Rover Falls Silent


9- How a Daredevil Raccoon Pulled Off a Terrifying 23-Story Climb

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Moray B. King’s Items:


1- 2018 TESLA TECH Conference Program


Moray B. King


Moray B King has Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering, Masters Degree in Systems Engineering, and finished the course work for a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering, all at the University of Pennsylvania. During the oil embargo of 1974 he learned about the existence of zero-point energy in the physics literature, and began researching the possibility that it could be tapped as a practical energy source. From the standard scientific literature it appeared that excess energy anomalies were observed in pulse plasma experiments, especially if they produced ball lightning. Moray took leave from the University in 1979 when invited to join Eyring Research Institute in Provo, Utah. For practical employment, Moray engaged in software engineering at both the University and commercial software industries. He has presented his zero-point energy research at numerous energy conferences over the last 40 years, and has authored four books on the topic of how the zero-point energy could be harvested via technological means:

Tapping the Zero-Point Energy (1989)
Quest for Zero-Point Energy (2001)
The Energy Machine of T. Henry Moray (2005)
Water: The Key to New Energy (2017)
The last book is the breakthrough for it describes the simplest means to accomplish the goal.


Walt was born in Monterey California shortly after the end of WW II. His father was a bomber pilot in the USAF and continued a life long career in USAF, retiring as a Colonel. Walt grew up in many different countries as the family was reassigned to duty stations overseas. His father retired to the Sarasota Florida area where he had grown up.  Walt developed a passion for motion pictures as an art form and moved to Hollywood California, in his twenties.  He spent most of the 1970’s in the film business. He developed the world’s first virtual set system for the motion picture industry and several other computer based technologies such as non linear computer based editing systems. He has designed and installed broadcast TV stations and private production and post production facilities for  government, commercial and broadcast clients and turn- keyed the engineering with  cutting edge technologies, some of which he designed. He managed a broadcast TV station in the Orlando Florida market  during the late 1990’s

In the mid  1980’s  Walt began working on alternative fuel systems for cars as a hobby.  By the early 2000’s  he was working on Hydrogen extraction from water , electrolysis, and trying to find more efficient ways to get fuel energy from water, than electrolysis could deliver.  He soon abandoned electrolysis and created a new proprietary way to capture all of the potential fuel energy in water.  Eventually, he was able to convert water to clean fuel with less than 180 milliamps of input power at 24 volts DC, and run engines entirely on the water fuel, a mix of up to 97.5%  water and just 2.5% gasoline.

The resulting research was very promising and the technology  unique.  He was in an area of research by himself. Researching thunderclouds, lightening, and their processes led to a new discovery, a very efficient way of extracting  fuel energy from charged particles in high energy states.  This led Walt to design a new energy extraction process to run cars or any internal combustion engine, even commercial jet turbines using energy extracted from water.  Now, any internal combustion engine run cleanly on water based energy using the H2 Global process.

Walt has patents filed around the world on the technology of creating low cost clean fuel energy from water and  also on new  high plasma spark plugs., based on Nikola Tesla’s theories.  Walt has pioneered a new way to bring the power of lightening and thunder storms into any internal combustion engine.  They can run completely on a clean water based energy or mixed with fossil fuels in almost any ratio. The process can yield  up to 97.5% cleaner emissions and 97.5% less costly fuel energy than gasoline.

The newest iteration of this technology is a 100% clean water based fuel made from either fresh or seawater. This summer,  Seawater Trials begin on a catamaran in Tampa Bay, Florida.  It is being equipped to pump seawater into an   H2 Global water energy conversion box, extract clean fuel energy  to run the  engines, and return the seawater, as pristine  as it was,  when it entered the process.

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