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Wouldn’t it be “ironic” if official Disclosure of “ancient artifacts on Mars” is being quietly, Ritually planned, even now, for THIS coming July 4th?

When — if that extraordinary announcement were to occur, on that centuries-old American birthdate, of ALL days — the Human Race would be simultaneously, officially declaring its own “Independence Day … from the forces of deliberate deception and cultivated ignorance — of ‘who’ we Really are — which have carefully kept Humanity in physical and ‘amnesic bondage’ … for untold thousands of years ….

What if all that was going to come to an abrupt, liberating end … THIS July 4th?

Tonight there’s a rover sitting on the planet Mars, in the heart of what is OBVIOUSLY an “ancient, once extraordinarily sophisticated Martian city” — with artifacts, large and small, ‘new’ and VERY, VERY old … stretching from the very wheels of Perseverance, all the way to the close Martian horizon … and then far, far beyond, covering Jezero Crater.

Curiously, as President Biden — just a couple nights ago — was delivering his “one-year anniversary speech,” soberly commemorating “the rise of the Covid-19 virus as a new global pandemic, March 11, 2020” … he also managed to connect the virus to July 4th … before he went out of his way to connect Perseverance to BOTH, and to the American spirit that would “ultimately defeat the virus!”

In fact, Biden has mentioned, or talked to, the project engineers and scientists running the Perseverance mission more, just since “Percy’s” landing (February 18th), than any previous president has mentioned “space achievments” in normal political dialogue … since President Kennedy’s astonishing announcement, in 1961, that we Americans were “going to the Moon!”

Sixty “tetrahedral” years later (!) … what’s REALLY up with Mars tonight (pun intended)!?

Join us … and find out.

Richard C. Hoagland

Why the Fury to Return to Mars?

Find Out “Why” Here:

Click on Image for
The Presidential Briefing



Guest Page
Fast links to Items:  Richard – Keith
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Show Items


Richard’s Items:

1- How Common Are the Long-Term Effects of COVID-19?



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3- Myanmar’s first satellite being held in space station by Japan after coup



4- Who Would Kidnap a Space Telescope?
‘‘We hope pirates don’t take it,” one astrophysicist said.



5- We May Never Find Life on Mars—And That Could Be a Good Thing
Perseverance, the Fermi Paradox, and the Great Filter.



6- China’s Tianwen-1 probe captures stunning images of Mars | See Pictures
Mars-bound Tianwen-1 probe has sent back high-resolution images of the Red Planet, China’s national space agency CNSA said in a statement.



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8- -Chinese-Mars-Poster-Comp2



9- ESP_068281_9024_RED.NOMAP.browse-CL2-enhanced-annotated



10- Percy-MRO-Oblique-Currie-Comp



11- Percy-Holey-Rock-Currie-Dorset-Sea-Comparison


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Keith’s Items:

1- Nepenthaceae



2- Kofuns



3- Tetrahedrons



4- Aviary

Faust’s “Parrotopia”


The Phoenix


The Woodpecker


Like a Dog Under the Table…


5- 2635_statues / Sol 2635



6- Perseverance at Jezero

Perseverance zoom 360 pan



7- Foundations



8- Bunker Butte




Salvatore Cesar Pais



10- PIA24486-Drive-Map



11- Incredible Bird-Shaped Fountain Invites Visitors to Kazakhstan’s Presidential Park

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Keith Laney

Websites:  The Hidden Mission

Keith Laney is a space image processing and anomalies specialist from Charlotte NC. He’s a husband, father, grandfather, artist, copper master, amateur space scientist and avid promoter and supporter of space exploration.

The primary passion of his life after about half the above is space imaging. His work has been featured by NASA, mainstream news organizations and planetary anomaly lovers the world over. Keith hosts a privately unequaled online collection of space imaging, planetary curiosities, his own writings and music which just celebrated its 13th anniversary.

Guest Page
Fast links to Items:  Richard – Keith
Fast links to Bios: Keith

2 Comments so far:

  1. Riaaz Exarchos says:

    Good day, The other side of midnight.
    Thanks again for another interesting show.
    As with all or any show, it’s a 50/50 split between what’s reality and what’s pure speculation.
    Covid19 is real. The virus is real. The pandemic is not.
    Lockdowns, social distancing, masks and so forth are all necessary in the event of a pandemic. This is a mild pandemic which has been greatly exaggerated and propagandised through mainstream media into hysterics.
    China with a population of 1.4billion not only contained the virus but effectively ended it with masks, social distancing and lockdowns – not a vaccine.
    The “bungling” of the containment in the “west” was deliberate to continue the crises and facilitate the introduction of the biological injections.
    Despite draconian measures, ‘NATO world’ (Europe & North America) continues to reel from the virus, suffering more than any other region of the world, apart from Brazil.
    India with 1.4billion people and Africa with 1.3billion people have less infections, less hospitalizations and less deaths, than small European countries.
    This is about realignment.
    Alien attack on Earth?
    No. The Coronavirus is not an alien attack but it certainly is an attack.
    One aspect Richard may have gotten right is that there is no “great power competition”, China is not an enemy of the USA but rather it’s replacement.
    Russia is the only enemy of ‘NATO world’ and all strategic planning is directed towards it – but that’s a story for another day.
    40 years and trillions of dollars of American investment into China, China is now the largest country in the world.
    This is the same transfer of power that occurred from The United Kingdom to the USA during world war 1 and 2 – by 1947 the United States officially, became the new global power – the actual transfer took place in 1917.
    The United States “ended” in 2017 and the “reset” to China is currently taking place.
    The “great reset” way of life, which already exists in China, is simply being implemented in ‘NATO world’ – slowly, gradually over the years but now dramatically with the current “global virus”.
    The ruling political class of the United States are part of this realignment, they are the one’s implementing it, not now but for decades.
    In conclusion – yes, it’s a much larger subject but even if discussed for weeks, we are talking about the history and future of the Human race, these are lifetime consequences.
    Gog and Magog have a dream to create a “utopian society in harmony with nature” but achieving this dream leads to massive suffering and death. The “logic” of culling Humans to save Humanity has been its “philosophy” of the greater good.
    God help us all.

  2. MrBlack says:

    90% of the world’s sheeple are already so far gone by brainwashing and taking their STUPID pills every day, they haven’t had a thought of their own in decades now. No need to wait for that to happen through their fake vaccinations or bioweapon virus.
    Signed… The Mysterious MrBlack.
    Hey, I didn’t call me that… ask Kynthea who did. (grins😉) But I like it.

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