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Robert Morningstar’s Items:

True Colors of the Moon Part I

1- True colors of the moon

Original LRO True Color Photo From NASA
(Enhanced & sharpened by Robert Morningstar
with No changes of color, hues or saturation)


True Colors of the Moon Part II

Thanks to UniverseToday.com

A Splash of Color Across the Supermoon
A software engineer from Florida recently captured an image of the day-old supermoon in September that clearly conveys color variations across its surface.  Such variations are often imperceptible, but the brightness and color differences were digitally enhanced to make them easier to discern.    The color variations are indicative of compositional differences across the Lunar surface (e.g., iron content and impact ejecta).


A stunning new photo taken from Florida at the time of the recent Super Moon shows the True Colors of the Moon which in this instance have been raised in saturation levels, to accentuate the colors.. The hues of the photo were not changed.

This enhancement of the “Super Moon” (17) photo composite taken by Noel Carboni in Florida, was color inverted and equalized by Robert Morningstar to make visible structures that were hidden in the dark and (once thought) opaque areas surrounding the visible image of the Moon.

Invisible Elements Brought to Light
via Color Inversion & Equalization.

The color inverted-equalized enahncement of the Carboni photo supports the existence of a Circumlunar Matrix Material by exposing, hidden in the darkness, what appears to be an artificial “Boundary Layer”surrounding the Moon. originally discovered by Richard Hoagland in a B & W Corona Keyhole photodating back to the 1950-60s.

Could This Be A Lunar “DEW Line” for the Far Side of the Moon?

This boundary layer appears unnatural, and in the color inverted-equalized version its geometric structure and regularity around the limb that lies between the Near side and the Far Side of the Moon.

This artifical boundary layer was optically observed by the analyst during the Annular Eclipse of May 1994 when is it was made visible to the naked eye by rear illumination by the Sun for the entire length of the annular eclipse as it was seen from Saratoga, NY (by Robert Morningstar, Barbara Sanders & Roman Iwasikew).

Tim Saunders’ Items:

True Colors of the Moon – Alan Bean Paintings








(4) A layer of “something” refracting light around the limb of the Moon – and that it is a scientific mystery, even though many papers have claimed to have solved it.


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