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My guest tonight, award-winning illustrator, writer and comic book historian, Arlen Schumer, has focused much of his attention on the “Silver Age” ….

“The Silver Age of Comics (circa 1956-70) not only birthed a new generation of superheroes, but for the first time in comic book publication … black superheroes!

“The decade of the 1960s was one of the most turbulent in American — and world — history, sparking revolutions of all kinds in the political, socio-economic, cultural and artistic spheres. In the field of comic books, industry giant DC Comics rebooted its old superheroes from the 1940’s ‘Golden Age’ into newer, sleeker, streamlined versions, while confronting its first serious competition in an upstart company called ‘Marvel.’

“The legendary white artist/storyteller behind the newfound success of Marvel, Jack Kirby, suddenly decided to create the first black superhero — The Black Panther — six months before the infamous Black Panther political party was formed!”

Even more provocative, Kirby’s Panther was not an African-American, but a royal African Prince (of Kirby’s fictional ancient African Kingdom of “Wakanda”).

As current history is now attempting to complete the unfinished social transformations of the 1960’s, was Kirby’s extraordinary vision — which, remember, PREDICTED the existence of “The Face on Mars” in 1958 (!) — providing us a hint of a long-lost, simultaneous, black “super-civilization” … here on Earth?!

Join us ….

Richard C. Hoagland

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Arlen’s Items:

1. The Silver Age of Comic Book Art:



2. American Illustrator Profile: “Everything I needed to know I learned from comic books”:



3. APT PANORAMA by Matt Abourezk 



4. Museum Masters






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 7. Adams Sketch Book 






9. In 1978 Arlen Schumer was the Art Director of Thunder Road, the first magazine devoted to the life and music of Bruce Springsteen. During that year he also created collateral artwork for two Springsteen concerts, one being the legendary Capitol Theater radio broadcast show of September 19th.



Wednesday, July 15 @ 8pm EST


10B. The Other Side of Midnight Twilight Show:
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Wednesday, July 22 @ 8pm EST. 



12. THE SEAN CONNERY BOND CANON: The First Four Films webinar
Wednesday, July 29 @ 8pm EST

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Arlen Schumer


Arlen Schumer is an award-winning comic book-style illustrator for the advertising and editorial markets, and a member of The Society of Illustrators; an author/designer of coffee-table art books, including Visions from The Twilight Zone and The Silver Age of Comic Book Art, which won the Independent Book Publishers Award for Best Popular Culture Book; and a recognized expert on American popular culture—especially the legendary television series The Twilight Zone and the music of Bruce Springsteen—presenting his VisuaLectures on these and other subjects at universities and cultural institutions across the country and around the world.

"My father died when I was four months old, and my Mom raised my older (by 18 months) brother and me herself. I grew up in Fair Lawn, New Jersey, a great place in the early-mid ‘60s, with equal parts bucolic American suburbia and small-town Rockwellian, pop culture ambiance. I think I ended up finding my surrogate father figures in the pop culture I was surrounded with. 

I now live in Westport, CT.  I’ve been working as an illustrator, graphic designer, writer and lecturer since I graduated from Rhode Island School of Design (majoring in Graphic Design) in 1980."

• Arlen Schumer's commercial, comic book-style illustration:
• Arlen Schumer's career in comic book art history:
• Arlen Schumer's Twilight Zone works:
• Arlen Schumer's Bruce Springsteen works:
• Arlen Schumer's Pop Culture VisuaLectures:
Print Magazine: "Arlen Schumer’s VisuaLectures: Where Comics Scholarship Meets Design Showmanship”: 
• Arlen Schumer's poster & t-shirts for sale:
• Arlen Schumer's YouTube channel of videos of my lectures and other projects: 

Guest Page
Fast links to Items:  Richard  –  Arlen
Fast links to Bios:  Arlen

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  1. David H says:

    Really wish Richard understood the difference between a social movement and a political movement. Marxist sentiments do not mix well with science and objectivity.

  2. Psu Edon says:

    The Jack Kirb Face on Mars Story can be seem online here:

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