In 1992, I was invited to present — at the United Nations — a remarkable artistic space discovery … as part of our on-going “Independent Mars Investigation”:

That, the massive mile-long “Face on Mars” — first imaged by NASA’s unmanned Viking spacecraft in 1976 — was actually–

TWO “faces” ….

A terrestrial “hominid” half … elegantly blended with a completely unexpected “feline” half … a lion.

My guest tonight, William Saunders (along with co-researcher, George Haas) ultimately located myriad, multi-cultural examples of sculptures and paintings on this planet, that deliberately fused “two independent symbolic concepts into a single ‘master work’.”

Hass and Saunders have now also found, in addition to the Face, dozens of additional examples of such “deliberately bifurcated geoglyphs” on Mars; published two major works on this provocative “two-planets’ artistic phenomenon”; and have concluded, as a result — independent of our own revolutionary Mars’ conclusions — that somehow, at some time in the distant solar system past, “the Martians” seem to have been the direct carriers of this striking form of art from Mars … to Earth!

Reinforcing other, growing scientific evidence that, at least some “humans,” share a common heritage with Mars ….

Join us.

Richard C. Hoagland



Richard’s Items:

1-  High Voter Turnout Expected for Midterm Elections Based on 30 Million Early Ballots





2- VMC-Arsia-Mons-Oct-10-annotated        Click image to Enlarge


3-  VMC-Oct22-Arsia-Mons-Alaska-comp     Click to Enlarge






 VMC The Mars Webcam



5- Bennu-Ryugu-comp                  Click image to Enlarge




6- OSIRIS-REx Captures ‘Super-Resolution’ View of Bennu




7-  4-01 Face E03-00824




8  Hominid-Lion-Comp                Click image to Enlarge




9-  Paleolithic — man-lion-neg









William Saunders’ Items:


1- CBC news




3-  Human Jaguar skull



4-  Modern Maya split face



5-  Olmec Half bat – human






7–  Cydonia context

























14-  The Cydonia Codex                      (Click on Cover to Buy)


15-  The Mars Codex                          (Click on Cover to Buy)   



William Saunders

William Saunders is a retired petroleum geoscientist. He graduated from the University of Alberta in Edmonton with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in geomorphology. He worked as a geological technologist in the petroleum exploration and development industry in Calgary, Alberta, Canada from 1978 until 2014. He currently is living in Penticton, British Columbia.

He is an associate director of The Cydonia Institute along with George Haas and a member of the Society for Planetary Seti Research (SPSR).

Mr. Saunders has co-authored the following articles, peer-reviewed papers and books related to anomalous formations on Mars:

  • 2015 – Co-authored paper: “A Composite Band of Facial Formations within a Winding Valley of Libya Montes on the Planet Mars.”
  • 2014 – Co-authored paper: “Analysis of the Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Images of the Syria Planum Profile Face on Planet Mars”.
  • 2014 – Executive Producer video (DVD): The Mars Codex; Manuscript of An Ancient Text
  • 2011 – Co-authored paper: “Avian Formation on South Facing Slope of The Argyre Basin” (Mars) Journal of Scientific Exploration, Volume 25, Issue 3, Fall 2011
  • 2009 – Co-authored: The Martian Codex; More Reflections From Mars,
  • 2005 – Co-authored: The Cydonia Codex; Reflections From Mars

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  1. Hi Richard
    Off topic but……………….
    Go to the Wikipedia article on Uranus. Look at the fact box on the right. It says that Uranus’s axial tilt is 97.77 degrees to orbit. Divide that figure by 360 degrees. The answer is VERY close to a harmonic of e – base number of logarithms. Significant or coincidence?

    I will be joining Club 19.5 this week!

  2. Jon McGavic says:

    Dragon Slayer on Mars

  3. Jon McGavic says:

    Look what I found on Mars ..

  4. shawn says:

    Is it just me, or does image 8 look like NrSimha?

  5. Symynyshyn Sculpture Studios says:

    Its a hollowed out mesa.
    The image is inverted.
    Like a head on a coin pressed into clay and taken out.
    Mostly likely made by bulldozers in the heyday of oil exploration in the 30s 》40s 》50s pushing the debris down from the rim and creating the road down to the level plain. Really simple to do actually !!!

  6. shawn says:

    As astonishing as this may be, please be cautious with your enthusiasm, apophenia is a thing. Science is too.

  7. VierlingVierling says:

    Questions for tonight’s show about face on Mars. Mile long? Just how big is it? What are Earthly comparisons? Have any of our large buildings been designed for looking from the top down? Do we have projects that use geometry in placements like we find with the face and Sedona? Is there an interpretation of all the math found? ie how to make something? Points to a math field? ? Did we find some math that we have no idea what subfield it belongs to? What does Europe, other countries say, think about the Face? Have any crop circles been associated? Speculate why such a large building was made. Why is it not in “total” ruins like we are finding with other rover photos?. Oh and try not to get political.

  8. Richard…… in regards to last night’s show and Uranus…… President Trump’s natal chart shows the Sun and Uranus are essentially in conjunction – within 5 degrees. Directly between those two bodies is his north node. Then, even further, the moon is almost perfect 180 degree opposition to the north node. Would this configuration have a HYPERDIMENSIONAL effect?
    Also I was born with Uranus within one degree of midheaven DIRECTLY overhead. Would that have
    HYPERDIMENSIONAL effects???? Steven

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