My guest tonight, Nova Spivack, Founder and CEO of “Magical,” designed and oversaw the fabrication of the unique “deep-time” quartz archive Elon Musk secretly placed in the glove compartment of his infamous “Red Roadster” — launched into a permanent, “billions-of-years-long” interplanetary orbit early last year, atop the first successful test of Musk’s Falcon Heavy rocket ….

Mr. Spivack has long been interested in “stars and space” — even before his grandfather, then a NASA consultant, took him to see his first Shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral when he was just a boy.

Nova’s interests in such things subsequently resulted in his current, extraordinarily-far-reaching plan to create a series of “deep-time archives” spread across the solar system — to store an “immortal” record of human civilization in as many places as possible “off planet,” should a future catastrophe befall the Earth.

Tonight, we will discuss a wide range of other interests and activities Nova is involved in, including the placement of his SECOND “deep-time archive” on the Moon this coming Spring — with the planned landing of SpaceIL’s first lunar surface mission in April, 2019.

Nova speculates that he may not be “the first” to pursue such an extraordinary “deep-time library” — musing that “other, ancient high-tech human civilizations in the immense history of Earth may also have placed ‘time-capsules to their achievements” somewhere in the solar system ….”

We just have to find them.

Join us tonight for a unique odyssey — deep into space … and time.

Richard C. Hoagland


The Presidential Briefing



Show Items



2- First lunar far side panorama from Chang’e-4 lander



3- Lunar Eclipse 2019 – Live, NASA Tv Coverage



4-  Hardy Eclipse



Nova Spivack’s Items:  Click on Images to Enlarge


1-  The Arch Mission Foundation



2- Falcon Heavy Test Launch




3- Falcon Heavy Test Launch




4- Spacex Headquarters




5- SpaceX’s momentous rocket launch sent Elon Musk’s Tesla red roadster into space




6- Elon Musk’s Tesla red roadster into space




7- The Asimov Discs Case




8-  The Asimov Discs (Quartz 5D)




9-  The Asimov Discs




10-  The Asimov Discs




11- SpaceIL – Billion Year Archive Images




12- Nanofiche




13- Nanofiche




14- Nanofiche




15- Nanofiche




16- Nanofiche




17- Nanofiche




18- Nanofiche



Nova Spivack

Websites:   Magical

Arch Mission Foundation

Nova Spivack is a technology entrepreneur, investor, innovator and futurist with a career spanning more than two decades of industry-leading breakthroughs. He has helped to build dozens of ventures and nearly 100 patents, collectively generating billions of dollars in market value, including multiple IPOs, and acquisitions by Apple, Facebook, Samsung, Disney, and others.

Nova is ranked among the Top 20 Futurists worldwide and as a Top LA Power Player in Technology. He has advised governments, presidential campaigns, Fortune 10 global corporations, leading consumer brands, venture funds, incubators, and tech startups.

Spivack is also the Founder & CEO of Magical, a science and technology venture studio based in Los Angeles, where he works as a venture producer, to fund and incubate breakthrough companies.

One of the early space tourists and space entrepreneurs, he has had a long interest in helping to facilitate the growth of a spacefaring civilization.

He flew to the edge of space in 1999, and did zero-gravity training, with Peter Diamandis and Richard Garriott, with the Russian Air Force and the Russian Space Agency.

He is the Co-Founder and Chairman of the Arch Mission Foundation, which is building a solar-system scale backup of Earth. The Arch Mission successfully launched the first permanent library in space, on February 6, 2018, as the secret payload of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy test launch. A second archive will land on the Moon in 2019, with SpaceIL, containing the Wikipedia, and many other data sets.

Nova earned an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, from Oberlin College. During college he also participated in summer research at the MIT Computer Science Department. He received a graduate-level professional degree in Space Life Sciences from The International Space University in 1992.

Nova is the eldest grandson of the management guru, Peter Drucker. Nova is married to television producer and writer, Kimberly Rubin Spivack, and has a young daughter.

Facilitating a Spacefaring Civilization

Nova has had a lifelong interest in space and the stars, perhaps in part due to the name his parents gave him, which means “new” in Latin, and also has an astronomical meaning.

At a young age he attended an early Space Shuttle launch with his grandmother and nephews, as a gift from NASA, to his Grandfather, who at that time advised NASA.

Nova conceived of, and is the co-founder and Chairman of the Arch Mission Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation working to backup human civilization.

He flew to the edge of space in 1999, and did zero-gravity training, with Peter Diamandis and Richard Garriott, with the Russian Air Force and the Russian Space Agency.

He was a patron of the Commercial SpaceFlight Federation, and an early space angel investor in Zero Gravity Corporation (acquired by Space Adventures).

Nova earned a professional graduate-level certificate degree from The International Space University in Space Life Sciences, under the late Gerry Soffen, who pioneered the Viking Lander search for life on Mars at NASA.

While with ISU he also interned to help design the Space Humanities Program under Overview Effect thought-leader, Frank White and ISU co-founder Todd Hawley, and he worked on The Space Solar Power Program international design project.

In his sophomore year of college, Nova interned as a production assistant at Paramount Studios, working on the popular television show, Star Trek, The Next Generation.

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  1. Howard Phillips says:

    Thinking about the Hardy eclipse picture: The Sun halo cannot be so visible from the Moon point of view. For that to happen would make the Sun also 4 times bigger than the size we see in Earth surface. Isn’t that so?

  2. DawnieR says:

    I’m just 41:41 into this and every minute that goes by is just making me more angry! Hoagland….you’re one of my ‘heroes’, but sometimes I wonder about you. Why aren’t you calling this fraud out on his BS?! He’s sitting there saying that we have ‘nothing’ to store data on? I beg to differ!! CRYSTALS!!! (there ARE articles about just that) You know that Ancient Crystal Skull?? Well, there IS DATA IN THAT THING!! Yet, I hear no one stating that.
    I don’t know how much more that I can listen to this BS Artist, ‘Nova’, before I call it quits.

  3. DawnieR says:

    35:20 in and this idiot says that putting Wikipedia on the Moon is a good idea?? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?! Wikipedia is mostly LIES!!!!! Just, WOW!! With every passing minute, this guy ‘Nova’ is sounding more and more like a BS Artist (aka a Globalist Shill). But, I’ll keep listening to hear just how much he’ll shovel it on.

  4. Would the placement of the moon millions of years ago by a type 3 civilization so as to have it almost exactly cover the sun during a solar eclipse, have any plus or minus beneficial effects on the metrics of hyperdimensional torsion fields.?????????

    Also, what would be the benefits of using a mascon in the moon to keep one side of the moon facing the earth have on these same effects?

    Also, could have that big eclipse we had this right when hurricane Harvey and other hurricanes were forming intensify them – or help those parties who were trying to geoengineer them? The eclipse path DID pass over the Carribean.

  5. RodGuest says:

    If anyone was still skeptical about how those in power are using social media, Nova just spilled the beans.

  6. Warren Pierce says:

    Science is advanced one tombstone at a time.

  7. RodGuest says:

    Richard, what ever came of the “eerie” music revelation the Apollo astronauts made when their capsule orbited the far side of the moon (according to NASA transcripts)?

    • berretta9mm1 says:

      I can answer what happened to the eerie ‘space music’; heard by the Apollo Astronauts: nothing.

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