“What REALLY happened on 9/11?”

For over 17 years, the victims’ families, the citizens of the United States — and the people of the world — have been asking that overwhelmingly important question.

Tonight, with members of the “Lawyers Committee for 9-11 Inquiry,” we shall explore the major legal breakthrough in “the case of 9/11” which has now occurred:

The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, on November 7, 2018, responded to the Committee’s April, 2018 Petition demanding that “the U.S. Attorney present to a Special Grand Jury extensive evidence of yet-to-be-prosecuted federal crimes relating to the destruction of three World Trade Center Towers on 9/11 (WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7). “

The U.S. Attorney, in his November 7 response, stated:

“We have received and reviewed The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, Inc.’s submissions of April 10 and July 30, 2018. We will comply with the provisions of 18 U.S.C. § 3332 as they relate to your submissions”

Join us ….

Richard C. Hoagland

Show Items

Richard’s Items:


1-  George Bush, 41st President, Dies at 94




2-  U.S. Attorney Takes First Step toward Prosecuting Explosive Destruction of World Trade Center on 9/11



3-Israel plans to land unmanned spacecraft on moon in February





9/11 Lawyers’ Committee Items

Guests: Mick Harrison, David Meiswinkle, Barbara Honegger and Richard Gage


1-  Justice Is Coming to Ground Zero



2- Nov. 7, 2018 Letter from the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York to the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry agreeing to present the Lawyers’ Petition and evidentiary Exhibits proving that the Official Story of what caused the collapses of the Twin Towers and WTC7 on 9/11 is false and what really happened to a Special Criminal Grand Jury in the near future.    

Click Image to Enlarge



3-  The Lawyers’ Committee Press Release

Press Release by the Lawyers’ Committee for  9/11 Inquiry announcing receipt of the Letter from the U.S. Attorney in Manhattan



4- The Lawyers’ Committee’s Petition and evidentiary Exhibits




Links to the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry Petition and evidentiary Exhibits submitted to the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York demanding a Special Criminal Grand Jury to investigate the real causes of the collapses of WTCs 1, 2 and 7 – the latter not hit by a plane – on Sept. 11th.



5- Support the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry:


Help the over 6,000 9/11 Victims’ Family Members achieve Justice by supporting the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry see its Federal Special Criminal Grand Jury mission through to historic success.   



David Meiswinkle’s Items:







      The Lawyers’ Committee segment of the Show 

       ends at the end of the first hour.  The second 

       and third hours with Barbara Honegger as the 

       sole guest are a separate segment based on 

       Barbara’s personal research and have no 

       relationship to 9/11 or the Lawyers’ Committee.


Barbara Honegger’s Items:


1-  Rudolf Hess as old man in prison with MOON Photo on wall



2- Front page of the London Daily Mail with headline on Hess’s death   




3A – Werner von Braun – First of him with the Nazi officers



3B – TIME Magazine cover




3C – Werner von Braun, head of Hitler’s V2 Rocket Program during WWII, who was brought to the U.S. after the War to head the NASA Space Program whose Crown Jewels were the Apollo Moon Missions.   

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4-  JFK Diary calls Hitler ‘stuff of legends’ /  BBC, March 23, 2017







6-  Auction of Rare Diary Highlights What John F. Kennedy Really Thought About Hitler
Time Magazine, March 27, 2017      http://time.com/4711687/john-f-kennedy-diary-hitler/




7-  Did John F. Kennedy Admire Hitler?   /   Haaretz, Israel — May 24, 2013
John F. Kennedy admired Hitler as a young man and felt fascism was right for Germany, according to a new book in German that mines the future president’s diaries.

According to Spiegel Online’s article on the book, the 20-year-old Kennedy pondered on August 3, 1937: What are the evils of fascism compared to communism? On August 21 he added that the Germans had been ganged up on.

The book is “John F. Kennedy Unter Deutschen” (“John F. Kennedy Among the Germans”) – featuring travel diaries and letters between 1937 and 1945. The work, edited by Oliver Lubrich, documents three visits by Kennedy to Germany in 1937, 1939 and 1945 …



8-  ‘Saving Apollo 11’ by Barbara Honegger PDF

How a Top Secret Satellite and Fast-Thinking
Navy and Air Force Weathermen Saved the
Apollo 11 Astronauts from Disaster




9- Massimo Mazzucco’s New DVD Documentary ‘American Moon’:   Compelling evidence that the officially-claimed video transmissions from the Apollo 11 and subsequent Apollo lunar landings were filmed in a studio on Earth.    





10- Trump’s bedside reading according to his first wife, Ivana.




11-  The Skorzeny Papers: Evidence for the Plot to Kill JFK





12- The ‘Rest of the Story’ of WW I – Lost Gold Train of the Czar Segment 


Lawyer’s Committee for 9/11 Inquiry

Lawyer’s Committee for 9/11 Inquiry website:   lcfor911.org 


Mick Harrison, Esq., is Litigation Director of the Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry as well as a public interest lawyer in private practice. Attorney Harrison has 25 years of experience litigating whistleblower protection lawsuits and environmental protection citizen suits nationwide. For those 25 years, Attorney Harrison has represented and assisted citizen groups and whistleblowers in their efforts to expose violations of law and misconduct by government and corporate officials. Attorney Harrison has also litigated Freedom of Information Act cases, False Claims Act cases, and class actions cases for workers’ rights. Attorney Harrison’s former clients include Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Vietnam Veterans’ organizations, and the Chemical Weapons Working Group, all of which are national non-profit organizations.

Attorney Harrison has represented whistleblowers who have disclosed violations of law, dangers to public health and the environment, and fraud and corruption in the areas of chemical and biological weapons, worker safety at nuclear facilities, endangered species protection, environmental crimes, major government contract fraud, torture of prisoners during the Iraq war and war on terror, and 9/11. Attorney Harrison is formerly the Co-Director of the EPA Watch Program at the non-profit Government Accountability Project in Washington D.C.. Attorney Harrison graduated summa cum laude from the District of Columbia School of Law. Attorney Harrison is also a certified teacher of mathematics.




David Meiswinkle

JD has been a licensed attorney in NJ since 1989, and a practicing criminal defense attorney for over a decade. He is presently the President and a Board member of the Lawyers Committee for 9/11 Inquiry, a non-profit organization dedicated to transparency and accountability in government, and the creation and submission of a Grand Jury Petition concerning the crimes of 9/11 to the United States Attorney. He is a retired police officer of 23 years, and a United States Army veteran who was stationed in Germany where he worked with Pershing nuclear missiles in a top secret area.  As a police officer David founded a community newspaper and the Taxpayers and Tenants Association both of which exposed local political corruption. His exposes’ led to federal indictments of powerful local officials.

In 2009 Meiswinkle ran as an independent against Chris Christie for Governor. He was the only candidate who spoke about the need for a new 9/11 investigation, highlighting the nexus of jurisdiction for 9/11 in New Jersey. In 2010 he ran as an independent for Congress against Chris Smith, again exposing the need for a new 9/11 investigation.

David is also President of New Jersey 911 Aware, a non-profit organization which serves to educate the public about the core scientific truths and forensic evidence of 9/11 which conflict with the official narrative. NJ911Aware also explores the science and evidence of other key issues of our time.  In 2013 he developed a submitted a notarized complaint to the State Committee of Investigation concerning 9/11, and forwarded this complaint to all New Jersey legislators, the county prosecutors, the State Attorney General, and Governor of New Jersey requesting an investigation..

David is co-founder of Quantum Matrix Alternative Media, LLC and of Quantum Matrix Radio, a radio show, 4 years in the running, which he frequently hosts and which broadcasts on No Lies Radio an online Pacific broadcaster.  Quantum Matrix Radio explores the grave truth about 9/11 and the post 9/11 world while also revealing viable solutions to the current world problems which include:  revealing alternative healing modalities, suppressed energy solutions, suppressed inventions, consciousness raising modalities, the application of quantum physics and related sciences to changing the current world paradigm, and more.

In 2015, joined by his QMA Media & QMR business partner and co-host, author Pamela Senzee, he walked 440 miles encompassing the sites of the crimes of 9/11. They walked for 48 days beginning in the Shanksville area walking towards DC and the Pentagon, then from DC to NYC, closing their historic trek at the 9/11 Survivors Tree located at the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero.  They took their journey in memory of the 9/11 victims, in solidarity with the 9/11 family members, for the restoration of our Constitution, for an end to the 9/11 wars, and for the creation of a better society.  As co-directors they are making the film, “Truth Walk”, a documentary account of the trek, an expose on 9/11, and a film which also explores the current world condition and offers solutions to the post 9/11 paradigm.  “Truth Walk”: Part 1 can be viewed on the Quantum Matrix Radio website.




Barbara Honegger. M.S., a member of the Grand Jury Petition drafting committee, has served as White House Policy Analyst, Director of the Attorney General’s Law Review at the Dept. of Justice, and from 1995 to 2001 was Senior Military Affairs Journalist at the Naval Postgraduate School, the premiere   science, technology and national security affairs graduate research university of the Dept. of Defense.  A leading researcher, author, documentarian and public speaker on the events of Sept. 11th, she played a key role in achieving the declassification and releaseof the ‘28 Pages’ which led to the passage of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act that has enabled the lawsuits of thousands of 9/11 Victims’ Family Members to finally move forward in the Courts.


Richard Gage, AIA



Richard Gage, AIA, is a San Francisco Bay Area architect of 30 years, a member of the American Institute of Architects, and the founder and President of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. During his architectural career, Gage has worked on most types of building construction, including numerous fire-proofed, steel-framed buildings. His most recent project, before making AE911Truth his full-time endeavor, was working on the construction documents for a $400M mixed-use urban project with 1.2 million square feet of retail, 320,000 square feet of mid-rise office space and parking structure — altogether consisting of about 1,200 tons of steel framing. Gage began his quest for the truth about the collapse of the WTC high-rises after hearing on the radio the startling conclusions of reluctant 9/11 researcher David Ray Griffin. Since founding AE911Truth, he has delivered his live multimedia presentation 9/11: Blueprint for Truth more than 550 times in dozens of foreign countries and 110 American cities to audiences ranging in size from 100 to 4,000. He has appeared in more than 600 radio and television spots.

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  1. Keith lankford says:


    I am the 911 grassroots organizer in Alaska from 2002 till present. My home was raided in 2012 and I have been stalked daily since this date. I am looking for help exposing this criminal action by intelligence agencies in the US. Now in Houston after fleeing in 2016 trying to escape this daily terrorism. I have contacted another 911 activist also being targeted by the US government and am reaching out in any form possible to spread the word all social media accounts, websites etc taken down, almost all communications blocked. Thank you

    I do not understand why our elected officials are not speaking out about the targeting of American activist and whistleblowers by the FBI, NSA, Fusion Centers and other intelligence agencies. This program has become so well documented that it is no longer a secret to the populace. With NSA whistleblowers William Binney, Kirk Wiebe, Edward Snowden, Karen Stewart speaking out on social media platforms that have not yet censored and blocked their videos this is a crime that must be addressed and the people working in these programs arrested and prosecuted. I have repeatedly contacted  every Senator concerning this as I also contact congress and any and all elected officials in an effort to end this program that has led to the deaths of American civilians. Time for all Americans to speak out on all platforms available, if their friends are not yet aware of these crimes they need to be told.

    Sent from my iPhone

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Where is the Lawyers’ for 9/11 Truth item? I cannot find it though someone sent it to me yesterday. Among its beautifully logical list of pieces of evidence was a 52-minute, comprehensive one on Bldg 7 and foreknowledge.

    It is spectacularly-well done. I want to send it to all of the intelligent persons I know.

  3. It didn’t take long for the (((parasites))) to start to rot this movement. When people bring in the Hoax/Hitler, and JFK into the subject of 911, smart people should realize that (((they))) did it. They tell the hoax, they killed JFK, and they did 911. Now they want to control the opposition. The cancer is already within. Sad – Barbara Honniger is a deceiving snake. Be careful. The noose is tightening and you’ll see many more like her very soon. Great job to expose 911 and God Speed.

  4. […] here to listen to the show on TheOtherSideOfMidnight.com or click on the picture above. For more […]

  5. Jerry Cullins says:

    Thank you RCH for the ongoing coverage of the 911 Committee!

  6. Congratulations to all involved the last 17 year’s ! I’ll keep my fingers crossed and the good guys will finally get a win …Declassify 9/11

    • I believe Pres. Bush HW and Bob Mueller know exactly who did what. I also believe an Israeli team planted the demolition explosives d the expendable Isis members were all part of this U.S. False flag event…to enflame Americas people to justify the war.

      • Maureen Schilder says:

        the ‘supposed’ Art Students (FBI discovered were Israel Mossad operatives) living on the 91st floor of WTC x 3 years before 9/11 ? … Some had degrees in explosive technology … One, Ted Rubinowitz, even wrote a book about it called — “Gelatin: The B-Thing” — published 2001– it is believed this title chosen because the explosive substance used to take down WTC 1,2 & 7 … was a gelatin-like substance which held an explosive thermite — and the ‘B-Thing’ is code for the name of the millions of fuses (item # BB18) used to ignite implosion of WTC 1, 2 & 7 remotely — hundreds of cardboard boxes are stacked on top of each other with lettering ‘BB18’ imprinted on outside of boxes (seen in a photo taken on the 91st floor)— which Rebekkah Roth investigated (she’s retired stewardess; author of 3 books. e.g., “Methodiacal Deception” was her first published — please read her books; thousands of American civilian Patriots have contacted her and helped to fill in the many peices of the puzzle). The term; ‘the B-thing’ is believed to be ‘code’ for the BB18 Litlelite fuses used for demolition. Rebekak Roth researched the print on the outside of hundreds of cardboard boxes disvovering this to be the ‘item #’ … the book; “Gelatin: The B-Thing” costs $605.90 on Amazon today – initilially published 2001 for much less (they made hand drawn diagrams of WTC showing how 19 of them had their photograph taken out of the 91st floor WTC #1 (a window was suctioned out & a makeshift balcony was built for the ‘art students’ to stand just outside the window) and a photographer was in a hovering helicoptor outside the 91st window (pics taken prior to 9/11/01). It appears they’re sentiment was “bragging rights” on what they did 🙁 Can’t make this shit up. Apparently the FBI detained approx 6 of them them briefly, however instead of sending them to Guantonimo Bay – these ‘Mossad Art Students’ were allowed to return back to Israel. There was known to be 19 of them residing on the 91st floor X 3 years prior to 911 — that were detained briefly by FBI – (I would not be surprised if these agents were the ones murdered). It is believed a missile from the Woolsworth Building (fits the trajectory) is what hit the building to create the explosive effect filmed; and the fuses were set up ‘Hollywood Movie-like to blow out the side of WTC #1 to give it the outline impression of the exspanse of the aluminum wings of a commercial airliner … (Shock & Awe; military brainwashing tactic – “The Shock Doctrine” Naomi Klein writes about – it is the ‘Pearl Harbor” needed to get Americans to agree to invading Iraq – It’s all a ‘rich man’s game’ & we’re not allowed to play. There was even the appearance of a hurricane just off coast of Manhattan on 9/11/01 (the media never mentioned) now believed to be geo-engineered weather that allowed the dispersion of barium & aluminum that would have allowed the creation of a hologram of the airliners ? (seems so far-fetched, but given that we now know – these 4 particular airliners never made contact with WTC’s or the Pentagon & in Pennsylvania. These particular airliners had all been pre-equipped to be remotely taken over & turn off their detectable air signals. Since 9/11 every commercial pilot has refused to fly them – approx a dozen ? not sure (and they have since been grounded) … Please read Veterans Today dot com article written by its Editor, Kevin Barrett on 01/31/15: “Airline Whistleblower Solves 9/11” … I tried to post on FB and they did not allow me to do so, stating it “Violated Community Standards” … so I instead cut & pasted what was written. Thousands of patriots – many who are Veterans (NOTE: 20 suicide every day) on FB are being silenced (some FB sites have even been removed) … no ‘free speech’ in America anymore? on a free, public interenet site? … We the People are in deep shit & it’s only getting deeper (as you all know). I WANT TO THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP & BRAVERY … I Will be making a $ contribution today! … please friend me on FB and you can read my posts (much you already know) … I covered tons of info re “false flag” reason Obama agreed to send drones & boots on the ground into Syria (another Big Lie)– War without Congress approval? — since when? –can we put boots on the ground & the media barely covers it. (please trust me – read my Syria posts FB 2015-2016). President Bashar al-Assad had zero rational reason to use chemical weapons against his own people; Syrians love Assad- they have free healthcare, free college tuition – USA is destroying regimes better than USA; they’re not fighting terrorism) … An unprecedented number – over 200 journalists were murdered in Syria trying to cover the truth – they even bombed hospitals (normally not tever targeted) to silence workers/witness (e.g., Doctor’s Without Borders) … I mention this only because it is all connected to the illegal “War on Terror'” was nothing but a false flag to invade, occupy for regime change & drill for fossil fuels — costing us trillions — these men are psychopaths they are killing innocent humans & the planet w/ this propaganda. It was the CIA who dubbed the term “Conspiracy Theorists” to disempower Truth Tellers since they murdered JFK. There are two surviving Journalists Vanessa Beeley & Eva Bartlett who have been critical in exposing crimes against Syria by the USA Pentagon & Israel’s Mossad Cabal & the men who run companies that hire mercenaries for ISIS/ISIL to do the killings; the founding of the White Helmets, James Le Mesurier, also founded Blackwater (mercenaries responsible for murdering innocent civilians in Iraq) – he is a sociopath making millions colluding to commit a genocide…. POTUS Eisenhower warned us in his farewell speech re: the evil intentions Military Industrial Complex… They are stealing our country, murdering millions, committing ecocide of planet Earth … they need to be stopped! Not for nothing? I’m now starting to believe Agenda 21- (their meetings, ironically, are held in Bonn, Germany every year – just drawing the connection to all this new info JFK, the Moon, Space & Nazi’s) evidenced they are using Lockheed Martins – Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) “Athena” – check out youtube channel ‘ aplanetruth.info ‘ he is a retired Wall Street Broker who resides in California who has taken it upon himself to cover the DEW’s fires in Californis since October 2017 … they estimate 55k were mursered in Paradise, CA … the report was the fire moved through Paradise at 8 football fields a minute … IMPOSSIBLE !!! that’s over 300 MPH … DEW’s are toasting California – see with your own eyes … these are no wild fires that melt motorvehicles, cremate human bodies within seconds (that takes 3 hours in a crematortorium under enclosed furnace conditions) … Bringing the crimes to date — they are getting bolder & more pathological — many believe California is under attack (going on for over a year now) — the media is not covering it!!! Just like A&E for 911 Truth –we now need science to back up these DEW fires (so far DEW’s have targeted Liverpool, England “ECHO Stadium” garage December 2017 (cars melted – the the concrete floor with holes in it to the garage floor below? … a fire? that took days to extinguish? – link – https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/devastating-aftermath-liverpool-car-park-11780264 … DEW’s hit Fort McMurray in Alberta Canada (just a ‘test’ – no life lost I know of)– Rafina, Greece July 23-24, 2018, 74+ people died — Medeira Portugal 06/20/17 — Santa Rosa 10/16/17 — Carr fires in California 07/18/18 — Paradise – it is known FEMA blocked roads so residents could not get out of town & were burned alive in their cars — (FEMA was set up there weeks before the Paradise fire? how did they anticipate an act of nature? ‘wild fires’ NOT. – there are photographs of FEMA standing on top of fire trucks with machine guns (see aplanetruth.info youtube documentation of the crimes) and Deborah Taveres StoptheCrime.net – is another National Hero … we are in a ‘religious’ war – GOP is 40% believers of ‘Dominionism’ – they want Fascist Christianity to rule the globe (NWO) … learn about their Seven Mountain Mandate – (it will make your skin crawl – similar to the show ‘Handmaids Tale’ on Hulu) they plan to ammend our constitutition to reverse Pluralism (Separation of Church & State) … Christian Military Fellowship – located in Colorado – has militarized the armed services in 19 different countries — check out Mikey Weinstein site – founder of MRFF (Military Religious Freedom Foundation) to stop Christianizing our military … they plan on murdering most of us (e.g., atheists, agnostics, LBGTQ) recall Trump stating Mike Pence said. “all gays should be hanged” ? (he is a Domionionist) … the reason for this global genocide you ask? In the Name of God (we know it’s greed & sociopathy) – “They” – every GOP that ran for 2016 POTUS has fascist Christian beliefs (Pentacostal, Evangelicals – J.R. Rushdooney believers – this evil man started the ball rolling in the 1960 & 1970’s … They follow the book of Genesis to the word – Man was made in the image of God to rule the world – Woman ?- from Adam’s rib – (a gift from God to keep him from lonliness) & slavery is acceptable (after all, it’s in the Bible) — Agenda 21 is real … it’s happening now – today – AND our media is not covering it.

    • ISIS is more of an USus thing. I believe Israeli teams planted the explosives….hired of course by Bush, Chaney, and Mueller in collusion with Hillary and other interested parties needing big insurance money and to justify a war in Iraq. The Towers were condemned years ago. Somebody made trillions off of this False Flag Event.

  7. Lord-Pi-314 says:

    Those buildings were built like the proverbial brick outhouse. They would have thrown anything and everything at them that they had. Conventional explosives, nanothermite, thermate, Special Atomic Demolition Munitions (SADM’s) under the basements to create a burning pit for rapid cleanup, and any other directed energy weapons are all possibilities. The easiest to prove so far is the nanothermite, because they have the residue. Atomic weapons may become easy to prove when the medical records are sorted through, and 4 inch diameter diamond core drilling is done around the site. Google “The WTC Nuclear Craters” for pics of the glass covered 100 foot wide holes under the Basements of the towers, and listen to what Dmitri Khalazov had to say on the nuclear issue.

  8. anonymous says:

    Going by how they handled all of the other 9/11 discrepancies, I can tell you what will happen with this new inquiry: the establishment will leverage its censorship power to bury the story — it will not be prominently featured in any major newspaper and will not be covered by any major news network. With luck you might see a brief mention on RT at some point, but the only english news network that would typically cover a story of this nature is Infowars.

    AJ & Co. are sometimes a bit too religious, but they are not controlled by the crime syndicate that we call the “deep state.” This is why Infowars has been so viciously attacked by establishment politicians, disparaged on major news networks, and deplatformed by the social media cartel. The goal is to crush any independent news network that could lend traction to a story of this nature.

    For all of his foresight and imagination, Roddenberry was incredibly naive when he said: “If it were true it would be on TV.” Freedom of the press belongs to those who own the press (which are often related to those who control the money supply.) The establishment TV networks are used to *define* the truth, not to reveal it.

    Many people dont even WANT to know the truth about things like JFK, UFOs or 9/11 because they fear it would upset the status quo and bring down a power structure which they have become hopelessly dependent upon. It’s like that director at JPL said, ‘if we ever find life on Mars they are going to take this project away from us.’ For most public servants and government contractors, jobs are more important than facts or science.

    The advancement of human civilization largely halted with the end of the Apollo program. Progress of all sorts is being held back by the greedy and the timid, and this dynamic transcends the left-right paradigm. Perhaps the larger problem is a rigged system which forces us to choose between the lesser of two evils…


    …but in the interest of dispelling any hypocritical double standards here, I think a mild rebuttal and counterpoint is needed to balance out Barbara’s hysterical Trump derangement syndrome: I am not a Republican but I think it’s absurd to equate Trump with Hitler. There is no unifying demagogue of this nature in American politics, and that is what Hillary was trying to be when she accused Donald of trying to divide us.


    Regarding the Kennedy comment: bear in mind that Jack wrote this as a young man in the summer of 1945, and its clear from his actions that he was not a racist. With respect to Ivana’s attempt to smear her ex-husband, that book of Hitler’s speeches was actually a gift from Martin Davis (founder of Paramount Communications) and indicates an interest in Hitler’s genius at propaganda, not a desire to repeat his mistakes:

    “Each section of the nine periods is preceded by commentary, written by the editor [who] includes corresponding data showing the effect on the world press.” The book conveys “a thorough understanding of Hitlerian methods” and “what is important in his strategy.”


    When questioned about it, Donald did not even recall the title accurately — which supports his contention that he never actually read it:


    Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. (BFF) obviously knew this book well, and put it to more practical use. They even employed it as thematic source material for some of their public speeches, repeatedly citing the need to create a “New World Order”. I find it curious that Barbara never makes hay of this stuff where it pertains to the Bushes or Clintons:

    Pucker Up

    Mein Kampf



    Trump’s original assessment of 9/11 was correct: there had to be some kind of accelerant used which would disintegrate steel. But once his friend Larry admitted that he authorized a demolition job on building 7 that would have taken weeks to set up, Donald quit talking about the awful implications of 9/11.


    Do you guys even know what was in building 7, or the Murrah building in OKC, and who benefited from the destruction?


    Yes, 9/11 was America’s Reichstag fire: the false flag terrorist attack which justified a vast expansion of the federal government’s power, in direct violation of the constitution. And the folks who arranged this ain’t gonna let us “drain the swamp.” Now that Donald is in the white house, I’m sure he got “the briefing”, and understands who possesses a secret veto over his decisions. This is why he reneged on his promise to release all of the classified JFK files. I’ll tell you why he gets trashed in the media while Hillary is worshiped:

    Trump did not obtain permission to run for president from the black nobility (those dynasties, cartels and cabals which represent the real power behind the throne.) This is what Hillary meant when she offered “penance” to the Rothschilds, and told Wall Street bankers that she has separate public and private positions (one for the ruling elite, and one for the working class.) Hillary has also discussed the ET issue with the Rockefellers. Take note of all the ET abduction reports which involve genetic research. Hermann Oberth and Wernher von Braun both claimed the nazis were assisted in their technological development by ET’s.


    Truth is often disguised as fiction (e.g. Star Trek S2E19 “A Private Little War”.) It’s not a question of “what did he know and when did he know it” as mentioned in previous shows – Gene believed that his ideas were his own, and it affected his judgment. Philip K. Dick knew better, and that’s why the secret government raided his office.


  9. dkj says:

    trump doesn’t care about any of this, unless he can make money off of it. Or unless Putin told him to him to act like he cares….for money.

  10. Linda says:

    Your technical issues are a direct effect of Mercury turning retrograde. It started Nov 16 and will end Dec 6th. BUT you should always allow 2-3 days on either side. It’s energy during the retrograde period effects anything to do with communications (‘Mercury’) and especially technology. Always be hyper vigilant regarding your cell phone, reservations, signing contracts, etc. If you cannot avoid things like contracts or surgery, just ensure everything is in place, i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed before proceeding. The next Mercury retrograde (4 times per year) is March 5-28th. Don’t take a vacation during this time OR double check everything before leaving, during and on the way home.

  11. johnjohnson says:

    I saw [tv] gulliano having abbandoned the terorist commannd center [walking in the street]stated he had many special demmolition experts[fdny-pdny] from dessert storm and trucks from thr Bronx armorey 100s lbs of c4 the intention to demolish bld 7-tishman bld

  12. RodGuest says:

    Both 9/11 Lawyers and 9/11 Truth are proceeding under incomplete and invalid evidentiary assumptions of the physical evidence. Explosives DID NOT turn the twin towers to dust. How do these organizations account for the almost total disintegration (or per Dr. Judy Wood, the dustification) of the twin towers and no body parts or DNA at the scene?

    It is REMARKABLE that Dr. Judy Wood has not been a guest of the show, Richard. Please explain.

    If you haven’t visited http://www.drjudywood.com recently, it’s been dramatically updated with remarkable effect. Hope this helps;)

    • RotaryConnected says:

      SADM’s (Special Atomic Demolition Munitions) caused “The WTC Nuclear Craters” to be formed under the basements of the towers. They can be fitted with a 15 degree nozzle that would shoot the initial gamma burst straight up through the core of the building. ENTROPY would cause the steel in the core columns to basically turn into molecular Swiss cheese. In that state it would be easy to dustily with nanothermite and plastic explosives. Of course, if they have new devices we don’t know about, they would test them out there also. Blue lasers from space ? Who knows ! Why not ?!?!

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