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What would the world look like … act like … be like–


If we had never gone to the Moon?


My guest tonight, Joel Banow, and I are going to explore this fascinating question … from the perspective of two old friends who, fifty years ago (!), shared a series of extraordinary “out-of-this-world” adventures, together, at CBS News; Joel, as the CBS Television News Director of Special Events covering Apollo … and I, a young kid “tapped on the shoulder by fate” and Walter Cronkite–


To help CBS, Walter and Joel “go to the Moon” ….


How did Apollo change our world … a world before “the Internet,” before “Google,” before “social media” … and CNN.


A world, we will try to demonstrate, totally transformed by those three brave men launched on an unprecedented “Christmas journey” to the Moon, that — over fifty years later–


Either subtly, or dramatically, has shaped everything we now can see around us ….


Join us — as we explore “the Unimagined Legacy of Apollo 8.”



Richard C. Hoagland


Show Items

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Richard’s Items:


1-  The Apollo 8 Photograph That Changed the World




2-  Who Took the Legendary Earthrise Photo From Apollo 8?




3- Chang’e-4 probe takes panoramic photos on moon’s far side – Xinhua |







Joel Banow’s Items:  Click on Images to Enlarge

The Naples Space Festival


1- Original CBS New Press Studio at Cape Canaveral




2- Original Mercury Astronauts




3- Mercury Re-Entry Simulation





4- Gemini Spacecraft




5- Aegina Rocket Launch





6- Lunar Surveyor




7- The Saturn 5 Rocket




8- Apollo 1 Crew




9- News Bulletin by Mike Wallace announcing the tragic death of Apollo 1 Astronauts




10- Apollo 4 an Unmanned Launch




11- Apollo 8 Lunar Mission




12-  Joel Banow with Lunar Surveyor




13- CBS Reporter with Lunar Surveyor Model




14- Stanley Kubrick’s movie / 2001: A Space Odyssey




15- Douglas Trumbull – Special Effects Director for Space Odyssey




16- “HAL” Device created by Trumbull for CBS’ coverage of Apollo 11




17- Studio 41 Anchor Set




18- Director Banow talking to Walter Cronkite




19- Studio 41 Lunar Surface Model




20- CBS Special Effects technician working with the spacecraft models in the studio.




21- CBS Special Effects technician working with the spacecraft models in the studio.




22- Studio 41 Lunar “Conveyor Belt”




23- Director Banow and the Lunar “Conveyor Belt”




24- Apollo 11 Launch




25- Lunar Orbit Insertion Animation




26- Lunar Earthrise




27- Studio 41 Control Room




28- Studio 41 Control Room during the actual Lunar Landing of the Lem.




29- Lunar Landing Simulation




30- Minature Lem Model




31- Preparation for Leaving the Lem and Armstrong’s Walking on the Moon




32- Lunar Liftoff




33- Apollo 11 Re-Entry





34- Apollo 13




35- Lunar Rover Simulations




36- The Last Apollo: Apollo 17 Launch





37- Walter Cronkite and Joel Banow


Joel Banow


Joel Banow is a retired award winning television producer and director with over fifty years of experience in television broadcasting. This includes producing arts and cultural programming for WGCU Public Media, the PBS station for SW Florida. 

While at CBS News Special Events, Banow was senior director for the manned space program broadcasts. He received a Directors Guild Award for “Outstanding Directorial Achievement, Apollo 11 the first lunar landing”, and various Emmy nominations and awards. 

While at CBS News, Banow directed several prime time specials from the Metropolitan Museum Art.  

After 17 years at CBS he created his own production company: JNB Productions.  He finished his television career joining the first group of directors at the new financial CNBC. He directed daytime financial programs and prime time programs hosted by Michael Feinstein, Al Roker and Dick Cavett. 

He has been on the advisory board of the Holocaust Museum of SW Florida, and is on the board of the Naples Museum of Military History. He has been active with the Naples players for over twenty years and is a founding member of the Naples Press Club. In 2007 he was honored by both Collier County and Lee County as a Star of the Arts and Angel of the Arts for his involvement and support of the arts through television.

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