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Trump Administration Suddenly Announces
Return of American Astronauts to the Moon …
Before End of President Trump’s Second Term!

Find Out “Why” Here:

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The Presidential Briefing



Our Guest, Christopher Loring Knowles will take us back in time to the Disclosure situation in the 1940s, specifically the work of people like Vannevar Bush and the work done at Bell Labs, but also the efforts of people like Herbert Knowles, Donald Keyhoe and NICAP but also the work of people like Andrija Puharich…and many more and how this all ties into our Disclosure project and the role of pop culture, the connections between Disclosure and the Las Vegas Shootings, Oumuamua and the “Project Blue Book” TV series and its connections to Steven Spielberg’s “Taken.”


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Show Items

Christopher’s Items:


1 — Herbert Knowles- UFOlogy



2 — Herbert Knowles USS Heywood



3 — Chris Carter



4 — Federation Council- Starfleet Admirals



5 — Transistor, post-Roswell technology



6 — Cadmus (Lucent) and the Well of Mars (Roswell)



7 — Vannevar Bush



8 — This a montage of the chevron UFO that hovered over my neighborhood for a very long time back in Feb 2017



9 — Admiral Hill Norton



10 — Nimitz Encounters



11 — Star Trek- California homeless



11 —



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Christopher Loring Knowles

Chris-KnowlesWebsite: The Secret Sun

Christopher Loring Knowles is the author of the Eagle Award-winning “Our Gods Wear Spandex: The Secret History of Comic Book Heroes”, co-author of “The Complete X-Files: Behind the Series, the Myths, and the Movies” and “The Secret History of Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Mysterious Roots of Modern Music”. He was an associate editor and columnist for the five-time Eisner Award-winning Comic Book Artist magazine, as well as a writer and reviewer for the UK magazine, Classic Rock.

He has appeared on ABC’s 20/20 and VH1’s “Metal Evolution” and several radio shows including “Mancow in the Morning”, “National Public Radio” and the “Voice of America”. He has also appeared in several documentaries such as “Wonder Woman: Daughter of Myth and The Man”, “The Myth: Superman”. He was invited to lecture on science fiction, mysticism and mythology at the legendary Esalen Institute at Big Sur, California in 2008 and 2009. He blogs regularly on The Secret Sun


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Kynthea is the Co-Founder of Global Peace Media,  Co-Host/Producer of "The Other Side of the News" and previous Producer for "The Other Side of Midnight." 

She collaborates with pioneers of the future to create thought-provoking shows that serve as a catalyst for change to bring about a better world for all. Kynthea brings a broad insight to the discussion of the emergence of Universal Consciousness.

Together with Richard C. Hoagland, she studied the first Cydonia photos from Mars and helped organize the early Mars investigation and spear-headed several Mars Rallys at JPL in Pasedena, California. She was the first to sculpt the incredibly controversial Face on Mars...followed by numerous sequential sculptures as new data continued to arrive.

Kynthea continues to support and contribute to the on-going planetary/Mars investigations with the Enterprise Mission Imaging Team, her interest and research of Martian anomalies spans nearly 40 years.

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  1. EdwardKohout says:

    It will be great to have you back on thr air, Richard!!  (We’re glad you took the time off that you needed, though.)

    • Brandon says:

      Can’t wait for your return Richard! I listen to reruns of you and Mr. Bell just about EVERY single night. BIG fan of your proposed claims about the various artifically constructed monuments found throughout our solar system and hope more people begin to learn that nature doesn’t leave behind perfect geometry.

      Would absolutely love to have a conversation with you one day, would be amazing.

      Also, I want to extend my condolences for the passing of your wife. I’m sure she was an incredible person, I was quite sad for you the day I found out.

      Can’t wait for you to return. I believe coming back will be a great thing for YOU. 🙂

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