My guest tonight, Sean Stone, as they say–

“Needs no introduction.”

Sean, following in the footsteps of his famous movie director father, Oliver Stone, has journalistically investigated international conspiracies for decades.

One of Stone’s analyses has focused on the students of William Yandell Elliot, Professor of Politics at Harvard through the first half of the 20th Century; Sean discovered that Dr. Elliot quietly created a virtual “kindergarten” of later (his term) “Anglo-American imperialists” — including such future foreign service “luminaries” as Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samuel P. Huntington and McGeorge Bundy.

Sean’s investigation explored the role of these key individuals in connecting the modern American national-security establishment with Britain’s infamous “Round Table Movement,” designed to ultimately re-incorporate America back into the “British Empire.”

So, what does any of this have to do with the “conspiracy theory of the day” — the current global “corona virus meltdown?”

Join us … and find out.

Richard C. Hoagland

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Richard’s Items:

1-Are we on the same trajectory as Italy in fight against #coronavirus? 


2-Why this Nobel laureate predicts a quicker coronavirus recovery: ‘We’re going to be fine’


3- Chloroquine May Fight Covid-19—and Silicon Valley’s Into It


4- Slipped Disc | Believe it: Orchestra plays Beethoven 9th from their homes



5- We love rescue stories. Why? Because they are acts of humans going above danger to save something.

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Sean’s Items:

1- New World Order: A Strategy of Imperialism, was published in 2016

New World Order: A Strategy of Imperialism

A sweeping overview of world affairs and, especially having come across the name of William Yandell Elliott, Professor of Politics at Harvard through the first half of the 20th century. Sean found that Elliott had created a kindergarten of Anglo-American imperialists amongst his students, who included Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samuel P. Huntington, and McGeorge Bundy. Upon further investigation, Sean came to understand Elliott’s own integral role, connecting the modern national-security establishment with the British Round Table Movement’s design to re-incorporate America into the British ‘empire’. Whether that goal was achieved will be left to the reader to decide. However, it cannot be denied that W.Y. Elliott’s life and intellectual history serves to demonstrate the interlocking relationship between academia, government, and big business.


2- Singularity (2008) Short film by Sean Stone

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Sean Stone

Sean Stone on IMDB -

Sean Stone's  show, Buzzsaw -

Kaya Leigh's Sacred Breath Academy -

Actor and filmmaker Sean Stone shared his thoughts on the New World Order, the JFK assassination, and his upcoming documentary "Century of War." He noted how the expansion of the conspiracy movement seems to have coincided with the growth of the Internet, as more information has become readily available to people.

Regarding secret societies like the Bilderburgers, computer hacking and hidden camera recordings may be a way to expose their hidden agenda, and corruption, he suggested. "I don't know that 9-11 is ever going to be tackled and solved from a court perspective but if we could just...chip away at the deep state and its operational ability, how things are actually run...[and] the financial element is so key to this whole thing," he added.

His documentary, Century of War (airing on RT America starting November 15th [2016]) looks at the "financialization" of the US economy and how the banks have taken over and strangled the system by putting people into a kind of "debt slavery." The film includes the work of author William Engdahl, who has cited how "petrodollar" warfare (oil and resource wars) has driven a lot of America's conflicts. The US continues to militarize in order to expand its reach of oil and other resources instead of putting money into peacetime industries, Stone remarked.


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Timothy Saunders


Timothy Saunders is a British national who grew-up near to the south coast of the United Kingdom. Positively influenced by the nearby yachting and shipping scene, he chose his ideal career path at the age of ‘ten’ when he decided to become a yacht designer. He studied Industrial Design at the coveted Coventry University and is fortunate to have been chosen by many of the world’s highly revered yacht Design Studios to work on an array of live projects of different sizes, styles and uses, during what he affectionately calls his apprenticeship years. In 1999 Timothy established his independent Design Studio and rapidly became involved in originating a new generation of Super and Megayachts ranging in size from 9-270m (30-886 ft), which gained increasing positive notoriety while exhibiting his work at the Monaco Yacht Show and other prestigious venues. Timothy will see the launch of a 90m Megayacht and a 50m Super Sail yacht later this year and says, “it is very rewarding to breathe life into these innovative projects which are ultimately positive reflections of each satisfied Owner”. Timothy Saunders Yacht Design LTD continues to evolve and develop multiple iconic custom Super and Megayacht projects for local and international clients.

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Georgia Lambert

GL face

Website: Lambert’s Lodge 

Georgia Lambert has over fifty years of experience in the field of Esoteric Studies, receiving formal training in Eastern and Western disciplines, methods and traditions. She was the first to be licensed by the State of California to teach Meditation and Esoteric Physiology, an experimental course she presented for 3 years at the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific.

In the past, she has served on the board of directors of United Health Resource, has been on the staff at the Institute for Health Facilitation for 3 years, taught for 2 years for the Institute for Advancement of Human Potential, and served on the Teaching staff of the Philosophical Research Society for 10 years, under Manly Palmer Hall. Her lecture credits include Children’s Hospital of Orange County, California State University of Fullerton, Orange Coast College, and Orange County Correctional Facility at Chino, The William Parker Holistic Health Center, The University of the Seven Rays, The Edgar Casey Foundation (A.R.E.),The Theosophical Society, Arcana Workshop, and the 1985 National Cranial Conference sponsored by the American Osteopathic Association.

In 1989, she became the first woman to address a Scottish Rite Research Group on the higher degrees of Masonry. In 1995, 1996, and 1997 she gave presentations to the Pacific Southwest Regional Conclaves of the Rosicrucian Order A.M.O.R.C., both in the USA and in Canada. In 2001, she was invited to participate in a “Think Tank” under the umbrella of an Aerospace Corporation on the subject of Science and Education, and her artwork was featured at the Education Summit for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. In England, she has given seminars for the Scientific and Medical network at St. Katherine’s College in Oxford, and for the Wrekin Trust at Regents Park College, London. Her publishing credits include articles in the British Holistic Health Journal, Caduceus, and appearances on both radio and television.


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