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Trump Administration Suddenly Announces
Return of American Astronauts to the Moon …
Before End of President Trump’s Second Term!

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Tonight my guest — science-fiction writer, Jonathan Womack — will explore with me a range of extraordinary ideas, that for most might seem to belong in the pages of a Sci-Fi novel, but are actually born of his own personal experiences.


The reality (and significance) of Jonathan’s own Out Of Body Experiences through Space and Time ….We’ll also be exploring the even more extraordinary possibility that key, well-known Sci-Fi writers may not be “making the future up” at all … but simply retelling the stories of their own past lives … lived out–In those “sci-fi-like” futures!

Join us … for a unique, literally “back to the Future” conversation ….

Richard C. Hoagland



Fast links to Items : Richard  -  Jonathan
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Show Items

Richard’s Items:


1- Vikram had hard landing, NASA releases high-resolution images of Chandrayaan 2 landing site



2- SpaceX Finishes Assembling New Starship Prototype (Photo)



3- Starship 4



4- Starship-Musk-sunset-Bonestell-comp​



5- Venus was ‘once like Earth until climate disaster turned it into a hell planet’


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Jonathan’s Items:


1- Jonathan’s parents



2- Iapetus



3- Mimas death star



4- Phobos monolith



5- The Paradise Syndrome



6- Luke landspeeder



7- Pia16105​ : Curiosity : ​Layers at the Base of Mount Sharp



8- Sand crawler



9- Pia 16105 sand crawler



10- Superman crest



11- WF-PIA10210-CUTS



12- WF-PIA10210-CUTS with arrows



13- Tunguska Tesla Tower



14- OBE cover art



15- Host jon womack​



16- Some of Jon’s Gale Crater anomalies



17- OBE Show preview



18- Captain Womack – Starfleet


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Jonathan Womack


   Jonathan Womack began leaving his body in the fall of 1965, answering psychic distress calls from people and spirits. Jonathan cut his Samaritan teeth on comic books and cartoons such as Space Ghost, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, Shazan and Mighty Mightor, as well as Sci Fi classics, Star Trek and Star Wars.
In school, Jonathan grew accustomed to being the smartest kid in class(and the most bullied), excelling in geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, physics and chemistry. He graduate high school with a double major in math and science and a minor in English Literature.
With ideas of one day becoming a scientist or university professor, Jonathan attended his first year of college at Depauw University on a full scholarship but soon grew disillusioned, getting kicked out of school during his second semester due to conflicts with teachers. He left Depauw with dreams of Spirograph mathematics and Platonic solids, always seeing 3D science through the lens of the spirit world.
Moving back home, Jonathan entered the work force, toiling in factory jobs and learning trades as he continued his astral explorations. In the late 70’s Jonathan discovered Robert Monroe’s book Journey’s Out of the Body and realized he was no longer alone. Star Fire by Ingo Swann, was another influential book that motivated Jonathan to explore beyond the solar system.
Jonathan moved to the Boston area in 1983 where he worked as an IT/Media Tech and Licensed Electronic Technician. He spent ten years training in the martial arts, developing his techniques and chi.
Jonathan is a life long musician, picking up the guitar at age 9 and playing French Horn and trumpet in high school band.
Today, Jonathan enjoys 3D modeling and animation, video/audio editing and producing content for streaming platforms. Episodes of OBE out of body experience and other shows are available on Roku, Paraflixx, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Prime Video, Google Play, Chromecast, IOS and Android. He is the author of four superhero adventure novels and is currently at work on the sequel to Ram I Am titled, The Dolphinius Effect.


Fast links to Items : Richard  -  Jonathan
Fast links to Bios :  Jonathan


13 Comments so far:

  1. cam says:

    yes… you have a lot to learn. … but i enjoy how you challenge your teachers !

  2. MrBlack says:

    I’d like to add one more thing here. Richard, just because it ‘doesn’t make any sense’ to you ‘now’, does not mean there is no sense to it or that it doesn’t make sense to others.
    The egg beater thing, for example, makes perfect sense to me as it was something you needed to find, for whatever reason. I’ve had many experiences of things appearing litterally out of nowhere and I literally trip over something that I NEEDED and I attribute them to some unseen source that watches over me and provides what I NEED, not what I WANT, but what I NEED for whatever reason. They will NOT make me a millionaire because I don’t need that. That’s something I want not NEED. There’s a big difference. 
    My life was saved by a yell in my ear when I was about 10 years old. The voice said RUN… RUN NOW! And I ran and that saved my life from being murdered as a 10-year-old. It wasn’t MY TIME TO DIE back then. So don’t say things like this don’t make any sense. They make perfect sense to me.
    You have become so jaded by your loss. I hope you can recover from this Richard but I fear your heart is so angry and so broken that recovery may not happen and perhaps it’s a lesson you are meant to learn here on 3D Earth.
    I’m sorry for your loss Richard. I hope you can re-open your mind to other realities, despite your pain.

    • Kynthea K says:

      Apparently, Richard slept on it and came to the realization that he had not been gracious with Jon and he made a formal apology on Sunday. I have added that apology to Jon’s Saturday Show…you can click on the player to hear it.

      Warm Regards,

  3. Derek says:

    I don’t think the phone lines are working but.. 
    Richard, you’re kind of talking about Gnosticism in that the system is broken.. 
    I reconcile the Yugas by thinking of them as a Sin wave, not a circle 
    And your guest said ‘What else could they be besides God?’.. it sounds EXACTLY like ‘the shining ones phenomena’
    And I don’t agree with this model at all haha doesn’t hold up to any kind of scrutiny and honestly just seems like a 1980s version of the New Age 
    and where in Salem is that aura detector? I want to go check it out

  4. MrBlack says:

    Richard Richard Richard… When he speaks of his parents he’s referring to his spiritual parents, not his physical parents. You are confusing the issue because of your pain and suffering from Robins Death. I’ve experienced very much what he’s describing. I choose to enter this physical body to experience a preset predetermined experience and I remember that I would not be allowed to remember my previous or spiritual memories -> while in the current physical body. The only clear memory I have prior to entering my current physical baby body is that ‘I chose this experience’ and would not be able to remember my previous experiences while inhabiting my current body. I also had childhood out of body experiences and did not remember even then my spiritual memories. I asked my friend, who I was flying around the countryside with him and when I later asked him about the strange so-called dream, he was surprised and said he too had the same dream. That was when we both knew, it was not a dream! Stop confusing this issue because of your own pain, suffering and obvious ANGER over Robin being taken away from you. Where’s your clarity of thought and open-mindedness? Are you going to continue your show from now on with all this ANGER at your GOD for taking Robin away from you and lose your clarity of thought? How selfish of you Richard. Is that what Robin would want for you now? Ask yourself that question. It was Robins TIME! IT IS THAT SIMPLE!

  5. Derek says:

    Richard is doing an awesome job on this interview, I’m loving it.. keep asking questions! Haha

  6. MrBlack says:

    Richard, would you please STOP interrupting him every minute for mundane clarifications! I want to hear his story since I experienced very much the same thing and those unnecessary interruptions are driving me NUTZ. (grins) but plz STOP.

    • Geoff says:

      Thank you, I agree completely. I’m listening to the podcast of it the following morning but it’s become increasingly hard to listen to Jonathan’s story with the incessant interruptions and now open hostility on Richard’s part.

      Richard: Jonathan, come on the show and tell us your remarkable experiences that most people will think are crazy and are not true.

      Jonathan: Here’s my story and what I’ve experienced…

      Richard: That sounds crazy and can’t be true!

    • Kynthea K says:

      Apparently, Richard slept on it and came to the realization that he had not been gracious with Jon and he made a formal apology on Sunday. I have added that apology to Jon’s Saturday Show…you can click on the player to hear it.

      Warm Regards,

      • Geoff says:

        Thank you for the update, Kynthea. And thank you and Richard for doing such amazing work. We love you guys.

  7. ChristineCalo says:

    Look forward to tunning in tomorrow am Richard.  Good luck with the show, it looks really interesting. Ruggero

  8. Feel better soon and warmest wishes and speed re cov! 🙂

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