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We have made an EXTRAORDINARY Martian discovery … and a confirmation.

The discovery part is that, as the NASA Perseverance rover was descending the last few miles to the Martian surface on its parachute, two on-board rover cameras — independenty — recorded amazing images of “an ancient, geometric GLASS dome” arcing over the intended “Percy” landing site — in Jezero Crater!

Remarkably, portions of this ancient glass construction are still standing … and can be seen in the thousands of descending Percy video images as “a detailed, highly geometric array of surviving lattice work …” seen projected against a pitch black Martian sky ….

The “confirmation” part of this discovery, involves one of our own Enterprise Imaging Team members, Ron Gerbron — who, for years, based on extensive analysis of other Martian surface imagery, has argued for the necessary existance of “ancient, domed-in agricultural craters …” scattered across the currently arid and almost airless Martian landscape.

A way for “the last surviving Martians” to literally STAY ALIVE … as Mars continued to slowly die around them ….

Join us … for a reconstructed tale of “the last 40,000 years of Martian history … before The Last Martians — our own ancestors! — were forced to come to the only place in the entire solar system where they could continue to survive–

“The Planet Earth!”

Richard C. Hoagland

Trump Administration Suddenly Announces

Why the Fury to Return to Mars?

Find Out “Why” Here:

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The Presidential Briefing


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7- Mars_Perseverance_ELM_0000_0666952787_500ECM_N0000005LVS_04000_0000LUJ-enhanced



8- Percy-EDL-Sunglint-enhanced



9- Mars_Perseverance_ELM_0000_0666952894_600ECM_N0000062LVS_04000_0000LUJ-enhanced



10- Mars_Perseverance_ELM_0000_0666952903_400ECM_N0000070LVS_04000_0000LUJ-enhanced



11- Lander-Vision-System-Jezero-Dome-Comp



12- Mars_Perseverance_ELM_0000_0666952780_800ECM_N0000003LVS_04000_0000LUJ-enhanced-darkened



13- Percy-Glass-Covered-Ground-CL




14- Percy-WATSON-glass-under-rover


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 Ron’s Items:



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7- Show Buildings-1



8- Show Ground Sculpture






10- Shows Glare – 4



11- Show Glare-1



12- Show Glare-2



13- Show Glare-3


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 Andrew’s Items:



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Ron Gerbron

Member of the Enterprise Mission Imaging Team

Ron is a proudly uncredentialed polymath with a deep interest in the study of archeology, especially Martian archeology. Ron was raised on a farm in Pennsylvania collecting arrowheads as a child.  He found the programmatic aspect of education too limiting after attending a famous Quaker school in PA. Ahead of his studies and his time, he attempted to contort himself into attending college; before he gave up on academia and left to travel overseas. Throughout all this time, he has focused his core attention on the metrology of our paleo history, particularly on other planets, and especially Mars.

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Andrew Currie

Andrew A. Currie began his artistic career as a community public artist, working with neighbourhood groups to create murals in schools and community centres. As a graphic designer and illustrator, he serviced small to large Canadian companies. For the past decade, he has worked as a storyboard artist and concept illustrator in film and television, and in commercial tv advertising. Andrew has a Bachelor of Arts from The University of British Columbia, a diploma in graphic design and illustration, and a Masters in Art Therapy.

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4 Comments so far:

  1. Riaaz Exarchos says:

    Good day, The Other side of Midnight.
    Another interesting show concerning Mars and the prospect of left-over ruins.
    Like my previous post on the subject of Mars my position remains the same – As Richard has been postulating for decades, there are ruins on Mars – What they are and what they represent is only subject to speculation for now.
    Firstly, as a retired Gemologist, the sound emanating from the rover’s wheels, it certainly sounds like coarse silica (perhaps in glass form) and less likely desert type sand. Although desert or beach sand does have a sound when travelling across it, this is simply too rough and too loud to be that.
    So once again my interest was peaked as this is the second time “glass” is used in dome like structures outside of the Earth – namely on the Moon and Mars.
    Why I find this interesting is that, like my previous post I still believe this is Jinn technology.
    For those not familiar with my previous post, the Jinn are the second of three sentient beings that God created before Humans (being the 3rd) in Islam.
    The Jinn in Christian theology are explained as “demons” or “fallen angels” – this concept however is much further elaborated on in the Quran.
    The Jinn are a separate race made from “smokeless fire” and have good and bad “people” as Humans do. “Angels” are completely separate beings.
    Why glass is important?
    The Quran has a more interesting story of the Prophet/King Solomon than found in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible or Jewish Tanakh – there is a similar story found in the banned “bible book”, ‘The testament of Solomon’ but the key is found in the Quran.
    The Quranic story of the visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon is very different to that found in the Tanakh.
    Quran Chapter 27 (The Ants) Verse 44
    She was asked to enter That lofty Palace : but When she saw it, she Thought it was a lake Of water, and she (tucked up Her skirts), uncovering her legs. He said : “ This is But a palace paved Smooth with slabs of glass.” She said : “ O my Lord ! I have indeed wronged My soul : I do (now) Submit (in Islām), with Solomon, To the Lord of the Worlds.”
    The word for glass used in the Quran is ‘qawārīra’ and it is used only 3 times – the other 2 occasions refer to goblets made of “crystal” (clear glass) which the people of Paradise will drink out of.
    Never the less, regardless it being glass or crystal, it’s the same thing, silica.
    In the Quran and to a lesser extent ‘the testament of Solomon’ – King Solomon rules over multiply kingdoms, Human, Animal, Environmental and Jinn.
    The Jinn in particular are used for massive building projects (and others which are not relevant now) and yet, Israeli archaeologists have found nothing relating to King Solomon and even less relating to the “temple of Solomon” in Jerusalem… why? Because the technology employed is not Human but Jinn.
    Richard would be well aware of the Masonic relation to King Solomon and the Old Testament story of King Hiram and his “masons” who actually built the temple.
    Pyramids on Mars, Glass domes on Mars and the Moon and more to come.
    This ancient relationship between the Worlds of Jinn and Humans, celebrated the world over with obelisks and glass Pyramids (Paris) will become more apparent as the world of the Jinn (based on silica technology) becomes more integrated with the Human being.
    God help us all.

  2. BrianKovar says:

    in regards to the comments made about destroying a planet via shooting energy or something into the core, atleast to me it makes sense that a planet would both explode and rip apart. let me make a few comparisons to known earth forces. the downward pressure on the mantle of the earth is some ten times greater on the bottom of the ocean than it is on the bottom of say the rocky mountains. needless to say thats alot of downward pressure on a planet, even gravity alone provides alot of pressure. now imagine something reversed those pressures or released them. thats gonna be one big explosion. and then whatever is left will rip itself apart due to gravity and other forces. 
    hopefully this make sense, and hopefully someone better at explaining things takes this idea and runs with it. 

  3. H P WHITFIELD says:

    the screen of glass on the horizon is almost the same as you have pointed out on the lunar horizons in programs in previous years, which may confirm a potential direct link with your multi settlement hypothesis.
    really fascinating show, well done.
    best wishes. 

  4. Glen Patras says:

    Maybe the powdered glass is what screwed up the wheels on the other rover?

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