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Randy Powell

Randy Powell is the Senior Researcher and Quality Control Engineer for the Vortex Based Mathematics Project.  His work in this field has led to the first accurate two,  three, and four/omni dimensional models of the Rodin Torus.  All of these had led to major developments in the approach to realizing these mathematics in real technologies.

One Comment so far:

  1. Nitram Namahs says:

    Dear Richard and Randy,

    My warmest feelings go out to you for bringing to light this angle of true potential for the highest possibilities of human evolution.

    The Zero Point is fundamentally at the core of everybody´s being – & holds together our experiential universe.

    As the time draws near for the collective spirit of our essence as a species to mature beyond the dualistic perceptions of input \ output, we are faced with the conviction to let go of our conditioning and embrace the eternal principles as our creative ground in a limitless destiny.

    I honour and respect the ethos of ´open source´ development, in manifesting working models of the rodin coil as demonstrative examples for the public domain. Please make no mistake at this being a key cornerstone for true integration into this new paradigm; a capitalistic mindframe is of no value nor applicability to the altruistically rooted world in the making – in zero point.

    I have one curiosity, if Randy would be able to explain the correspondence (if any) between the Searl Generator and the Rodin Coil. Have they anything technically or theoretically in common¨?

    Be blessed by the most great!


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