Holding Prayers for Robin and Richard


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Keith Laney’s Items:


1-  Spacex launches Crew Dragon successfully


2- Hayabusa 2 touches down on Ryugu, grabs a sample


3- Insight hits a snag




4- Aeolis

Curiosity’s entire exploration area


5- Sol 855

Salsberry; an exposure of the Ancient


6- KL-TriangleFrieze-3-1024×955    Click to Enlarge



Jonathan Womack’s Items:


1– Op1070


2- PIA10210-BOX


3- PIA10210-CUTS




4- PIA10210-statue





5- sol2114crp-2



6- Old Souls by Jonathan Womack  Click on Cover to Buy



7- [ Old Souls 2nd Edition (New Jacket Art) by Jonathan Womack   { Hardcover } 2013  Click on Cover to Buy





Shield Character



Field Character



Solar Character



Ether Character




8- Jonathan Womack Triple EBook   Click on Cover to Buy




9- The Dogman Cometh   Click on Cover to Buy




10- A Cry for a Hero   Click on Cover to Buy




11- RAM I Am  Click on Cover to Buy



Pirate Scene “RAM I AM”




12.  Mind World Entertainment




Jonathan Womack




Jonathan Womack began leaving his body on the night of Oct. 6th, 1965, at the age of 6, after watching an episode of Lost in Space. These episodes continued and a year later, after watching an episode of the new Filmation cartoon, “The New Adventures of Superman”, Jonathan began donning the metaphysical cape and leotards for his astral travels.

In 1999, Jonathan’s guide tapped his shoulder and urged him to write about his experiences. Jonathan chose to imbue his travels into a fiction novel, (A Cry for a Hero, Top Honors – Hollywood Book Festival), basing the villain on a little known terrorist, Osama Bin Laden. Jonathan was writing the climactic ending when 9/11 struck. The book was shelved for a time due the nature of the plot.

In 2003, Jonathan formed his publishing company, Charles River Press, to publish his books as well as the stories of other talented writers. Jonathan’s 2nd novel, Old Souls, (Best SciFi, New England Book Festival) revolves around the notion that ancient, advanced Martians escaped a calamity and traveled to earth. Jonathan’s latest novel, “Ram I Am”, is based on the work of Richard C. Hoagland and Rupert Murdoch (The villain is named Torque).

In addition to his 50+ years of OBE’s, Jonathan is a licensed electronic technician, a Media/IT tech, an author and publisher, book editor, graphic designer (Photoshop, Illustrator), webmaster, video editor and 3D modeler. He comes from a musical family and has played guitar for 50 years.



3 Comments so far:

  1. Steven Mensh says:

    God Bless ? all . Hidden Mission
    Love y’all
    Richard & Robin. Be strong

  2. Steven Lee Hanson says:

    AS Monday morning March 3rd, 12:30 LST over Albuquerque will be circa 2:50 am. Please, if you are awake please say prayers for Robin and Richard at this time – circa 2:10 – 3:10. earlier to the east; later to the west. This is the BEST time but….. any time helps.

  3. leon says:

    the last son of Mars is the coming Greek Alexander. Watch for the coming Greek empire within 11 years from now (Daniel 7:6; Revelation 13:2).

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