In tonight’s show, I have the honor of talking with Major Ralph Ganis, USAF, Ret., about an extraordinary tale of “denial, deception and discovery” … leading to the tragic, globe-changing events of November 22, 1963.

Our riveting discussion will revolve around the details of the post-World War II activities of one former SS Commando, “Otto Skorzeny” — considered by British and American Allied forces as “the most dangerous man in Europe” — revealing a labyrinthian web of secret organizations and people set up by the CIA after World War II that, eventually, culminated in the assassination of a president of the United States.

Ganis’ evidence — based on Skorzeny’s own recently-made-public, meticulously maintained personal diaries and notes — traces the routes whereby Skorzeny gradually and methodically became involved in US intelligence and covert operations during the Cold War, building a world-wide intelligence network that, ultimately, had a greater point of destiny in November 1963 … when it was utilized to carry out the most tragic, if not far-reaching mission, in history–

The murder of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Join us ….

Richard C. Hoagland

Show Items


Major Ganis’ Items:


1-  The Skorzeny Papers: Evidence for the Plot to Kill JFK



2-  Tolstoy Foundation


Major Ralph P. Ganis

Major Ganis is a retired USAF intelligence officer whose military service spans nearly 38 years having served in three armed forces of the United States included the United States Marine Corps, the United States Army and the United States Air Force, which he retired from in May 2018. His war service includes the Panama Invasion, first Gulf War, Global War on Terror and the 2nd Gulf War.  Major Ganis also served for a number of years as a civilian intelligence analyst with United States Special Operations Command.  Major Ganis has a BA in History from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a Master of Strategic Intelligence from the National Intelligence University, Defense Intelligence Agency.  In 1994, Major Ganis was the first recipient of DIA’s Admiral Chester W. Nimtiz Award for excellence in research supporting an intelligence study which was personally presented to him by the Chief Historian of the United States. Major Ganis completed the Skorzeny Papers in the summer of 2018 after three years of round the clock research.


Daniel Sheehan’s Items:

1-  Romero Institute


Daniel Sheehan -–In-Depth Bio:


Daniel Sheehan -– Leading lawsuits to expose structural injustice

Daniel Sheehan is president and co-founder of the Romero Institute and the former president and co-founder of the Christic Institute. Carrying degrees from Harvard College and Harvard Law School, Daniel has helped lead more than a dozen lawsuits of historic importance, including three Supreme Court cases. Among the lawsuits Mr. Sheehan has joined are as follows:

  • The Pentagon Papers Case (New York Times Co. v United States)
  • Eisenstadt v. Baird
  • In re Pappas: Branzburg v. Hayes
  • The Watergate Burglary Case (United States v. George Gordon Liddy, et al.)
  • The Wounded Knee Trials
  • Morton v. Mancari
  • The Karen Silkwood Case (Silkwood v. Kerr McGee)
  • The Three-Mile Island Case (PIRC v. Three Mile Island)
  • The American Sanctuary Movement Case (U.S. v. Stacey Lynn Merkt, et al.)
  • The Greensboro Massacre Case (Waller v. Butkovich)
  • The Iran-Contra Affair (Civil) Case (Avirgan v. Hull, et al)


Barbara Honegger’s Item:




Barbara Honegger, M.S. has served in high level positions in the U.S. Government, including White House Policy Analyst, Special Assistant to the Assistant to the President, and Director of the Attorney General’s Gender Discrimina-tion Law Review at the Dept. of Justice. From 1995 to 2011, Ms. Honegger served as Senior Military Affairs Journalist    at the Naval Postgraduate School, the premiere science, technology and national security affairs graduate research university of the Department of Defense.  Her pioneering book October Surprise — on the deep story behind the   Iran side of the Iran/Contra scandal, which has been confirmed by formerly classified documents and deathbed confessions of key conspirators, led to a full-subpoena-power Congressional investigation funded at the level of the 9/11 Commission.



Robert Morningstar’s Items:


1-  How the British Press Now View the JFK Assassination After 1 Year
of Reading the Documents Released by President Trump in 2017


“Tippit Did IT!”

The Russians Were Afraid of Being Made “The Patsies”

Bells Across Moscow & USSR Tolled in National Sorrow For JFK

REVEALED: J. Edgar Hoover insisted on trying to make US believe Oswald was sole assassin but Soviets thought Dallas cops were involved in the killing as crucial 300 documents are STILL withheld


The JFK & Forestall Deep State Assassinations
UFOs, Forestall & JFK’s Knowledge of Alien Bodies at Roswell


James Forestall


“There were NO Bed Sheets at Bethesda!” – RDM*



2- The TOP SECRET Kennedy Forrestal UFO 




The Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit (IPU) Report

US Army Central Intelligence Group (CIG)  Notes  That “JFK Knows”

Majestic Documents Archive
With Many Thanks to Dr. Robert Wood & RyanWood



JFK’s Death Warrant

November  12th 1963
President Kennedy’s Memo To the CIA Director Demanding UFO FIles
and Call for Shared UFO Data with the Russians




Zapruder FRAME Z-295

Absolute Proof of Multiple Shooters
Vapor Trails Shows Bullet’s Trajectories
One Full Second Before Head Shot @ Frame Z-313


Z-295 – Vapor Trail & Wound
Click to Enlarge






JFK-Tippit Split Face

JFK-Tippit Split Face Photo Composite
Composed by Robert Morningstar


Robert Morningstar

morningstarWebsites:UFODigest-     Hacked!…Here is a mirror site:)

Robert Morningstar is a civilian intelligence analyst, investigative journalist and psychotherapist, living in New York City.

Robert is a specialist in photo interpretation, geometric analysis and computer imaging. Robert Morningstar is a graduate of Power Memorial Academy and was a New York State Regents Scholar (1967-72) at Fordham University where he received a degree in psychology.  While at Fordham University, in 1969, Robert participated as a research fellow in a US Navy-sponsored program to develop Artificial Intelligence.

An expert in Chinese language, history and martial arts, he is acknowledged as a Master of Yang Family Tai Chi Ch’uan by the Hong Kong Tai Chi Masters Association and has taught at Oberlin College, and  Hunter College, the City University of New York. In 1992-93, he worked in the Behavioral Science Department of The International Center for the Disabled.

Robert Morningstar is a FAA-licensed private pilot and Instrument Ground Instructor and has studied the paranormal and UFOs for over 50 years and published many research articles on the Internet, exposing government cover-up and deception applied in the JFK Assassination. His work is cited in major books on the JFK assassination, notably in Paris Flammonde’s “The Assassination of America” and “Conspiracy Science” by Prof. James Fetzer. Morningstar was a featured speaker at the Secret Space Program Conference held in San Francisco, June 2015 where he exhibited Apollo lunar anomalies and UFO activity that occurred throughout the Apollo Missions. Robert has written extensively to expose NASA’s use of “Disinformation Technology” to suppress evidence of an extraterrestrial presence on on the Moon.  Robert is currently the Publisher & Editor of UFODigest, which exposes the real nature and menace of the UFO phenomenon and its cover-up to our constitutional liberties. Robert is regularly heard on many national and international radio programs, including Red Ice, Far Out Radio, The Outer Edge, Future Theater, Dr. J Radio Live and Skywatchers Radio.

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  1. Roxane Watkins says:

    I am a retired AF colonel and have dug into this subject extensively. The book Ganis wrote about the secret paramilitary units Donovan set up says he didn’t have a name for them. It’s called Operation Gladio and they were called stay behind units. I’d love to talk to Ganis about his research and book to compare notes.

  2. Albert Kelley says:

    Not a ufo or alien believer as taught biology for 40 yrs at high school and college level……Even thought you Richard were kinda too woo- woo….however, the program last night from the JFK assassination had me going thru a million emotions recalling JFK murder and as an 11 yrs old sitting by the tv watching Lee Harvey Oswald get whacked…….thank you for helping clear the mind in your show and it’s amazing guests!

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