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Ok, here’s part of the puzzle of the “Macintosh Stone” ….

One day in the mid-80’s, a mineral collector in northern Michigan named Charlie Macintosh was working a cliff about 50 feet above Lake Superior; as usual, he put the good stones he dug out of the dirt in a bag and, once back home, began giving them a much-needed cleaning, before he began polishing ….

Then, he stopped.

One of the smaller stones … about the width of two dimes — like a million others Charlie had picked up all the years before — was different–

It was covered in tiny “hieroglyphics!”

Thus began a major mystery–

What was a tiny, ancient-looking “amulet” — a carved stone covered in what appeared to be Middle Eastern “writing” — doing, half-buried — across thousands of years, and an equal number of miles — on the shores of one of the Great Lakes?

Join me, and my guest tonight — travel writer and citizen archaeologist, Ron Rademacher–

For … as Paul Harvey used to say — “the REST of the story ….”

Richard C. Hoagland


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Richard’s Items:


1-  Is Political Change Coming To China?



2-American woman, 83, tests positive for coronavirus after disembarking Holland America ship



3- The first person to see the ‘Pale Blue Dot’ image still has it stashed in her closet



4- How a space snowman called Arrokoth is shedding new light on planetary origins



5-  Watch the Moon Occult Mars Before Sunrise on February 18th – Sky & Telescope


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Ron’s Items:

Click on Images to Enlarge

1 – Dime for Scale – shows actual size of the artifact and actual color.



2 – Spider – the way the stone was viewed – spider refers to how the cartouche on the left was interpreted.



3 – Men – is the same side of the stone as Spider but flipped 180 degrees. This is a high res photo that revealed the human figures. The “spider” turns out to be a man in a seated position. Gray color is a side effect of the high res process.



4 – Center Men Detail – shows the hairline and face of the man in the center of #3 Men.



5. Crescent Moon – opposite side of the stone as it was usually viewed, the top cartouche on the right was interpreted as a crescent moon.



6. Boat and Bukla – #5 Crescent Moon flipped 180 degrees to reveal the Boat and Bukla.



7- Ron’s Books



8-  Dr. Barry Fell “To be thrust upon the waters…” (launching an expedition)



9-   Four Westford Knights



10- Canoe Newa



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Ron Rademacher – Newsletter

Ron is a working author with six books about travel on the back roads of Michigan in print. He has been described as an explorer, writer, storyteller and the man who holds the record for getting lost the most times on the back roads of Michigan.

Writing and storytelling is Ron’s 3rd career. He spent 16 years in the fashion industry involved in the design, manufacture and marketing of women’s shoes, bags and accessories. This work took him to all but 4 states in the U.S. and to several countries in Europe and the Orient.

Then came 10 years traveling the arts and crafts fair circuit throughout Michigan, creating and marketing rustic log and twig furniture. From those travels came the idea for Michigan Back Roads. and Ron’s other getaway web sites were visited more than 179,000 times last year. The “Travel in Michigan” Newsletter is published via email on the first of the month. Ron can be heard on 25 radio stations across Michigan each week on the Steve Gruber Show and other programs.




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Fast links to Items:  Richard  –  Ron
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3 Comments so far:

  1. Neil says:

    Major chronological confusion that needs clearing up:
    The bronze age ended roughly 1177 BC.
    The Templars were active in from the 12th to early 14th centuries AD — about a 2400 year span. There is more time between the bronze age and the Templars than between us and Julius Caesar. 

  2. H P WHITFIELD says:

    such a interesting story, the end of the copper mining in @ 1200 bc coincides with ;  1250 bc ,  is the date when the Minoan culture on Crete was wiped out by the volcanic eruption on the island now called Santorini, a bronze age sea faring civilisation which traded extensively around the med, and beyond, they traded with the tin and copper mines in western Britain. as well as other distant sites, could this be related.

  3. MrBlack says:

    I thought that face looked like Trump as well. Trump is so ‘in our faces’ every minute of every day that we are now seeing his face everywhere. Will this dark Trump matrix ever end? Please… make it end by this November! Enough is enough already!

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