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My guest tonight, professional investigator and author, Michael Feeley, comes to our discussion well-prepared ….

Says Michael:

*My background — from 17 years of law-enforcement, how I solved real-life crimes, analyzed crime scenes, and gathered evidence that ultimately convicted the perpetrator — these are all the methods I now use to piece together evidence left by the ancients for Humanity around the world … and beyond ….”

So, what has Michael’s collected “megalithic evidence” revealed?

According to my guest:

“Humans are supernatural beings, with supernatural abilities that are connected to all that is … but beings that have disconnected themselves (accidentally … deliberately?) through neural pathways of Earthly routine …

“And all the religions of the world are a metaphor for the same ancient message contained within the famous monuments and monoliths; ‘the Christ’ … ‘the Buddha’ … ‘Mohammad’… are all metaphors for what WE can become ….”

Join us — for a VERY Timeless Message … encoded in the Stones.

Richard C. Hoagland

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Fast links to Items:  Richard  –  Michael  –  John 
Fast links to Bios:    Michael  –  John 

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Richard’s Items:

1. Coronavirus began months earlier and not in Wuhan, bombshell UK report claims


2.  Antibody study suggests coronavirus is far more widespread than previously thought


3. Sweeping US Navy testing reveals most aircraft carrier sailors infected with coronavirus had no symptoms


4.  ‘It’s positively alpine!’: Disbelief in big cities as air pollution falls


5- Cat Interrupts Meteorologist Working From Home And Wins A New Job


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Fast links to Items:  Richard  –  Michael  –  John 
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Michael’s Items:

Click on Images to Enlarge

1.  Michael at UFO Con 2020




3.  Michael at Glastonbury


4. Michael on Stonehenge Tour




6. Our ET




8. UFO 1


9. UFO 3




11. Avebury Wilshire map overlay


12. Michael High Wycombe






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15. Alchemy Of The Gods


16. Vibrations Of Galactic Light – A Message From The Unified Field:


17. The Code Of Christ – What Religions Should Be Teaching You


18. The Ancient Code: A Serpent Fire


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John’s Items:

1.  Shroud Hand  Blessing Gesture


2.   Moving Shroud Hand 

     The following, groundbreaking research paper is by the brilliant PhD engineer/physicist Giuseppe Maria Catalano from the “Institute of Advanced Studies of Space Representation Sciences” in Palermo, Italy.  

     Actual document page numbers relevant to the hand movement studies are: 41, 42, 44, 78, 108,109, 111-116

Shroud Hand 42


3.  Dangers of Transhumanism by Chris Holly  (edited by Robert Morningstar)

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Michael Feeley

Website Link:
Youtube Link:
Facebook: Michael Feeley Author

You are the real Da Vinci Code”… Dave Scott – Spaced Out Radio

"Michael Feeley is a former UK police officer and now ancient code breaker who has authored 7 paperback books and several e-books on various esoteric subjects and is also a public/international conference speaker and global radio contributor, magazine article writer, and frequent social media blogger. He is currently adapting his work to cater to a younger audience and will soon have a series of children’s books to teach our next generation many truths that they are not being taught elsewhere. Michael has appeared on Edge Media TV, The Moore Show and has featured on Strawman – The Nature of the Cage, an Elstree Studio’s independent documentary. Michael has also appeared on one of America’s largest radio shows, Coast to Coast with George Noory and ‘Midnight in the Desert Radio’ with Tim Weisberg (Art Bell’s Show) and is also currently filming an independent documentary regarding his numerous supernatural experiences over the last 10 years.

He is a multiple paranormal/UFO experiencer, has experienced consciousness entanglement remote viewing time travel, and has personally witnessed dimensional portals opening up before him emanating unorthodox craft, had numerous UFO sightings day and night, received telepathic invites to attend certain locations and has seen an ET being face to face amongst many other personal close encounters of the third another kind! Michael now uses his 17 years of evidence gathering knowledge and investigative training to break many ancient codes that have previously remained a mystery throughout the world. To Michael they are no longer a mystery. Through meticulous guided research and innate recognition of ancient symbols and codes, the secret metaphorical world has now been deciphered and the face of history can now be corrected as Michael demonstrates to you a ciphered code left for us to find within the famous monuments of the ancient world!

What is that code? You will soon find out!
What Michael is about to reveal is something very different to what has been stated before, very different to what so-called scholars have told us. What you have previously been told can now be re-written…as the true message of our ancestors can now finally be heard"

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John R. Francis

John R. Francis is a retired college mathematics professor who specialized in statistics and experimental design. He also has degrees in physics and psychology. In the early 1970’s he served in the Pacific Seventh Fleet as a U.S. Naval Officer aboard a guided missile destroyer.

In 1975 he had a profound near-death experience that permanently expanded his mind out of its previous limited, rational boundaries. He now views life as a highly purposeful and multidimensional, evolutionary expression of one universal consciousness.

His areas of metaphysical expertise include sacred geometry, spiritual self-defense and heart-centered meditation. Furthermore, he has deciphered numerical codes that unlock the deepest secrets of key religious scriptures.  John is the author of “The Mystic Way of Radiant Love.”


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Fast links to Items:  Richard  –  Michael  –  John 
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5 Comments so far:

  1. DKJ says:

    I wouldn’t trust the STAR with that kind of story. Like the Enquirer.

  2. Don says:

    Major Ed Dames once said on Art’s old show, that there would be a chip put in everyone that has been tested and shown not to have HIV.  That was back in the 90’s. So he was off a few years and the wrong illness. But there it is, Ed use remote viewing to SEE this. 
    I hope it never happens. Sign of the beats and all, 666.
    By the way in UNIX 666 is Read, Write, and Execute a program.

  3. Don says:

    I had an experience in 1994 kind of like your guest.
    I was asleep and was dreaming that I was dying, I saw the tunnel and the light. But as a photographer I look at special effects and try and figure out how its done.  The tunnel is an illusion. What is really happening is that I was growing smaller down to particle size. What appears to be a tunnel was everything moving away from me, or expanding away from me.

    Next I became very sad about not being able to say goodbye to my parents.
    Then I woke up.  I felt very weird, thought maybe my mom died.  I called my mom and she was fine.

    Later that morning I found out a teen had been shot and killed just a few hundred feet from my apartment, at the very same time that I had my dying dream. I find this out as I pulled out of the parking lot and shot the police all over the place.
    I really think I was picking up on his death.

  4. ton says:

    there have been virtually no chemtrails seen since this mess went public. I’ve seen only ONE, and the norm previously has been several times a week. I think that is a major factor here – we have yielded the weather back to Mother Nature for now.

  5. Tommy Von says:

    Happy Record Store Day!
    Very honored to notice that you are using my tetrahedral glass render for your Favicon!

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