Trump Administration Suddenly Announces
Return of American Astronauts to the Moon …
Before End of President Trump’s Second Term!

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1-  Huge Power Outage Hits NYC on Anniversary of Infamous 1977 Blackout

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Born in Liverpool England who found out early in life things were not as was being told, we world seemed upside down to me, my opinions were different to most others, I had a healthy interest in UFO's have witnessed and experienced events as a young child and from adulthood onwards.

This led me onto the internet in mid 1990's and searching for knowledge on UFO's which led me down the rabbit hole and into many fields of knowledge.

In 2002 I moved to Florida and I have been in America ever since.

The turning point for why I am involved as I am now, was attending a conference in Irvine California in 2011 called Awake and Aware, a who is who event of all the known names of the alt media, including Richard who I spoke to at the bar briefly, that show ended rather lively as Richard will attest to lol

I came away thinking I have to do something with all my learned knowledge and my own knowledge and experiences.

This led me to taking part in social media for the first time and I joined a group called Universal Voice, which morphed into Cosmic Voice, and subsequently my own show Truth, Honor and Integrity since May 2016.

Our show covers many topics from ancient, history, banking, extra and non terrestrial life, psychology, shadow and inner work, how to avoid being targeted or psychic attacked and much more.


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  1. Addendum Twenty years would be divisable by four – same leap year cycle year!!!! Making calculations MUCH more accurate!!!!!!

  2. Richard, Was the day that Robin MIRACULOUSLY transported the artifact to you 3/9/2019 exactly 20 years from the day that the Coast to Coast family MIRACULOUSLY used hyperdimensional healing to heal your heart? I would be interested in the exact times of these two events if this is true. (Twenty “sun cycles”) I would like to calculate 20 sidereal vs.calendar vs. tropical years 7304.84 days tropical – 7306.1272 days sidereal. I’m going for a time lock. If I’m totally wrong on this, just delete the post. Sorry if I.m wrong. Steven from Florida.

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