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My guest tonight, John Hogue, is a recognized prophecy expert — and author of 48 books worldwide, printed in 21 languages. 

John will take us through the controversial 16th century prophecies of Nostradamus “in the clear,” about a possible war with Iran — waged by the West — that could be the catalyst of World War III … if these warnings aren’t addressed, faced and understood, so that this “very bad future” can be avoided.

No destiny is written in stone, Nostradamus believed (and proved, by his “history of the future” — that takes us from the year 1555 AD all the way to 3797 AD and beyond”), even hinting at humanity’s next step  … becoming a true “extraterrestrial civilization.” 

In three hours tonight, we will take a journey through a potentially dreadful future of “a war with Iran” — with locations named and battles described — that could spread a fire across the entire Middle Eastern region like the one we narrowly avoided (!) just a few days ago, when the US president (at the literal last minute!) pulled US bombers back to their carriers …. 

The danger is still very real, and Hogue will use his expertise in Political Astrology (reading the world) to pinpoint the next danger points in near-future time.

What are the apocalyptic visions of Islamic “seers” saying about these events?

It’s an important and unaddressed question by the West, one that’s fundamental to understanding what could come next in this slow-motion crisis — which, in Islam, is as “apocalyptically driven” as it is in the highest levels of the Trump cabinet, which contains such pubic “Christian dominionists” as Sec. of State Mike Pompeo and Vice-President Mike Pence. 

Join us ….

Richard C. Hoagland

Trump Administration Suddenly Announces
Return of American Astronauts to the Moon …
Before End of President Trump’s Second Term!

Find Out “Why” Here:

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The Presidential Briefing




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John’s Items:


1- Book: The War with Iran—Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypsehttp://www.amazon.com/Nostradamus-Iran-Islamic-Prophecies-Apocalypse-ebook/dp/B00FOHP30G/



2- Book: ANTHONY BOURDAIN and the Choice Between Mundane or Spiritual Suicide: A Personal Reflection by John Hoguehttps://www.amazon.com/Anthony-Bourdain-Between-Mundane-Spiritual-ebook/dp/B07STH3LL3/


Fast links to Items : John
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John Hogue

John Hogue

John Hogue is author of over 1,200 articles and 48 published books (1,200,000 copies sold) spanning 21 languages. He has predicted the winner of every US Presidential Election by popular vote since 1968, giving him a remarkable 13 and 0 batting average. Hogue is a world-renowned expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus and other prophetic traditions. He claims to focus on interpreting the world’s ancient-to-modern prophets and prophecies with fresh eyes, seeking to connect readers with the shared and collective visions of terror, wonder and revelation about the future in a conversational narrative style. Hogue says the future is a temporal echo of actions initiated today. He strives to take readers “back to the present” empowering them to create a better destiny through accessing the untapped potentials of free will and meditation.


Fast links to Items : John
Fast links to Bios :  John


5 Comments so far:

  1. Renegade Prophet says:

    Hogue knows nothing about prophecy. The Bible tells everything thats going to happen if one reads it and ignores everything the lying churches say. America is the Mountains of Israel and it will be destroyed in WW3 exactly like this:
    The day of the next false flag with the nuke the criminal bastard governmentstole in 2007 and
    blamed on Iran, America will be annihilated by Russia, China and the
    SCO. This is the war of Armageddon and you can know it is now because of
    Planet X and the chemtrails that hide it every day globally for the past
    two decades. Planet X will end that war when it rips the earth apart
    again but 90% of Americans will be dead by then. All planned by your
    completely evil criminal bastard government and their evil alien masters.

  2. don k johnson says:

    Trump will quit, Pence will pardon him for everything he has done. tRump gets out free and clear, like he always has.
    The rapes of the 2 girls, 12 and 13,  will never come to light in the main press.
    Or he may flee to Russia after he loses the election.

  3. DouglasHillenbrand says:

    Great  show so informative , I have listened to sections again  and again. This shows why these recordings are so valuable,  they open your mind. Richard you showed great restraint in letting the speaker talk , when you wanted to ask questions. I normally like this style as they get frustrated when  thier thoughts are interrupted. But this time you needed more time. ?

  4. Jon Womack says:

    How does the 2012 alignment figure into Mr. Hogue’s scenario if at all?

  5. leon says:

    Jeremiah 49:38, iran destroyed, Nostradamus is scam. There is no year 3797. 2035 is the year 6001 from Adam.

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