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Tonight’s show is an unabashedly nostalgic journey “back through time” — asking the crucial 21st Century question:
“How did the whole ‘UFO Phenomenon’ actually begin?”
My guest tonight — veteran UFO researcher, Gordon Lore — unfolds a personal, fascinating and highly detailed look-back at the Golden Age of “flying saucers” and UFOs, even as this unique cultural, political and scientific world-wide phenomenon was rapidly unfolding … over a half- century ago.
Gordon watched all of it … participated in most of it … and shaped key parts of this remarkable UFO History … at an historically important time, from the Nation’s Capitol itself; as a young official of “NICAP” (the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena), he had the incredible good fortune to be working — at the height of the Golden Age of UFOs — from the literal “center of the Storm” … right beside other “flying saucer” pioneers, with names like “Hynek,” “Hall,” “Keyhoe” and “McDonald.”
Lore’s insider’s look, at many of the classic sightings of the time and the UFO investigators who researched them, comes from an era when “UFOs” routinely made national headlines, were openly subject to official Air Force investigations, and even became the focus of two history-changing Congressional investigations — in 1966, and again in 1968 ….
The same year we sent Americans, for the first time, on a real spaceship trip around the Moon.
“Wanna take a ride …?”
Richard C. Hoagland



Show Items


2- First SpaceX mission with astronauts set for June 2019: NASA



3- Deep space travel could destroy astronauts’ guts



4-Saturn’s rings are raining a weird chemical cocktail, and scientists finally have a ‘taste’ of it


5- Resurgence of UFO stories in 2017 reflects growing American anxieties



6-  Hoagland-NICAP-Meeting-64



Gordon Lore’s Items: 


1- Major Donald E. Keyhoe was the Director/President of NICAP from 1957-1969. (Photo by Gordon Lore)



2-  Flying With Lindbergh This was Major Donald Keyhoe’s first book, published in 1928 to honor Charles Lindbergh.



3- Lubbeck Lights, August 30, 1951.



4- Coast Guard photo of four white discs over Coast Guard Station.



5- Gordon Lore works on his book Mysteries of the Skies:  UFOs in Perspective (Prentice-Hall, 1968) at NICAP headquarters.



6- Gordon Lore, right, circles the spot where a UFO landed in South Hill, VA, on April 21, 1967.



7-Gordon Lore, left, and Leon Katchen investigate the landing site of a UFO in South Hill, Virginia.



8- UFO scientist Dr. James E. McDonald.



9- Police Officer Lonnie Zamora saw a UFO with three aliens land outside Socorro, NM, on April 24, 1964.



10- Dr. J. Allen Hynek, left, and Dr. Jacques Vallee were top UFO scientists.



11- Nuclear physicist Stanton T. Friedman reopened the famous Roswell, NM, crash-and-retrieval case of July 1947.



12- Bill Pecha saw this UFO on September 10, 1976, in Colusa, CA.



13- Famed psychologist Dr. Carl Jung corresponded with Major Donald E. Keyhoe about UFOs.



14- Strange Effects From UFOs, by Gordon Lore (NICAP, 1969).

Gordon Lore


Gordon Lore began his professional writing/editing career as Vice President, Assistant Director, and Secretary-Treasurer of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), then the world’s largest UFO organization headed by the late Major Donald E. Keyhoe (USMC, Ret.), in the mid-1960s. He was responsible for heading a large scientific network of subcommittees which lent its expertise toward solving one of the primary mysteries of the 20th century and beyond. He played a prominent role in the first-ever Congressional day-long hearing on UFOs in September 1968 and worked with the late Dr. James E. McDonald, Dr. J. Allen Hynek and many others on bringing the subject of UFOs to the scientific community and general public.

Lore was an uncredited scientific advisor to the late director Stanley Kubrick on his seminal science fiction film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, in 1967. He is the senior author of Mysteries of the Skies: UFOs in Perspective(Prentice-Hall, Inc.), the first-ever book based entirely on the early history of UFOs and the sole author of Strange Effects From UFOs (NICAP). He also edited UFOs: A New Look, the UFO Investigator and the UFO Research Newsletter. He wrote and edited hundreds of published articles on one of the most mysterious scientific puzzles of all time. His latest book, The Earle Family of NEWFOUNDLAND and the Birth of a Canadian Atlantic Province, is now available as a Nook Book on the Barnes & Noble website.

From 1971 to 1974, Gordon was a writer-editor in the public utilities field, becoming a White House and Congressional Senate/House Gallery correspondent. In 1975, he took on the position of Editor of The Rockwell News, Rockwell International’s employee newspaper, and wrote about numerous topics from the Apollo program, the Space Shuttle and nuclear energy. Since 1992, he has been a prominent writer-editor in the kidney disease and renal transplantation arena. He was the Editor and Founding Editor of several prominent print and online journals in the dialysis and nephrology community. His hundreds of published articles on this topic led to his being recognized as a nominee for the prestigious first Medal of Excellence (known as the Nobel Prize of the renal care field) from the American Association of Kidney Patients (AAKP). One of the articles he solicited resulted in the formation of a dialysis clinic in the only hospital in the country island of Belize, leading to his AAKP recognition.

Gordon Lore is the author, co-author and editor of several UFO books and several thousand UFO and other articles (including spiritual phenomena, Eastern mysticism, kidney disease and transplantation, psychology, nuclear energy, the Space Shuttle, public utilities, oystering on the Chesapeake Bay, history/genealogy and the early history of aviation) as well as numerous magazines, newsletters and websites including:
Mysteries of the Skies: UFOs in Perspective
Strange Effects From UFOs
UFOs: A New Look
The UFO Investigator
The UFO Research Newsletter
The Earle Family of NEWFOUNDLAND and the Birth of a Canadian Atlantic Province
The Priest of Kali: A Novelized Biography on the Life and Spiritual Ecstasies of Sri Ramakrishna
Ascent to Freedom
Public Utilities Fortnightly
The Rockwell News
Contemporary Dialysis & Nephrology
Nephrology Incite
For Patients Only
Renal Business Today
Kidney Times

Finally, Lore is particularly known among his colleagues as never having missed an editorial deadline in his entire nearly half-a-century career. He may be contacted at the following e-mail address:[email protected]phone: 661.255.7155.

Robert Morningstar’s Item:







Robert Morningstar

morningstarWebsites:  UFODigest-     Hacked!…Here is a mirror site:)


Robert Morningstar is a civilian intelligence analyst, investigative journalist and psychotherapist, living in New York City.

Robert is a specialist in photo interpretation, geometric analysis and computer imaging. Robert Morningstar is a graduate of Power Memorial Academy and was a New York State Regents Scholar (1967-72) at Fordham University where he received a degree in psychology.  While at Fordham University, in 1969, Robert participated as a research fellow in a US Navy-sponsored program to develop Artificial Intelligence.

Morningstar was a featured speaker at the Secret Space Program Conference held in San Francisco, June 2015 where he exhibited Apollo lunar anomalies and UFO activity that occurred throughout the Apollo Missions. Robert has written extensively to expose NASA’s use of “Disinformation Technology” to suppress evidence of an extraterrestrial presence on on the Moon.  Robert is currently the Publisher & Editor of UFODigest, which exposes the real nature and menace of the UFO phenomenon and its cover-up to our constitutional liberties. Robert is regularly heard on many national and international radio programs, including Red Ice, Far Out Radio, The Outer Edge, Future Theater, Dr. J Radio Live and Skywatchers Radio.

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  1. Jay says:

    Good choice. Enjoying show

  2. MrBlack says:

    I was going to post this under tonight’s show but alas… postponed yet again. This time I dare not even ask what happened, lets just assume that Richard lost his good luck horseshoe probably buried in the backyard by one of his pet bigfoots… mind altered by the MIBs that are no doubt stocking him, watching everything he does, and listening to every show he does manage to broadcast.

    I too have seen a UAP/UFO/ALIEN SPACECRAFT or whatever the hell this was up close to me back in 1997 but it was not a TR3B type craft. What I saw was as big as a 5 story apt. building with multi-colored counter-rotating lights on the bottom. More like the gulf breeze craft only even bigger and round, but wider than high. Take a look at any 15 or 20 story apt. building, then cut off the top 5 floors, then float that at about 500-800 feet above the ground. Assume an apt. the building has 10 feet between floors so 50 feet high and 70-80 feet in diameter and 500-800 feet in the air just floating with a slight wobble and moving at about 10-15 mph until it got smaller and smaller from distance and slowly moved upwards for the next 10 minutes and out of sight. I had no camera at the time. That’s what I saw in 1997 right over my apt building thx to my cat ‘screeching’ a sound I never thought possible for a cat, I think calling me to come out to the balcony and rescue him. It absolutely freaked out my cat, then me too when I saw it. That was one of many many strange things I have seen in the skies over 70 years but nothing as close and OBVIOUS as that one was. No, it was not a balloon/airship/dirigible or any other then known Human built craft. If this was not ETs I’ll eat my shorts on camera.
    Anyway,  I was planned to add this to tonight’s show which did not beam down with the rest of us, so there’s that. Until next time.

  3. Rohit Gunda says:

    The Hyper-Dimensional Physics of Rohit Gunda
    Born on January 20, 1986 in Hyderabad, India life for me was normal like any childhood, raised as Hindu, religion wasn’t much of an interest, coming from a big family from both my mom side and dad side religion was a must. At the age 7 I had a near death experience (NDE) you don’t hear about often. Like most 7 year old, I was out going, talkative, and very active. Hyderabad is one of the biggest cities in India, with a diverse culture; I grow up in a suburb called Vidyanagar, with my mom and grandma, by that time my dad was in Iran practicing medicine, back then in the 70’s and 80’s demand for doctors was competitive in India and less in Iran. As a descriptive term, imitation covers a wide range of behavior. In their native habitats, young mammals can be observed copying the activities of the older members of the species or the play of each other. Among human beings, imitation can include such everyday experiences as yawning when others yawn, a host of unconsciously and passively learned replications of social conduct, and the deliberate adoption of the ideas and habits of others. With this definition from Google, kids are easily manipulated from what they see on TV or from exploring outside life. One day when coming home, I wanted to slide down stair rail, like any other kid, didn’t pay any attention to my family and carelessly without any support came down and hit my head hard with blood coming out, by this time I was unconsciousness and had no idea what was going on. So my family rushed me to the nearest hospital where the doctors diagnosed me with coma, said I had a 50/50 chance of survival, then they transferred me to a major hospital. When I was in coma, I had no idea what was going on my head, or how long I had coma for. At this age, I didn’t know that humans had a soul or what a meaning of soul was. But, when waking up from coma my family said I had a head injury and didn’t know if I was going to come back alive. From what I know and my mom being a spiritual person, it felt like I was given a second chance in life. After this experience, my life was back to normal like any other kid growing up, went about my everyday routine.
    In the mid 1990s my dad was still practicing his medicine, this time he was back in India. Coming from a big family, as with most traditional Indian families, my dad has four sisters and 3 brothers and my mom has one sister and a brother who passed away in a plane crash. By this time my one of my dad’s sister sponsored us to come to USA. By the summer of 1994 we got approved to come to US. At this time another death in the family happens, my dad’s dad passes away of a heart attack, after this family emergency, delay to US is set to June of 1994.
    Life in USA was complete culture shock for me, weather socializing at school or with my family pickup the English language was difficult, but for a nine old picked up the language, within one year was speaking fluently both outside and with my family. Growing up in US different for me, I was amazed and in awe with Pop Culture, kept up to date with all the latest, Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Fashion. But, after a while following the same trend in culture being like everyone else, I was tuning to radio one late night, found Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. From listening to Art Bell, something about his voice on the radio that attracted my attention and fell in love with the paranormal and the unknown, which was not taught in traditional Hindu culture.
    It is Art Bell where I learned about wide range of topics you don’t hear about in mainstream society because of ridicule and laughter. Near Death Experience, Ghosts, UFOs, Conspiracies, and Science, Mr. Bell opened my mind in ways I can never imagine, having this experience of NDE as a child that me to be more, not only mature but productive in life.
    After living in California, for five years, it is here that I moved to Oklahoma City, OK where my dad got his first job in the field of psychiatry, with years practicing and with support from my mom who did Information Technology and now a house wife; it is here today that we are able to live a normal life in Edmond, OK in Brenton Hills
    My sister, who always more independent and very smart reminds you of Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons, now a doctor and happily married. For me school wasn’t much an interest for me, just another way to pass time and got by. Now currently living back in India in a suburb called Kondapour/Gachibowli in a gated Villa community, Vessella Villas, I always had an interest with computers, never really had a set professional job, in India where Information Technology is changing daily.
    Since Richard C Hoagland started his new radio show, I have always been a loyal listener and a fan of your work since the days of Art Bell. As you can see from my life experience, one can say my life is a like a movie, given a second chance in life. With Richard Hoagland’s work on Cydonia, Mars a new chapter opens up.

    Please take into consideration, this is not something I made up. I messaged you couple of times
    Thank You

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