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Robert Grasso’s Items:

1 – Ravne Park   –  Click to Enlarge


2 – Tunnel Ravne – Megalith



3 – Tunnel Ravne – energy place



4 – Pyramid of the Sun – concrete blocs



5 – Pyramid of the Sun – panoramic view



6 – Sardinia – Saint Cristina well



7 – Sardinia – Pranu Muttedu – Menhir site


8 – Sardinia – Biru ‘e Concas – Menhir site

by Viaggio in Sardegna

Robert Grasso

Robert Grasso is an IT engineer and a Linux specialist.
He has been practicing the Japanese martial art Aïkido some time. He chose this martial art because of his positive philosophy.
He has always been interested in the “weird stuff”,  as Joseph Farrell would say.
Robert has been using Carl Jung’s psychology for 30 years (dream interpretation, synchronicities) for his health and well being.
He’s fascinated with alternative medicine which he uses almost exclusively for his health.
He has closely followed the work of Joseph Farrell and Richard C. Hoagland.

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  2. RobertBright says:

    How does what Georgia is talking about relate to us in Australia where it’s spring

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