Roger Spurr’s Items:

z1- Academics confirm Mudfossil DNA



2- Mudfossil Lung found in a mudflats suspected to be 4300 years old.



3- Human Bones Dissolve in Salt Water of the Ocean 


4- Same Mudfossil Lung found in a mudflats suspected to be 4300 years old from the Great Flood. Soft tissues are preserved in salt water and not bones. Impacted in fine wet mud they barely deteriorate.

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5- Same Mudfossil Lung dried out in two weeks. If mudfossils remain wet they are preserved almost forever.           Click Image to Enlarge






7- Living tissue with facia tongue / Perfectly preserved mudfossil meat with the facia tongue.






9- Colossus of Appennino, Florence, Italy

Background Story:
Claimed to be made in the 1500’s. This giant was actually turned to stone by the Gorgon’s head. – YES…we are serious!
Bk V:200-249 Phineus is turned to stone
      They all deserved the punishment they suffered, except one of Perseus’s warriors. While he was fighting on his side, Aconteus, saw the Gorgon’s head, and took the shape of hardened stone. Astyages struck him with his long sword thinking he was still alive, and the blade gave a high-pitched ringing noise. While Astyages stood there amazed, the same power transformed him, and he remained there with a wondering look on his marble face. It would take a long time to tell the names of the middle ranks of men: two hundred bodies survived the fight, two hundred bodies were turned to stone, at sight of the Gorgon’s head.  ……..



9B-  Article – possible demonstration of one civilization carving into ancient forms from another epic…in this case…a Giant.  The article claims that the Giant was created in the 16th century…but there is another possibility.
Giant 16th-Century ‘Colossus’ Sculpture In Florence, Italy Has Entire Rooms Hidden Inside



10- Statue del Gigante, Montorosso del Mare.



11- Head found in a muddy bank in a Kentucky Creek. It was cat scanned and the forehead is crushed in and there is a knife penetration wound at the top of the skull. He is wearing a knit cap that you can slide a paper up between the cap and the skull.



12-  Opalized Heart. Mudfossils also come as Opals.  They are fossilized in the transition metals of blood.            Click Image to Enlarge



13- Transition Metals are ignored by doctors but are the only reason you are alive and they are found in all living things and mudfossils. Mudfossils display these exact metals in specific areas of the body, like the heart, lung, and tendons…etc.    CLICK TO ENLARGE




14- Lung on the Left literally bled after cleaning as seen in the notepad. Lung on the right is DNA certified modern human mtDNA. It is virtually pristine and still coated with the original pleura (a protective “fabric-like” coating).



15– In the first few minutes you will come to reconsider everything you thought about history and ancient creatures!




16-  Bolivian Reptile:  At the southern tip of South America appears to be a serpent head. If you look carefully along the coast and quite a ways inland, you will see the serpents body and scales.




17- Mummy Cross Section












21 – This is the Top View of #20







23- Mudfossil slabs cut up for building.


24- Tracker Tracks across a mudfossil.





Roger Spurr

Contact: Mud Fossils <[email protected]>,

Roger Spurr is a citizen scientist from the semi-conductor industry. Roger needed to confirm and investigate for himself all areas of academic dogma. He focused on molecules and electricity, how everything interacts and bonds and how the most basic things work. It was soon clear that the dogma did not work.
In 2012, after some yard work, he noticed rock formations that were anatomically perfect. He then began studying rock formation and mineral deposits and he realized that the geology we were taught did not work at all.
Roger discovered Giant Human soft tissue body parts and had them DNA certified and cat scanned and anatomist verified…He named them “Mudfossils” (all one word) because they were mostly preserved by continuously wet mud.
Academia refuses to examine his unimpeachable proof or even respond to his requests. As a result he started Mudfossil University on Youtube to expose the truth.
Fellow researchers and students poured in with evidence from around the world. Together, they now study everything with broad research across multiple disciplines at Mudfossil University (MFU).
Roger is an independent researcher working with thousands to get to the truth. He leads up a team at MFU where they share and discuss without prejudice….without gain of status or money.  At MFU, they do not ignore material facts and are committed to finding the truth no matter how far reaching. MFU welcomes other researchers and shares freely.

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  1. Rick M. says:

    I may not agree completely with the guest, but I must say that I really liked how Kynthea conducted the interview. Richard, you have a worthy stand-in for when you cannot be there.

  2. Donny Symynyshyn says:

    Roger is right on target.
    My research of 44+ years confirms what he says.
    The northwest corner of Africa/Sahara he refers to as a dragon is actually “a Dolphin” on the larger scale.
    The length of the Atlas Mountain range are the body with the nose touching the Atlantic. The tip of the back fin is at the Straits of Gibraltar and part of the tail fin is at Sicily.
    c Symynyshyn Sculpture Studios

  3. robert niemeyer says:

    look at the usgs earthquakes map. south am. the falt line is red outline of the dragon with Bristol island as the nose.

  4. Gary says:

    DISCORD isn’t working. tonight.

    What about almost all of our foods are loaded with toxic chemicals?

    And what about breatharians?

  5. MrBlack says:

    Ayers Rock is a heart and Devils Tower is a giants foot? This guy has smoked way too much of that Wacky Tobaccy. Now as far as Devils Tower goes I can believe it just might… just might be a giant tree stump, but a foot? No… I’m not buying that one even if I smoke some of his good stuff.

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