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“How do you talk to an ET?”

That is our question for tonight — given that, after our first “radio test transmissions” to ‘Oumuamua last Saturday night, we received a MULTITUDE of unexpected “signals” in return–

Ranging from the sudden appearance of actual aerial VEHICLES … flashing in and out of space directly over our transmitting antenna in northern Arizona, to strange, coded audio “clicks” … heard (and recorded) on multiple sets of hand-held “walkie-talkie” radios both in Arizona … and over a thousand miles away, in Southern Canada!

And, confounding the problem of “identifying the Source” … most of these came well before (like, HOURS …) any normal “speed-of-light return transmissions” expected from ‘Oumuamua itself.

So tonight, we’ve changed the gameplan:]

Well BEFORE our going “live,” we’re transmitting another series of “Hyperdimensionally coded messages” by radio (on ~250,000 watts of power!) toward ‘Oumuamua — currently speeding away from the solar system in the constellation of Pegasus at just uder 60,000 miles per hour (!), and almost at the distance to Neptune’s orbit … 2.5 billion miles from the sun.

The expected “light time” for signals to get back to Earth, by radio should be about 3.7 hours ….

But, based on what happened a week (seven “hyperdimensional days”) ago, ANYTHING could happen tonight.

Be there ….

Richard C. Hoagland



David Sereda


David Sereda was born in Edmonton, Alberta, August 21, 1961. He was born into a family of 5 boys being the 2nd eldest. His father, Dr. Lynn Sereda, Ph.D. in educational psychology from UC Berkeley, CA, was dedicated to his children’s spiritual growth. His influence on David is one of the greatest driving forces behind what he does. His mother Linda Trafford, was a carpenter, artist and family lawyer in California.
Crystal Sereda first met David Sereda in Los Angeles at the House of Blues. Dan Aykroyd introduced us at a world meeting of sorts, wherein, my husband was introduced to me as a UFO researcher and historian. David, among other experts and friends were brought in to analyze some UFO footage in the screening room. At that time I especially enjoyed singing Jazz and blues in Los Angeles. I was professionally trained in opera technique, which I use with my husband’s music to create a new way of recording with the 5151, being the first to ever be recorded in modern history out of our “Scale of Life” new harmonic musical scale.
We have also enjoyed film making together which includes our narrating, acting, filming, and my singing vocals for our documentary films along side my husband’s love for music with scoring. We have produced such documentaries as Quantum Communication, The Voice, From Here to Andromeda, Hope For Humanity and Mona Lisa’s Little Secret.
David decided at a certain stage of his education to self design his learning and consequently has studied world religion, meditation, philosophy, science (Fringe science), physics, photography, screenwriting, art, film, music, consciousness, UFOs, Crop Circles, history, sacred sites, transpersonal psychology, yoga and more.
Since the year 1999, David has appeared on hundreds of radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and George Noory, Jimmy Church, John B. Wells, Shirley MacLaine, Alan Handelman, Alan Eisenberg, and so many more. He has also appeared on nearly every news station on TV including CNN, Anderson Cooper, Fox News (various affiliates), History Channel "Ancient Aliens", Peter Jennings UFO special, "Seeing is Believing 2005" and more.
He has written self published books such as Evidence, the case for NASA UFOs, Singularity, Differentials, Face to Face with Jesus Christ, and jointly with his wife Mona Lisa’s Little Secret, and God’s Great Pyramid.
He has Co Produced, Directed, Edited and scored documentary films, "Evidence, the Case for NASA UFOs" (2001 on VHS 2003 on DVD), Dan Aykroyd, Unplugged on UFOs (2005), THE VOICE (2006), Quantum Communication (2007), Mona Lisa’s Little Secret (2008), Hope for Humanity (2009), etc. His films have had millions of views from DVDs, TV, and Youtube, etc.
He has produced and scored music for meditation, frequencies for tuning consciousness. He and his wife have a meditation practice and consciousness course series on audio and video called Quantum ReGenesis. David and Crystal Sereda have developed a company with natural technology developed both to imprint frequencies and vibrations into jewelry & crystals. He also designs and makes harmonic field transmitters and wands!



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Bruce Solheim, PH.D.


Bruce Olav Solheim was born in Seattle, Washington, to Norwegian immigrant parents. Bruce was the first person in his family to go to college. He served for six years in the US Army as a jail guard and later as a warrant officer helicopter pilot and is a disabled veteran. He also worked as a defense contractor with Boeing for five years.

Bruce earned his Ph.D. in history from Bowling Green State University in 1993. Bruce is a distinguished professor of history at Citrus College in Glendora, California. He was a Fulbright Professor and Scholar in 2003 at the University of Tromsø in northern Norway.

Bruce has published twelve books and has written ten plays, six of which have been produced. The Bronze Star won two awards from the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. The Epiphany was commissioned by the Kingdom of Norway and funded for a full production run with the original American cast. Bruce is a co-founder of Lockdown Theatre which has produced four streamplays (online, live, with remote actors) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He has lived a paranormal life since age four having experienced angels, demons, ghosts, cryptids, telepathy, psychokinesis, mediumship, and alien contact. Bruce has published a trilogy of paranormal books about his personal paranormal experiences: Timeless, Timeless Deja Vu, and Timeless Trinity, and most recently published a book about his contact with an ancient alien mystic—Anzar the Progenitor. Bruce has also published two comic books featuring an alien hybrid character named Snarc and will publish a new comic book called Dr. Jekyll Alien Hunter in 2022.

Bruce is married to Ginger and has four children and two grandsons. 

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Trump Administration Suddenly Announces

Why the Fury to Return to Mars?

Find Out “Why” Here:

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Guest Page

Guest Page
Fast links to Items: RichardDavid
Fast links to Bios: DavidBruce

Guest Page
Fast links to Items: RichardDavid
Fast links to Bios: DavidBruce


Show Items


Richard’s Items:

1. La Palma, Canary Islands: eruption Sep 2021 – updates




2. Gillibrand’s Groundbreaking Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Amendment Included In Final NDAA








4. Omuamua Burst Replay




Guest Page
Fast links to Items: RichardDavid
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David’s Items:

1. Sphinx face Angle of 32 degrees is a Golden Ratio Fractal of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. 51.85397 / 1.6180339887 = 32.04 degrees This is so close to Oumuamua Angle of Decent approximate 33 degrees
• Oumuamua Closest Distance to Earth 24,200,000 km
• Earth to the sun distance is an Astronomical Distance Average 149,597,870
• The ratio is 1 to 6.18 (The Golden Ratio Number again)




2. Frame by Frame Navy UFO Splits in 2 and also vortex Hyperdimensional Propulsion




3. Howa FLIR Camera sees heat exhaust to which there is none on Oumuamua nor the NavyUFOs




4. Navy Gimbal UFO in FLIR reveals a flat square with 4 corners in Photoshop – Lt Ryan Graves saw a Cube and a Sphere




5. Columbia Shuttle UFO hit by incoming from Mesosphere above with 3 UFOs ahead of its trajectory




6. Tourist Photos of Columbia Strike is not Lightening because the same Lightning strike cannot be captured in more than 1 hand held shutter photo The Incoming Velocity reaches over 40,000 mph to strike Columbia




7. Nimitz UFOs disappear at same N. Latitude as the Great Pyramid on Radar












Guest Page
Fast links to Items: RichardDavid
Fast links to Bios: DavidBruce

3 Comments so far:

  1. Dave says:

    At the 1hr 9 minute mark the guest asked about a massive bear claw mark that he saw in his dream and speculated as to what it could mean. Given what we now know about the Ukrainian Invasion to date (4/19/2022) I wonder if the “bear” represented Russia and its military action against Ukraine? 

  2. BrianKovar says:

    If only I had that little fish from the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy. I forget what it’s called but the one that allows you to understand any and every language. 

  3. Don K Johnson says:

    Tesla has already been thinking about AC while he was still in Europe.
    He perfected AC here in the USA. But He thought of it while he was in his home country.
    That is written about in the book The Man Out of Time, I believe.

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