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Dr. Robin Falkov Passed

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Holding Prayers for
Robin who “crossed over” on March 3rd, 2019
and Richard who mourns the loss of his life partner.




Robin’s FaceBook Page

In Loving Memory of Dr. Robin Falkov
Robin was a real crusader for many causes
with a deep passion for alternative health care.


Robert Morningstar: 
Dr. Robin Falkov Passes Into Afterlife
It is with deep sadness that I received the news yesterday (3/3/2019)  of the crossing over into afterlife of Dr. Robin Falkov. Robin was a dear and caring friend to all of us. Robin was always ready to help. I cherish the memory and the honor of having been able to exchange ideas with her on the air several times as a guest on her show. Robin was a real crusader for many causes with a deep passion for politics in the Trump era. The President will surely miss one of his most ardent supporters. I shall miss “Dr. Robin Falkov” dearly, but I rejoice in her wonderful life and the privilege of having known her kindness, and her gentle soul as a friend and confidante.

With deep condolence and sincere sympathies to Richard C. Hoagland, The Enterprise Mission crew, NNiteHawkk, Revolution Radio hosts, & especially to her family…. I pray that we may we all rise again as One-in-Christ someday. …??


Peace will come but not through faint hearts.Sincerely,Robert Morningstar

George Noory:

Robin was not only a wonderful guest,but great person who truly cared about humanity. She will be sorely missed.

Mike Ringley:revolution radio press release………..
Over the past 8 years, the FreedomSlips Revolution Radio family has posted announcements about matters which are, at times, challenging to broach. However, the hardest of these announcements remains bearing difficult news of the passing of one of the members of our family.It is with heartbreaking sorrow that we announce the passing of one of the Station’s brightest and beautiful souls – Dr. Robin Falkov – who passed away yesterday morning in Albuqueque, New Mexico.Having already blazed her own determined trail in the worlds of Alternative Media and Homeopathic Healing for many years, Robin joined the Station in 2013 with a brand new flagship morning show, ‘Event Horizons’. She hit the ground running from the very first show, which offered a blend of amiable conversation, fascinating guests, underpinned by Robin’s fearless determination to tackle the hardest of topics.So eager was Robin to share the cutting edge news that she felt people had the right to know, she had no hesitation in opening her show to a later afternoon/early evening audience, with ‘What They Don’t Want You To Know’ commencing in late 2017.It is entirely due to Robin’s compassion, her professionalism, her love for animals and humanity – and her love for the audience that she lovingly regarded as her extended family – that both shows became such massive successes in such a short space of time.Robin kept her illness – colon cancer – to herself, only revealing her private battle when she felt the quality of her shows could be compromised by it. Robin’s last show with the Station was on 28th January 2019: she was so unwell, yet she was so determined to share important news with her beloved audience that she hosted that final on-air hour from her bed. And no, the quality of her shows was never compromised by her illness, only enhanced by her passion, her determination and hercandor.Robin was a dear friend to many at the Station. Her infectious love of life never failed to raise a smile, even on the darkest of days. And today is a dark day.Robin was – and remains – one of the most beautiful, spirited, passionate and dedicated souls we were blessed and honored to know. We will miss her so very much.Our hearts and comforting embraces reach out to her life partner, Richard C. Hoagland, and their loved ones at this difficult time.The FreedomSlips Revolution Radio FamilyMonday 4 March, 2019Personal Note from NnitehawkKWell, its been hard on my mind all day and yesterday – I’m not good with the whole grief thing after losing two children and everyone in my near family other than Mom. Robin Falkov was not only the Station’s morning anchor – she was a close friend over the years. We talked a lot. She mostly dealt with other people’s problems. I was her “vent”enarian. She will be missed and many of our lives will be less because she has gone. Godspeed, Robin – you were such a fighter and a giving soul……

Joseph Farrell:
I too had the opportunity to meet Robin once for four days of discussion and thought, and was also privileged to be on her show. Her mind and heart always shined through so brilliantly, and my heart truly goes out to you Richard for what must be a profound and aching loss. Requiascet in pace Robin.

David Wilcock:
I am very, very sorry to hear about Robin’s passing, and offer my sincerest condolences to Richard.
I established personal contact with Richard not long after Robin appeared on the scene when he suffered a heart attack and was in the hospital.
Richard and Robin were tremendously helpful to me when I was going through the private horror in 2001 of my girlfriend at the time, Sabrina, being hit by a car while walking as a pedestrian and nearly dying from her injuries.
We went public beginning in 2004 and had many years of fruitful collaboration. I knew Robin was suffering and it truly pains me to hear of her passing.
Richard, I wish you all the best and hope that the clarity and focus of your world-changing message continues to burn brightly in the aftermath of such an unthinkable loss.
The world needs you. We need you. Hang in there my good friend.

Paul Davids:
We will miss Robin Falkov who contributed so much to so many. Richard Hoagland says she saved his life after his heart attack – and with a great spirit and kind heart she not only gave much of herself to Richard’s life and aspirations but she looked after the health and well-being of many through the years, with her radio show emphasizing alternative pathways to healthy living. Her devotion was not just to humankind but also to animals (especially her memorable dogs). Hollace Davids and I are grateful to Robin for having introduced us to “red light” therapy devices. We will always remember her with affection.

Dr Carmen Boulter:
Dear Richard:
It has always been crystal clear how much your precious relationship with Robin meant to you.
I am deeply sorry for your loss.
Know Robin can communicate from the other side.
She is in a state I call .
May you find comfort in that, Richard.
Sending love and blessings.

James DeMeo:
Dear Richard,
I am so sorry to hear of Robin’s passing, a terrible loss for you, for which you have my heart-felt condolences. I was lucky enough to have a few good conversations with her some months ago, and interviewed once on her show. A delightful and warm-hearted woman, a rare gem, and such a loss.
Breathe deep, best wishes

Christine Corda:
There are a few reasons I do internet radio. Robin was one of the main ones.
When you speak about things you see that you know are wrong you do not get very popular.
There can be a lot of resistance among your listeners.
Until, that is,people begin to see the truth you are speaking of themselves.
I want all to know how much courage Robin gave to me to do just that.
She will be missed by myself and my kids. We listened almost every morning.
Please know how much her life and voice changed and empowered ours.
She was amazing.

Justin Elledge:
I am deeply saddened by Dr. Robin Falkov’s passing- She was a bright Light to many in this world, and may she continue to share her wisdom and Grace through all the Multi-Verse and dimensions with us-

Joel Banow:
Dear Richard
So sorry for your loss. I wish I had an opportunity to get to know her better. In the coming days I hope to have an opportunity to talk with you. I’m sure she will be remembered by many persons. Arlene and I send you our condolences. Many this will make you feel a bit better. The space festival is now a go. You were always a part of my CBS MEMORIES.

George Balabanis:
Dear Richard,
I’m so sorry for your loss, you have my deepest condolences. I know this must be really hard for you which is why I’m praying for your healing. Although I never met Robin, I’m sure she must have been a wonderful person and a great life partner who stood beside you in every success and failure and who will be greatly missed. Nevertheless, I have a feeling she would want you to carry on with what you do best and keep smiling as she watches over you wishing for your well being!

Chris Knowles:
Richard, my very deepest sympathies to you on your loss. I hope you will be able to treasure her memory and the memory of the time you spent together. We’re just visitors here and to find someone to share the ride with is a blessing in life.

John Francis:
Dear Richard,
        I hope you can take comfort in the thought that Heaven has gained another angel with the passing of Robin.
Peace be With You

Francis Tiso:
A new moon and the beginning of Lent seem to be good signs for a sacred transition, a holy death. I did not know Robin, but am moved by the depth of the comments above. You and she are in my prayers


Chris Rogers:
I want to acknowledge and express my condolences to my friend Richard C. Hoagland on the loss of his beloved partner Dr. Robin Falkov yesterday, after a long and very private illness which she kept at bay successfully for years. Robin is a beloved champion of health freedom rights, alternative healing, exposing the greed and corruption of the pharmaceutical industry, and she directly and impact fully touched the lives of thousands along the way. Richard Hoagland is a brilliant visionary who has inspired my life in many ways, and is the leading figure (although often discredited by fakers posing as open-minded scientists) in a groundbreaking field of scientific and spiritual research shared by many good citizens on this planet. More on that some other time. My heart is heavy on this loss, and I did have the honor of meeting the wonderful and beautiful Dr. Falkov on a few occasions. Hugs to Richard, and Robin’s family, as well as the entire imaging team at The Other Side of Midnight radio show, including my Facebook friends Keith Laneyand Andrew Currie.

For more info on Richard, Robin, and TOSOM please visit the link below.https://www.theothersideofmidnight.com

Lonnie Gallegos:
I am beyond sorry Richard. It is because of your Robin that I am here, she saved my life when there was no hope for me.  My sorrow is that I could not return this miracle to her and you in kind… Thank you Richard and Thank You Robin
Since I am not far from you, if you need absolutely anything, please allow me to be of assistance…

Kelly Em:
I never had the priviledge of meeting Robin. I LOVED her radio show, her integrity, wit, respect for truth, and her adamantine kindness. I will miss that voice profoundly.

Ms. Lee Nader:
I am so sorry for this wonderful lady to leave this realm too early , blessings to your Mr , Hoagland on your great loss and to all your family. She was a true firery redhead who had the spirit and grace to help many over the years , she will be missed by many . May our Creator bless all in the family and give them peace to know she will be watching over always.

Leslie Regier:
Words are not enough. Just know that in this difficult time I send my love and support—to Richard in the here and now and Robin in her next phase of being.

Maria Wheatley:
Dear Richard, deep sympathy to you. Sending love and healing from Avebury Henge and Stonehenge to you.

Deborah Tavares:

Please let Richard know our prayers are with him. 
It was such a pleasure to have meet and known Robin – she will be remembered for her kindness, and her deep sense of knowing, 
and wanting to know.  . .
She and I laughed about this reality we find ourselves in and then we spoke together on her radio show . . .
We wish Robin well on her journey now . . .
It is With Admiration, Respect and Love that we Celebrate Her Now, and Remember HER Always…

Steve Meads:
Sorry to hear of your loss. Gone but never forgotten, always remembered and always loved. My thoughts are with you at this time. Hoping these words will help lift you up.


Robin was the most kind person. Always a lady, always showing love for others. She was so helpful and encouraging to me. She always forwarded my messages to you, Richard. She would frequently report back on your thoughts. Richard, I said endless prayers for Robin. Now I say endless prayers for you! We love you and support you! Make Robin proud of how you live your life from this moment on. All my heart, all my prayers!!!

Nick Begich:
Robin will be missed by many. She was a good friend and powerful voice for awakening others. Thank you Robin and may God bless you in heaven for all of us you touched on earth.

Nilesh Chandra:
In this grief-stricken moment of life, I pray you find solace in beautiful memories of Dr. Robin. Richard you’ve always mentioned her name in your interviews and thanks for lifting up human race to human beings.Very sorry for loss of your soul mate.

Don Johnson:
I am so really sorry to hear this Richard. I thought we could save her, i truly did.
Well I’m thinking she will help your work from the other side of midnight. She will still be with you, helping you.

Rick Spence:
I am so very sorry to hear of Robin’s passing. Please accept my deepest sympathy and condolences.

Sandra Fulton (X-Army SGT):
Aloha, I am deeply saddened to hear about your Dr. Robin Falkov. I met both of you some years ago at a UFO Conf. when I lived in Menlo Park. I survived my 6 bouts with cancer; but my younger sister did not nor did the love of my life. Please e-mail me after June 15 & I will gladly send you a ticket to HNL + a hotel stay to look at Oahu’s rainbows and remember the good times you two had together. Aloha ‘oe!

Wendy Wilson:
Dear RCH and sweet Robin,
You two together have bravely challenged the conversation, changed the narrative, and helped humanity raise the consciousness of our miraculous existence. As a loyal listener, reader, and seeker for 30 years, I thank you for that. My heart is broken for your family and the OSM family. While there are no words to describe your loss, I offer prayers and send my love.

Roxy Lopez:
THE TRUTH DENIED TABLOID WILL MISS ROBYN FALKOV ! Robin was a dear friend. She always communicated with me about many different subject matters! I am so sad and at a loss for words! Robin and I did shows together a few years ago and her expertise in the are of Health foods and GMO’s was inspiring!

So very sorry for your loss. Condolences to Richard and Robin’s family. Sending healing energy , peace & love to you. Please take care and all the time you need.

Tony Garone:

So terribly sorry to hear of this, Richard. May you find peace and may she find rest. Truly shocked and overwhelmed.

Mike Petitt:

Richard, I am so very sorry for your loss! I feel blessed to have met Robin with you several times! She was an angel always looking out for others! I am here if you ever need anything!

Even from other places like spain my sincerest condolences to you, Richard. Its always very hard when a beloved person went further before.Wish you peace and strengh.Rest in peace Robin.Prayers for you all.

Connie Reeder Nichols:

Oh Richard, I am so sad. Robin was such a wonderful person. I remember her “saving” your life all those years ago. Sending you love, Connie

Sherry Baker:

I talked to Robin several times on the phone over the years and was her guest on her radio show a couple of times.. when we talked on the phone, it was like old friends who had always known each other. She listened when I was going through a crazy, surprising breakup and helped me get through it and even made me laugh about it. Robin was obviously a beautiful human being , inside and out, and I know in my heart she tried to do her best on this planet. She will be missed, of course, but i absolutely believe her spirit, her light, has simply moved on to another part of this ineffably wondrous universe. My heart goes out to Richard and all of Robin and Richard’s family and friends at this difficult time.


Kerry Cassidy:
In reply to Sherry Baker.
In tribute to such a lovely warm woman and fabulous healer of others… I just interviewed her recently…Much love to you Robin and to Richard in your loss…may you be reunited…

Jon Leatherwood:
Deepest condolences, Richard. So very sorry to hear this news.

Mike Meehan:
My thoughts are with you Richard: may Robin’s Energy and Light transcend the Dimensions in the frequency of LOVE.

Marj:  You have my deepest condolences. My prayers are with you.

Edward Kohout:

Our hearts are with you, Robin, and your loved ones and friends. Her love for you is evident, transitioning on a “33” day. Surely the magic you share will transcend these Earthly dimensions.

– Ed and Becka Kohout
Hagerman, Idaho


Such sad news. RIP Robin.

Mike Spent:

Dear Robin! God bless you I know you are not gone But on a different plane

You will be missed And I treasure our chats and interviews

Richard I know this has to be tough

Much love to you both ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Donald R. Swan:

Dr. Robyn Falkov was a stellar person who will be missed greatly. My condolences to the Falkov family, as well as to Mr. Richard C. Hoagland and family. May god bless you all.

Carolyn Rose Goyda:

I am glad for the end of the physical pain, but it is a great loss to many for her contributions as a friend and as a truth warrior; and as a doctor – touched many lives.

The world was a brighter place thanks to her contributions.

She must’ve been needed where she went, angels always are …

I enjoyed many hours of private conversation and I enjoyed the time we did shows on Rumor Mill News very often with Dr. David Fink

My deepest condolences to Richard, I don’t know how you ever fill a loss such as Robin

I know we will all meet again this loss comes to soon … I know she’s already making a difference in the next plain

William from the dark woods of pa:
Richard ,  iam so sorry for your loss dude!
Thank you for sharing Robin with us !
I will keep you both in my meditations !

Gary Sacco:
Richard. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Please accept my deepest condolences.

Tim Kitts:  Please accept my sincere condolences at this time.

John W. Oberdorf:
Richard, I just found out to day about your loss. It is never a
thing one gets over. It is a thing that, over time, we learn to deal with. I have every confidence that existence continues and this from personal experience.
I have not talked to you for many moons but we should
reconnect. There is more to talk about that I think you might
be interested in. I have followed you, dear brother, and I have
always believed in your sincerity, purpose, depth, and willingness to ask the questions that need to be asked. I send you love and support at this time.
Contact me at your convenience.

I am saddened to hear of the passing of Robin. At the old Enterprise Mission Conference she was “Redhed” the “Ship’s Doctor”. She was always giving of her time to give us advice if we needed it. FREE.
A particular time I recall was when she helped me through the loss of a pet (and I rarely get close to animals but this one was special) and her kind words of sympathy were helpful.
The conversations that the whole crew had at that conference with her there and Richard were the best times I ever had on the internet and I cherish them.
I wish her Soul rest and pray for peace of mind for her Life Partner Richard.

Cheryll Jones:
Robin was so passionate about everything she did, especially in her quest to help others. She was an extraordinary person in so many ways and touched so many lives. I treasure the memories of our friendship. We all loved Robin…she is dearly missed. My deepest sympathies and prayers are with Richard and her family during this most difficult time.

Gabe Kerekes:
Please send my condolences to Richard – I am praying for his healing. I have also requested extra prayers for both Robin and Richard’s well-being.
May God bless Richard and ease his pain at this time.

Al from Forum Borealis:
This world has lost a sweet soul, an ardent dissident, and a great resource of Light. My heart goes out to Richard for this all too early demise. May her strong spirit continue to be with him in the empty days to follow. With my sincere condolences <3

Larry C:
Dear Richard,
When my grandmother passed away, I almost went crazy with grief….I didn’t realize how much I loved her until she was gone. The passage of time has eased the pain…the love never fades.

Bobby J.:
There is time for everything that happens in our lives. We should use the time we had with her to endlessly strive on to be better people. Prayers and quiet thoughts matter not unless we fully embrace what she gave us each and every day. That will make it a life well lived.

Damon Uebel:
Richard my Thoughts and Prayers to You and your Family at this Difficult Time,…Robin is amongst the Stars !

Mike Sherrer:
Many years ago – I sent a FB pm to Robin having heard in discrete media that she was dealing with bowel cancer and since my father had passed during a surgical rescue attempt of his late stage bowel cancer. She gave me interesting insight into her own personal information.
Very recently, I saw her being interviewed by Kerry Cassidy on a live Project Camelot. I could tell something was not right. She spoke passionately and with great empathy to help others even to the point I noticed her tiring but it was subtle. Tonight, her image came into my mind and concerned I decided to search her on Google and this link appeared. Condolences to Richard and all family, she will be missed. She sincerely cared about others.

Steven Lee Hanson:
Let it not be said that the therapies Robin used to fight her cancer have been a mistake – after all she lived for years after her diagnosis. The process of carcinogenesis – both initiation and promotion – may begin in the cells while still in even in childhood – long before her symptomatic manifestation = decades before she practiced natural therapies. Here is a message from Robin to Richard………
Remember, Dear Richard, as you pass me by,
In the human form you now exist, once did I.
In the form I am now, you shall someday be,
So live your human life without me abundantly.
Love, Robin

This is a heartbreaking loss Richard and I offer my deepest sympathy. I was listening in 1999 on Art Bell and recall how important Robin was in saving your life. And then she became your life partner. Life gives and takes in mysterious ways. I am so sorry that she had to leave you now… may you carry on with your mission with strength through her memory and love.

Donald R Gagné:
So very sorry for your loss Mr Hoagland. Loosing a life long partner, confidante and lover is a terrible life altering event. I offer prayers in support of you and your loved ones.

My deepest sympathies … Robin was a bright star… now in a different orbit … but forever shining bright….

Greg Stierley:
Hi Richard,
So sorry for your loss. I saw Robin whenever you were doing lectures out in Los Angeles and I could tell she was always looking out for you.
We are all supporting you and God Bless!

Rudy Guerrero:
Admittedly, I don’t know y’all; I never spoke to or met your lovely wife, but it hurt my heart when I read that she had passed. I’m so sorry dear Brother; I just want to send my heartfelt condolences, and would like to let you know that all the good energy, good thoughts and prayers I can muster are being sent to you and yours in this difficult time. (My best friend was a redhead; they’re special people and when I first saw Robin on YouTube, I thought she was absolutely STUNNING!) Hang in there, Mr. Richard! You are much loved.

Laura Ann:
I just heard the news and I am totally devastated beyond words at the moment. Robin and I go back before the show started and we always connected on a deep soul level. I loved her so much but I had no idea she was sick. My deepest condolences go out to Richard and her entire family for such a great loss. Fly free and rest now sweet, strong Robin. You, dear soul will be forever missed and never forgotten, great lady ?.

My heart goes out to you, Richard, on your great loss of your life partner. May you feel grace, love, and peace knowing that her life was well lived. Love & blessings to you.

Michael Spiteri:
Dear Mr. Hoagland, I’m so sorry to hear about your recent loss. Robin, whom I never met help me out more than once with the website. I was very impressed with her kindness. I could just tell it was a natural thing with her. Hang in there sir. Your message is still very very important.

Richard, she saved your life, then became your best friend. I still remember the shows when Art would update the audience each night on your progress. Also remember when you told the story of your angel with the aspirin. Love.

Brien Foerster:
Very sorry to hear this Richard.
All the best from Peru.

Karen L.:
Bless you Robin for the person you are, and all you have done in making this world a better place. Bless you Richard for what you have to bear in your grief. I wish you comfort.

Alin Almasan:
I’m very sorry for your loss.
I’ll have you in my prayers Richard.

Tedd St. Rain
“GIVE ‘EM HELL”, Robin!!!

Laura Rapchak:
I cannot express how sorry I am for the loss of beautiful Robin. Just know that she is right next to you, even though you can’t see her. She will never leave you, ever.

Lily Diamond:
While the media mourns the loss of a mediocre sitcom personality, a TRUE trail-blazer in the field of Holistic choice advances has passed away. Dr. Robin Falkov was a dynamic professional who led the way to new approaches to patient and animal Rights. She was a brilliant mind and will be terribly missed. I had the pleasure to speak with her years ago when she noticed my posts and activism. She called and we talked for 2 hours. A very gracious act and an amazing woman I never forgot. <3 <3 <3

David Paterno:
Richard I am truly sorry about the loss of your partner in life Robin.
God bless you in the days and years ahead. I am sure she would want you to carry on your work.
God bless and take care.

Donna Griffin:

Tell Mr. Hoagland that he always has my love and support. My heart breaks for him. Also tell him that he is not alone. That also goes for the rest of the OSOM crew and Dr. Falkov’s other family members as well. I believe that she is up there with Art, Ramona, and Moralla(sp?) watching over all of us. And if you all have to take time off from the show we will understand. Take all the time you need. We will be here when you are ready to return with open and loving arms. Take care of yourselves and each other. I wish there was more I could say or do to help.


So very sorry to hear of Robin’s passing.
I’ll keep you all in my prayers & I think of you often.

I first heard about Robin when Richard credited her with practically saving his life. From that moment on, I knew this Wonder Woman was someone special.
To learn that she had cancer, yet spent time helping others — how amazing is that!

Marc J Custer:
I had become acquainted with Robin through a friend into holistic medicine. I’ll never forget my “you’re that Robin. The one Richard talks about” moment. Ah, the ole radio podcast days without video. A true crusader for truth. I feel blessed to have had her in my life, even if it was just on the web. She was and always will be a blessed soul.

Alex Koffman:
Robin was a classy and wonderful women, she will be missed!

I subscribed to The Other Side Of Midnight, on the suggestion of Joseph Farrell, as soon as Richard began the show, and because of the time shift. I quickly discovered that his partner was Dr Robin Falkov : I seem to recall that she filled in for him once or twice in TOSOM. I never had the time to listen to her show, but I browsed her website : having cured myself for decades with homeopathy, going deeper in alternative medicines, I admired her work. I wanted to be able to know her better, exchange ideas on new alternative therapeutic techniques. This won’t happen in this Universe. Hopefully later/elsewhere ?
Richard, having had myself various losses among my loved ones these years, you have my warmest support during this ordeal.

May you be lifted up in spirit and song.Prayers for all❤
Angels among us

So sorry to hear of her passing. I’m sure that at this moment she is unlocking all the secrets of the universe.

Sigrid Stephenson
Oh my God, Mr. H. I’m SO sorry. I had no idea. Please let me know if I can ever help in any way. She was loved so very much… as are you. I know you two ARE so close. What a huge loss.  ?

So sorry for your loss Richard. She’ll be watching from above. Seems like a wonderful woman.

Hugh Ross:
I am praying that you will receive comfort and wisdom from God and friends as you process the loss of your life partner.

Jerry Cullins:
SALUTE Robin and farewell! RCH my CONDOLENCES!

So sorry for your loss.

Dave Distler:
So sorry my friend

Carolyn Jones:
My deepest condolences to you and your family, relatives and a host of friends and well wishers, So Sorry for your loss, She May have departed this earthly plain but she’s there in spirit by your side always watching over you, Don’t feel so sad, That glorious day will soon come When We can see our loved ones again.

Donald Campfield:
I am so very sorry for your loss, Richard. A ‘virtual hug’ to you tonight across many miles from one of your numerous fans.

35 Comments so far:

  1. Ra Castaldo says:

    My deepest condolences to you and for Robin yo find her was to a successful new beginning on her Cosmic journey,  until you both meet again…..

  2. Jenniferhall says:

    What a goddess! Absolutely perfect and beautiful

  3. Maggie Johnson says:

    Robin, I miss you SO MUCH … John died yesterday and today is the day you passed … I miss you .. tears fall down …

  4. Keith Perry says:

    Still missing her…

  5. Charlie Linville says:

    I shall never forget the kindness and acknowledgments of Robin and Richard when my wife Diana was nearing her end of mortality ten years ago in july 2011. I learned much from Robin and her guests. And thank you Richard! Bless you both always and forever. 

  6. Jay says:

    Condolences. To lose a life partner, what can anyone say. Blessings on you. May you feel her love always even though she is not in the body

  7. Michael Sherrer says:

    I had just a small amount of FACEBOOK PM conversation with Robin, mainly about Bowel Cancer as it took away both of my parents.  She was more than gracious. This was one she sent that I hold special: “no prob– have a great one. Always appreciate that you think of me 🙂 “. Condolences toyou, Richard in 2021.

  8. I watched Dr. Robin for the first time today on the George Noory, show, Beyond Belief. I was interested in her red light machine so I went to look her up, and did not know that she was on a very old showing. 
    Iam so sorry to learn that she has passed on.  She appeared to still be so young and still as a dr. and someone who has taken good care of her health by taking charge by changing her life style. May I ask what it was that took her from this life? I hope she did not suffer before crossing over.
    Iam sorry for your loss and for her patients.
    Andrea Brooks, Hayden Idaho

  9. Arthur says:

    -A Wonderful woman. 
    Very loving
    Very Caring
    Bright, Energetic, Brilliant
    Always in our hearts.
    Thank you, Dear Robin

  10. Michael says:

    My deepest condolences Richard. I have met Robin at Burning Man many years ago. What an interesting and outstanding person. <3 Michael

  11. Steve Ubaney says:

    I just learned of Robin’s passing and I am incredibly sad. Robin was an angel and I will  always miss our talks. She was the first person to interview me her show. 

  12. Charlie says:


  13. Steven Mensh says:

    Eternal Blessings to Robin & Richard. Enterprise Misson continues ! 

  14. Barbara Honegger says:

    I did not have the privilege of meeting Robin.  
    That She was so loved by Richard is all I need to know to know that She was a truly wonderful Human Being.  Blessings  to You Both and Know that You ARE Together.  

  15. Ernie Justice says:

    My Deepest condolences, Richard. So very sorry to hear this, bless her in crossover to other realms.

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