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Trump Administration Suddenly Announces
Return of American Astronauts to the Moon …
Before End of President Trump’s Second Term!

Find Out “Why” Here:

Click on Image for
The Presidential Briefing


Mars ….

The very name evokes an aura of “romance, exotica and mystery” unparalled in the history of science ….

For well over a hundred years — since the late 1800’s, and the pioneering observations of towering figures like “Lowell” and “Schiaparelli” — astronomers … and all the rest of us … became obsessed with Mars ….

As the century proceeded, and then moved into the next, every new astronomical discovery associated with “the Red Planet” became entangled with the fledgling efforts to create a true “planetary science” of the solar system — from fleeting glimpses of “canals … marching out across its ochre Martian deserts,” to the sobering possibilities that we on Earth, from a minimum of 35 million miles away, were final witness to what one day we would also inevitably become–

“An increasingly desperate global civilization, vainly battling against the inexorable realities of an entire dying world ….”

Then, in 1965, came Mariner 4 — the first NASA unmanned fly-by of the fabled Mars … and the Romance and the Mystery all came crashing down:

Mars — so the whispering spacecraft signals told us — was as “dead” as our own Moon.

Or … was it?

Join us ….

Richard C. Hoagland

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Show Items


Richard’s Items:

1. UAE launches historic first mission to Mars



2. China launches ambitious Tianwen-1 Mars rover mission



3. NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover mission: Live updates



4. Happy anniversary, Curiosity! NASA rover marks 8 years on Mars


5. Mars-Arsia-Mons-cloud-July-2020



6. Chinese-Mars-Miission-Poster-enhanced-color-corrected 2



7. Chinese-Mars-Miission-Poster-ruins-close-up



8. Navy 1924 Mars Face-enhanced


9. Navy-1924-Mars-Face-Mrs-statue-comp


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Marc’s Items:


1. The Big Book of Mars: From Ancient Egypt to The Martian, A Deep-Space Dive into Our Obsession with the Red Planet
















2. The Embalmed Head of Oliver Cromwell: A Memoir

Oliver Cromwell led the charge in the beheading of England’s King Charles I in 1649. But little did he know that his own head would soon roll. And roll and roll—for the next three hundred years across the Commonwealth. The execution of Charles I ended the monarchy, and Cromwell became the Lord Protector of England until his own death from natural causes in 1658. His body was embalmed and buried in Westminster Abbey, only to be exhumed by King Charles II three years later. The new king had restored the monarchy and wished to avenge his father’s death by hanging Cromwell and beheading him posthumously. Now, for the first time, the memoirs of Oliver Cromwell’s embalmed head have surfaced, making it the first account of any world leader—or any human being for that matter—chronicling the afterlife. This remarkable memoir recounts its journey through the centuries.


3. American Sideshow: An Encyclopedia of History’s Most Wondrous and Curiously Strange Performers

A fascinating look into the history of the American sideshow and its performers. Learn what’s real, what’s fake, and what’s just downright bizarre. 

You’ve probably heard of Tom Thumb. The Elephant Man. Perhaps even Chang and Eng, the original Siamese twins. But what about Eli Bowen, the legless acrobat? Or Prince Randian, the human torso? These were just a few of the many stars that shone during the heyday of the American sideshow, from 1840 to 1950. American Sideshow chronicles the lives of truly amazing performers, examining these brave and extraordinary curiosities not just as sideshow performers but as people, delving into the lives they led and the ways they were able to triumph over and even benefit from their abnormalities. 


4. God Made Me Do It: True Stories of the Worst Advice the Lord Has Ever Given His Followers

Does God, in His infinite wisdom, convince people to get rid of their car insurance? Does He encourage cannibalism? Does the God of more than six billion people actually have time to root for the Minnesota Vikings?

According to some, yes. How do they know? God told them. Luckily, God also told Marc Hartzman to write this book, a collection of the most shocking, absurd, and hilarious things people have ever claimed God asked them to do, and to present them for your pure reading enjoyment.


5. Found on eBay: 100 Genuinely Bizarre Items from the World’s Online Yard Sale

Have you ever gone to a yard sale and marveled at the dubious treasures on display? Imagine seeing a homemade deer-poop paperweight for ten dollars, a lonely left boot, a belt with a glass eye embedded in its buckle. It would never be possible to find such fantastic oddities all in one thrift shop or garage. But, all these objects do exist and have been sold on eBay. Now these items and many, many more like them are collected for your viewing pleasure, along with letters from the author to the seller, in this hilarious “museum” of priceless eBay artifacts. 


6. The Anti-Social Network Journal

The Anti-Social Network Journal is inspired by everyone’s love-hate relationship with oversharing. Satiric prompts poke fun at the digital age, while ample blank space offers you a return to the days of unplugged peace and personal privacy.


7. Earth to Mars in the 1920s:
The Strange Case of the Man Who Tried to Contact Martians via Radio


8. The French Botanist Who Figured Out What Martians Look Like


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Marc Hartzman

The Big Book of Mars:

Weird Historian:

Hartzman's Books:

According to, Marc Hartzman is "one of America's leading connoisseurs of the bizarre." His passion for the unusual began at an early age, influenced by Ripley's Believe It Or Not and the annual Guinness Books. 

In addition to his books about Mars, Oliver Cromwell’s embalmed head, weird things on eBay, sideshow performers, and unorthodox messages from God, Hartzman has written for Mental Floss, the Huffington Post, AOL Weird News, and Bizarre magazine. He's discussed oddities on CNN, MSNBC, Ripley’s Radio, and the Travel Channel's Mysteries at the Museum

When not writing about life's peculiarities, Hartzman writes about various goods and services in the advertising industry.

Guest Page
Fast links to Items:   Marc  –  Richard  
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