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While Richard recovers from the Flu.

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Trump Administration Suddenly Announces
Return of American Astronauts to the Moon …
Before End of President Trump’s Second Term!

Find Out “Why” Here:

Click on Image for
The Presidential Briefing




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Show Items

Richard’s Items:

1- Space Weather News for June 28, 2019

SUNSET SOLAR ECLIPSE: Residents of Chile and Argentina are about to witness a rare total eclipse of the sun. On July 2, 2019, the new Moon will pass across the solar disk, creating a black hole in the sky just before sunset in the two South American countries. The path of totality cuts across ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile and barely misses the center of Buenos Aires in Argentina. Visit for timetables, animated maps, and links to live webcasts of the event.



2- How the Total Solar Eclipse Will Affect You, Based on Your Sign –



3- Eclipses and Your July Monthly Horoscope –



4- U.S. Navy patents theoretical ship that bends physics to speed through air, water, and space | Daily Mail Online



5- We’re Going to Titan! Dragonfly Drone Will Explore Saturn’s Biggest Moon – Sky & Telescope


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Charlie ‘s Items:


1- Only PVC Pyramids









4- Alternative photo of Charlie taken inside the pyramid in Moscow.








7- Charlie will be speaking at a retreat. It is put on by the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement based in India. Pyramid meditation is the focus.

Cosmic Reset & Retreat | Aug 2-4, 2019 | Madison, VA |

Other Side of Midnight listeners can use coupon code “SAVE100” to receive $100 off their admission.



8-  Hieroglyph from the Temple of Karnak. It seems to indicate the Egyptians knew of the 76.345 degree slant angle pyramid (same as the Russian), even though they used the 76.345 degree angle as the apex angle of the Giza pyramid.



9- Anatoly Akimov article on passive torsion generators,
and how Charlie got it

The major breakthrough for me was reading the following article from Anatoly Akimov, that demonstrates that “if bodies [in this case a cone, which can be viewed as a pyramid with an infinite number of sides] have geometric dimensions with fulfillment of the golden section[phi], then they can play the role of concentrators of the spinor field”. I have attached a screenshot of the title of the article, as well as a link to the article on my website.

I forgot that in the newer version of my powerpoint presentation I sent you, I had “sanitized” the whole story of my difficulties in obtaining the article, which may be an interesting anecdote to discuss on air.

In summary, I knew of the article through David Wilcock’s research, but wanted to get my own copy. I went to my local library to see if I could get the article via inter-library loan. A few days later, they called me and said that two US sources, one of which was the Library of Congress, both had the article, and both indicated they would provide it within a few days. After waiting for two weeks, I started calling the librarian once a week for a status update, but the librarian did not have anything to report. After 7 weeks of waiting, and now too late to include in my presentation at Conscious Life Expo, I was told that suddenly BOTH sources could no longer “find” the article and therefore they could not supply a copy to me. The librarian ultimately had to go to London to get me a copy!



10- Charlie’s office chair



11- Russian pyramid



12- Pyramid as the vortex point of creation inside of a torus



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Charlie Ziese

Websites:  Pyramid Science Foundation
                  & Stargate Pyramids
Facebook page: @stargatepyramids
Youtube Channel: Stargate Pyramids
Link to Charlie’s Slide Presentations and Information Sources:

Charlie first got interested in Russian pyramids three years ago while watching David Wilcock’s “Wisdom Teachings” series. Amazed at the extensive scientific pyramid research compiled by some of Russia’s leading scientists, and finding no Russian pyramids available for sale, he set out to make pyramids for his own use and research. After verifying a number of research projects he could directly undertake and noticing tremendous personal health improvements, Russian Geometry Pyramids became an all-consuming passion.

He was drawn to the science and mathematics driving pyramid function, and dedicated his efforts both to the study and dissemination of scientific information on pyramids as well as to designing a practical and reasonably priced Russian Geometry pyramid for individual use.

Charlie is currently producing a series on his YouTube page entitled the “Fundamentals of Pyramid Science” where he brings together the fields of torsion physics, Sacred Geometry, Shape Power/Biogeometry, Cosmometry, meditation and spirituality.

He recently completed a 20-part video series on “The Russian Pyramid Research”, which details the extraordinary results achieved in the areas of health, agriculture, environmental remediation and materials science.

Earlier this year, he developed a totally new theory on the Sacred Geometry of Russian pyramids, a topic which has been the subject of confusion and misunderstanding in the West. Based upon his calculations, the Sacred Geometry of these pyramids is based upon the Phi Spiral and the Phi Scaling Angle. This geometry uniquely brings the fourth dimension of Space/Time into the pyramid’s geometry, which he believes is the driving force behind their amazing capabilities. Through his research he also uncovered fascinating correlations between the Giza and Russian pyramid geometries.

An avid meditator, Charlie is also quite interested in the science behind pyramid meditation, and believes the effectiveness of Russian pyramids in hastening manifestations, enhancing creativity, remote healing and interdimensional contact is a direct result of the unique geometry of these pyramids. He will be speaking in August on these topics at the upcoming Cosmic Reset Retreat sponsored by the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement, a pyramid meditation group based in India that is bringing their teachings to America for the first time.

He is part of a team that is in the early stages of establishing a non-profit foundation to study the health, environmental, agricultural, and materials science effects of pyramids.

A former Wall Street former investment banker, he was one of the primary architects who developed the structure for mortgage-backed securities in the 1970s. The economic devastation brought about by this financial product in 2008 motivated his career transition to one more beneficial to mankind.

Charlie received his BA and MBA degrees from Dartmouth College.


Fast links to Items : Richard  -  Charlie
Fast links to Bios :  Charlie


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  1. Scott says:

    Haven’t listened to this yet. But I will say, Charlie has a youtube video on how to build your own pyramid. Gives detailed instructions including a list of the exact materials needed including sku numbers. He also has another video reviewing other people who make pyramids, and tells which one he thinks is the best, if you don’t want to purchase his product. Can’t really say he is focused on money given those facts.

  2. Ticked Off says:

    This show seemed like a three hour infomercial

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