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Trump Administration Suddenly Announces
Return of American Astronauts to the Moon …
Before End of President Trump’s Second Term!

Find Out “Why” Here:

Click on Image for
The Presidential Briefing


The Untold History of Russia and the World — According to Russian Academician, Nicolai Levashov …

Tonight is going to be a VERY controversial show.

My guest, Thomas Williams, is going to take us through a fascinating, essentially unknown panorama of ancient and modern Russian history … ultimately, rewriting everything we think we know about the World itself — all emanating from the voluminous research and published works of Russian Academician, Nicolai Levashov (1961-2012).

Levashov is perhaps the most remarkable Russian you have NEVER HEARD about — a theoretical physicist by training, Levashov was actually a modern 21st Century “Renaissance Man.” His decades of writings and research encompassed not only revolutionary (but now scientifically confirmed) ideas in astrophysics and cosmology, but also hidden planetary history, and even a personal journey into the highly controversial field of “healing energies.”

Join us … as we explore the uniquely Russian Universe of Nicolai Levashov ….

Richard C. Hoagland



Show Items

Richard’s Items:

1- Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missiles Are a Terrible Idea. Russia’s Test Explosion Shows Why



2-Elon Musk doubled down on his theory on why nuking Mars would be a good idea



3- Update on India’s Chandrayaan-2 moon mission |





5-  Trump confirms he’s interested in buying Greenland


Thomas’ Items:







THI website is:



16 Comments so far:

  1. Gurudatt says:

    Great Show Richard. Good to hear you mention about Chandrayan 2 which is going to land tonight at around 2am Indian Standard Time. That would be around 4.40 PM EST in the US. Incidentally our prime minister Modi will be watching the live telecast along with bunch of school kids. Seems very exciting event to follow.
    Meanwhile, Thomas I had serependity when you mentioned about the human being source of energy and each one has super powers such as healing.
    I agree completely as I have experimented with this myself and my journey is explained in my book Neu Spiritual Science
    William if this sounds interesting please connect my email is [email protected]

  2. RobertBright says:

    Richard: “like the tywilthnarawans”
    Thomas: Yes
    Me: Very loud laughter

  3. Kate Guyotte says:

    Please just let your guest talk without so many interruptions , I feel he had so much more to say.

  4. H P WHITFIELD says:

    potentially interesting show ; but the guest, and his dialogue is not possible to follow , as too many unexplained jumps in his explanations and discussion points, despite Richards attempts to build a coherent basis for the story. he has a lot of information but has not set each topic in a time line and fuller picture of the events and forces involved.

  5. Sam says:

     Why don’t you be quiet and let Thomas talk 

  6. garius says:

    Tom sounds like Grumio out of plebs, TV series.

  7. Derek says:

    I love portals and stargates linking the cosmos, hence the ‘ley line portal grid’ theory I’ve mentioned.. but I’m not sure about the rest of his model haha

  8. garius says:

    One can literally hear his mind concocting this story. The sad thing is, he believes himself.

  9. Derek says:

    I’m not resonating with this model haha great interview though, very cool!

  10. Ken Morris says:

    Please let your Guest Thomas Williams Talk for more that just a few 10’s of seconds. You keep saying stop. Please stop the curve balls. Let him finish a subject. What did your Dad do??? Stop Please. K

  11. SymynyshynSculptureStudios says:

    by William Warren
    500+pages on PDF
    “Evidence of Ancient Civilizations at the NORTH POLE”  

  12. MrBlack says:

    Why on Earth does Richard always play the kind of bumper music that I need to plug my ears for? Where does he get this headache-inducing music from? It always reminds me of when an ambulance or fire truck goes by and I have to shove two fingers in my ears far enough to touch each other to keep my head from exploding. Ok, just wondered is all. Has Richard ever heard of Bob Dylan or soft elevator instrumentals?
    BTW Trump isn’t Trump. It’s a crazy Alien parasite that crawled up inside that skinsuit? When are you going to figure that out? (grins) We should NUK that Planet it came from especially if there are more like that thing ready to invade Earth. (if they are not already here?) 

  13. Marilee NiEtain says:

    Hopefully Richard and his listeners will hold TW’s feet to the fire and insist on accurate citation and sourcing of the materials he has “borrowed” his material from. Will speak loudly as to Richard’s authorship ethics.

    • Tom says:

      to ask for and demand propper sourcing when using quoted info or claims that should be backed up with some background knowledge for further research is always a good practice only those with something to hide would object if the source for his claims is a fraud then let it be known if the source of his claims does not see things in the same way as mr Williams then allow for an open debate heck nobody is required to see things in the same way as mr Williams nor in the same way as his unknown source just that this allows for the start of a free and open debate

  14. Addendum Twenty years would be divisable by four – same leap year cycle year!!!! Making calculations MUCH more accurate!!!!!!

  15. Richard, Was the day that Robin MIRACULOUSLY transported the artifact to you 3/9/2019 exactly 20 years from the day that the Coast to Coast family MIRACULOUSLY used hyperdimensional healing to heal your heart? I would be interested in the exact times of these two events if this is true. (Twenty “sun cycles”) I would like to calculate 20 sidereal vs.calendar vs. tropical years 7304.84 days tropical – 7306.1272 days sidereal. I’m going for a time lock. If I’m totally wrong on this, just delete the post. Sorry if I.m wrong. Steven from Florida.

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