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Tonight’s show belongs to the genre of previous explorations we have done, re the fascinating subject–

“Who was here, inhabiting North America … LONG before us?”

Previous candidates have included “the Templar’s,” “the Ancient Egyptians,” “the pre-Olmecs,” and … “the Vikings” ….

To which we can now add–


My guest tonight, citizen-scientist and author, David Brody, is going to introduce us to the fascinating — if too-long-overlooked millennial-old tale — of how the Romans long ago came to the New World … and what they left for the rest of us to one day find.

One clue may be found in what President Biden specifically requested for his new Oval Office, sitting just to the left of the Resolute Desk:

“America,” with its global interests and far-flung military bases, has often been compared to a modern “Roman State.”

How ironic that the comparison seems to be anchored in an increasingly verifiable, if far too long-suppressed accumulation of archaeological evidence, supporting a real “Roman New World History” ….

Join us ….


Richard C. Hoagland


Trump Administration Suddenly Announces
Return of American Astronauts to the Moon …
Before End of President Trump’s Second Term!

Find Out “Why” Here:

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The Presidential Briefing


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David Brody


David S. Brody is an Amazon and Boston Globe bestselling fiction writer and author of twelve historical novels. His children call him a 'rock nerd' because of the time he spends studying ancient stone structures which he believes evidence pre-Columbus exploration of America. A graduate of Tufts University and Georgetown Law School, he has appeared as a guest expert on documentaries airing on History Channel, Travel Channel, PBS and Discovery Channel. He lives in Newburyport, Massachusetts with his wife, sculptor Kimberly Scott.

David S. Brody Books
“Templars in America” Series
Available at Amazon as Paperbacks and as Kindle eBooks

Watchtower of Turtle Island
Templars and the Antichrist (2020)
Set in New England and Montana, sparked by occultists who believe that a stone tower in Newport, RI—built by the medieval Knights Templar—is a portal through which the Antichrist will appear. 

Roman Artifacts in America (2020)
Set in New England and the Ohio River Valley, triggered by Roman-era artifacts—many with Jewish themes—evidencing a secret journey to America by Roman/Jewish survivors of the Bar Kokhba uprising circa 133 AD. 

Cabal of the Westford Knight
Templars at the Newport Tower (2009)
Set in Boston and Newport, RI, inspired by artifacts evidencing that Scottish explorers and Templar Knights traveled to New England in 1398. 

 Thief on the Cross
Templar Secrets in America (2011)
Set in the Catskill Mountains of New York, sparked by an ancient Templar codex calling into question fundamental teachings of the Catholic Church.

Powdered Gold
Templars and the American Ark of the Covenant (2013)
Set in Arizona, exploring the secrets and mysteries of both the Ark of the Covenant and a manna-like powdered substance.

The Oath of Nimrod  
Giants, MK-Ultra and the Smithsonian Cover-up (2014)
Set in Massachusetts and Washington, DC, triggered by the mystery of hundreds of giant human skeletons found buried across North America.

The Isaac Question  
Templars and the Secret of the Old Testament (2015)
Set in Massachusetts and Scotland, focusing on ancient stone chambers, the mysterious Druids and a stunning reinterpretation of the Biblical Isaac story.

 Echoes of Atlantis
Crones, Templars and the Lost Continent (2016)
Set in New England, focusing on artifacts and other evidence indicating that the lost colony of Atlantis, featuring an advanced civilization, did exist 12,000 years ago.

The Cult of Venus
Templars and the Ancient Goddess (2017)
Set in New England, triggered by the discovery of a medieval journal revealing that the Knights Templar came to America before Columbus because they were secretly worshiping the ancient Goddess.

 The Swagger Sword
Templars, Columbus and the Vatican Cover-up (2018)
Set in Rhode Island and Ireland, inspired by the 1980s Vatican Bank Scandal and featuring a treasure map, carved on a sword, indicating that Christopher Columbus may have aided the Templars in secreting a treasure in America.

 Treasure Templari
Templars, Nazis and the Holy Grail (2019)
Set in New England, New York and Belgium, triggered by a 15th-century Dutch Masterpiece which Hitler believed was a secret map to the Templar treasure and the Holy Grail.



4 Comments so far:

  1. H P WHITFIELD says:

    really good show, best wishes to richard, 
    the ancient britons from what is now Wales, had their own language and script which can be traced back to ancient egypt, and babylon, 
    in the mid 600AD a fleet of 200 vessels sailed across to north america,prince Madoc was the younger brother of the  king Arthur 2nd
    the fact that they set off indicates a pre knowledge that they had a place to settle hence the language and culture now called welsh, 
    wales was a later anglo/saxon name for stranger or non saxon, which was the original british population, the name celic is incrrect as no british history calls the people celts prior to the mid 1700’s.
    so it is likely both roman  and british settlers, preceded thelater norse, and the scots, all before columbus. still a great show;   best wishes to all

  2. DKJ says:

    I wonder if the native Americans might have records, of some form, about ancient empires, or if they saw or met people from Egypt?
    The natives in Australia have cave drawings that date back thousands of years.
    In one cave they have drawings of atomic bomb tests that were secret. I recall reading a book by a New York health care worker who went on a walkabout with them for a month back in the 60’s or 70’s, and they showed her the cave. She was the first white person to have ever seen this cave. 
    So maybe the Navajo or the Kiowa would have seen them and made note of this?

  3. MrBlack says:

    Wow, Richard made it two shows in a row. That has to be some kind of new record. Kynthia… you let him break his record for attendance. Ok, so I like to poke at Richard now and then for his astonishing absences. Don’t get mad at me, get even. You can always banish me to Trump’s cornfield. Looking forward again to tonight’s show, last night was brilliant. Again, welcome back to Earth Richard.

  4. BrianKovar says:

    i still find it fascinating that the so called new world was not found in the 1500s but has been known about for ages before. 
    it really makes you wonder why evidence of ancient empires knowing about the new world has been scrubbed from records. 
    anyway i am really looking forwards to the show – with kind regards – brian

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