Historically, the Shroud of Turin is a 14th Century, roughly 14-foot-long, almost 4-foot-wide piece of preserved linen, on which faint yellowish images of the front and back of a crucified 5-foot, 7-inch male can be seen ….

It has been claimed for hundreds of years that this Middle Ages relic is, in fact, none other than the centuries-old burial shroud of “Jesus of Nazareth” — the Risen Christ!

But what does modern Science say about the Shroud’s true origins?

My guest tonight, Dr. Andrew Silverman, describes not only the latest scientific Shroud analysis — indicating that the crucified images were somehow created by a process, not only unknown in the Middle Ages, but still unknown to 21st Century Science (!) — he then explores the extraordinary human implications of Christianity’s most sacred “crucifixion artifact” — produced by “a completely unknown process” ….

Including — “where are we before we are born, and where will we be after we die?” … and “if reincarnation for Humanity is real, then why are ‘past life memories’ so rare?”

Join us ….

Richard C. Hoagland

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1-  A Burst of Conscious Light: Near-Death Experiences, the Shroud of Turin, and the Limitless Potential of Humanity    Click on Cover to Add to your Library

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The plasma bodies of the Seraphim match the
Rainbow Light Body of Tibetan Buddhism.

In his Resurrection, as in the Rainbow Light Body transformation,
the human body morphs into a plasma-like form.



3- Ezekiel saw something similar in 593 BC near Babylon,

“I looked; a stormy wind blew from the north, a great cloud with light around it, a fire from which flashes of lightning darted and in the center a sheen like bronze at the heart of the fire”

(Ezekiel 1:4).


4- Shroud Hand  –  (courtesy John Francis)

This PDF contains some recent research on the Shroud image with potentially very significant implications.  The researcher is the brilliant PhD engineer/physicist Giuseppe Maria Catalano from the “Institute of Advanced Studies of Space Representation Sciences” in Palermo, Italy. The attached paper is in English and Italian.

There is a section referring to the image processing which seems to show there was a movement of a couple of inches of the right hand of the body during the image formation process – hence a stroboscopic effect.

It has long been noted that the right hand image appears to be significantly longer than the left hand. It has been suggested this was do to some physiological abnormality. But what may actually have occurred is a movement forward of the hand during radiation causing a stroboscopic (multiple exposure) image during the burst of light.

This is relevant since Dr. Silverman has hypothesized that there was an extremely short-duration burst of light responsible for the image. If this short duration was of the order of nano seconds, micro or even milliseconds would it have been physiologically possible for a human physical hand to move a few inches during that brief interval of time? If not, then I would hypothesize that it was actually the etheric (psychic double) hand of the man that moved as its movement might not be limited to the normal speeds of physical nerve conduction.

The pdf is long and covers various image studies in addition to the hand. Page (the document itself not pdf numbers) numbers relevant to the hand movement studies are: 41, 42, 44, 78, 108,109, 111-116

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Dr. Andrew Silverman


Recognized as a leading scientific expert on the Shroud of Turin, Dr. Andrew Silverman is a medical doctor with a background in physics. For over thirty years, he has been conducting research on the mind-matter continuum, near-death experiences, and the Shroud. He has presented his findings in peer-reviewed scientific papers and at international scientific conferences. He was one of three panelists for the discussion on the nature of consciousness at the 33rd annual conference of the Society for Scientific Exploration. He lives in England.


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3 Comments so far:

  1. Jeff says:

    Church allowed only the outer strip of the shroud to be carbon tested, it is destroyed in the test, a 2″ by 1″,  the shroud was in a fire in the middle ages,  that is why it shows a carbon date of the fire, not when it was made.  Pollen found on the shroud comes only from the middle east, only in the spring!  

  2. Robert Barr says:

    The carbon dating tests that were done on the shroud (conducted by 3 different world-class labs) have established that the cloth originated in the middle ages (almost nothing your guest has said about the testing is true). They show a window of between 1260 to 1380 for the origin date. Oh, but the sample was taken from a medieval repair weave? No…no, see below. 
    The historical provenance of the shroud also strongly indicates an origin in the middle ages (a Bishop in the town where the shroud was being shown actually caught the forger). There’s literally no trace of the shroud in the historical record prior to the 14th century! (Did Christians just somehow forget about the main and most compelling proof of their god for more than a millennia??)
    Delusional supporters of authenticity keep harping on the nonsensical notion that the carbon 14 test samples were contaminated with “repair fibers,” even though the sample area was carefully inspected by textile experts before removal. (They found no repair weave at all – does anyone really think they would have missed something as obvious as that? I mean, come on!!)
    The sole piece of evidence for this poppycock notion is the Ray Rogers paper of 2005, in which he admits that he obtained his sample from a devout Catholic authenticity supporter who COULD NOT prove he got it from the actual shroud!! The only reason Rogers got his paper through peer-review is that he submitted it to a chemistry journal he had spent years on the board of previously and actually helped to found!!
    There was never any blood confirmed to be on the shroud, sorry. Just a claim by one of the STURP researchers that was never supported with evidence. Iron oxide WAS found on the shroud, but that would have been present in the commonly used pigments of the time! STURP’s work on the shroud has been astonishingly biased and out of contact with reality. Most STURP researchers, for example, continue to dismiss the perfectly valid carbon dating results, which were devastating to the authenticity argument.
    Richard, if data matter to you, you need to examine the very good skeptical analyses that have been done on the shroud, which have poked so many holes in the authenticity argument, it wouldn’t be able to hold molasses for more than a nanosecond. Here’s a good place to get started: http://talesoftimesforgotten.com/2020/02/24/sorry-the-shroud-of-turin-is-definitely-a-hoax/
    The bottom line is that the hard science that has been done on the shroud proves medieval origin, which happens to coincide with the historical record on this piece. There was NO repair weave, NO phenomenally incompetent textile experts present at the sample removal, and NO conspiracy among the scientists at the labs doing the carbon dating.
    Does the shroud contain some features that are difficult to explain? Perhaps, but that only means that we are unfamiliar with all the various methods medieval artists used to create these pieces hundreds of years ago. Nothing more. (And modern attempts at replicating the shroud image HAVE been able to reproduce the vast majority of the supposedly “miraculous” features – see “Garlaschelli”)
    To believe in the authenticity of this thing, you need to literally subscribe to an alternate reality where facts are inverted and fantasy thinking rules. 

  3. leon elshout says:

    but it is also not jesus, who had short hair. It is maybe the antichrist. 

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