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“Tonight … We Shoot the Moon ….”

As our regular audience knows, for the last two weeks we’ve been engaging in an Historic ET Radio Experiment — sending “Hyperdimensionally-coded” transmissions to a distant, now-fleeing interplanetary object … the solar system’s first known interstellar visitor, appearing in 2017–


And … we’ve received (and are still receiving!) multiple, on-going replies ….

Not only obvious, coded radio signals in return — picked up at 144.1 megahertz (our original transmission frequency) on multiple radios, located in multiple locations across North America, and continuing even now — but, even more amazing, the sudden appearance of real-time “UFOs” — captured on night-vision video, shot directly over the radio telescope antenna, over half a dozen times … DURING our ~3 hours of repeating coded radio transmissions toward ‘Oumuamua!

An instant, immediate “response” … obviously … completely by-passing the currently understood mainstream physics’ limitations of the speed-of-light!

So, tonight, we’re turning our powerful radio transmitter system (~500,000 watts, effective “radiated power”) on the full Moon!

What will we (and, the entire Earth!) hear back — 1.5 seconds later?

Join us … and find out.

Richard C. Hoagland

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Don Ecker


Dark Matters Facebook Fan page

Don Ecker is a writer/researcher/commentator currently living in the Los Angeles area. Serving as the former Director of Research and Media Liaison for UFO Magazine for 20 years, Ecker is an internationally renowned investigator of the UFO phenomenon. A former law enforcement officer and criminal investigator with over 10 years experience, he brought legitimacy to a field that has for years suffered being painted with a fringe brush. He has written numerous articles for the definitive UFO publication, UFO Magazine, as well as articles for international publications, the United Kingdom’s Fortean Times, Omni, the Compuserve System, and the ParaNet Computer Data Base.

Ecker became interested in the UFO question in 1966, when along with several other people he was witness to a sighting of the enigma. “It was unlike anything I had ever seen before, and I realized then that there was much more to this than the authorities were letting on.”

After graduating from high school in 1968, Ecker attended college for one year and then enlisted in the United States Army. He was selected for the elite Army Security Agency, where he volunteered for Special Operations. He served in Southeast Asia for 26 months, was wounded twice, decorated and then returned to the U.S.

He returned to college for another year, then applied to his home town police department, where he became a officer.

In 1986, while a member of his department’s SWAT Team, Ecker was wounded, which led to his retirement. While recuperating, he started to research and write on the UFO mystery. As a criminal investigator in 1982, he had been leading an investigation of several cattle mutilations, which Ecker later discovered where somehow connected to the UFO mystery.

In 1989, during the International MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Conference in Las Vegas, Ecker presented a paper on his research. He has appeared numerous times on the “Larry King Live” talk show on CNN and has been utilized repeatedly as an expert commentator and technical adviser by NBC’s “Hard Copy,” Fox’s “A Current Affair” and recently was the technical adviser and on-screen expert for the Fox Television “Sightings” program and ENCOUNTERS. He has also appeared on CNBC’s “TALK AMERICA”, and the SCI-FI Channel’s “ANTI-GRAVITY ROOM” and DISCOVERY CHANNEL’s “CYBERLIFE” and during the Roswell Anniversary, he was interviewed on “Entertainment Tonight” and “EXTRA.” Ecker was a featured speaker at Nevada’s dedication of the Extraterrestrial Highway during the premiere of “Independence Day”, the summer blockbuster of 1996.

Ecker hosted his own weekly national radio talk show, “UFOs Tonite!,” on Cable Radio Network for five years, and most recently “STRANGE DAZE” 5 nights a week on the Liberty Works Radio Network. Starting in January, 2004 Ecker and his good friend Dwight Schultz began a new national radio program called DARK MATTERS. Today Dark Matters Radio airs on the Cameo/CyberstationUSA Network. Ecker has been a guest on well over a thousand radio talk shows around the country.

Ecker brings important historical knowledge to the study of the phenomenon. As he has stated, “The case for a conspiracy of silence is there for all to see. All one has to do is to look to the history of the U.S. Government and UFOs. The government, and more specifically the U.S. Military, has always been aware of this mystery and the potential danger and promise it might represent. We as citizens have a right to know what is occurring, and what if anything our government is doing about this enigma.”

Ecker is true to his word and ideas. In 1991, he broke one of the biggest UFO stories of the year. Investigating the 1988 Soviet unmanned probes to Mars, Phobos I and II, Ecker uncovered an amazing story of the Phobos II’s apparent encounter with a huge unknown and the probe’s ultimate disappearance. He was able to secure a photograph of the unknown from the Soviet Glavkosmos Space Agency. He was asked to appear on NBC’s “Hard Copy” and Live CNN’s “Larry King” to talk about this incident where he revealed the photograph for the first time.

In 1992, Ecker once again broke one of the biggest UFO stories of the year. Breaking it once again on “Hard Copy” and then following it up on “Larry King Live,” Ecker brought to public attention the amazing story of STS-48, the Discovery shuttle mission photographing UFO enigmas in earth orbit, and the drastic maneuvers the unknowns took when “something” appeared to shoot at them.

Ecker was a police officer and investigator with over 10 years experience, and former MUFON State Section Director and Investigator. He has written articles and been published in numerous national and international publications. He has also been a resident book reviewer for UFO Magazine where he has displayed a critical and insightful in-depth analysis of various new works in the UFO field.

Ecker has been utilized as a technical advisor for “Larry King Live” on CNN, has been a technical advisor and on screen commentator on NBC’s “Hard Copy” on a dozen shows, has advised and appeared on Fox’s “A Current Affair”, has been used as senior story consultant and technical advisor on Fox’s “Sightings”, and been used as a technical advisor on “Oprah Winfrey”. He has appeared on the Mo Gaffney Show and Hard Copy. He was a consultant for the Fox television program “Encounters” and appeared on EXTRA in connection with the film “Independence Day” and on Entertainment Tonight in connection with their show “Paranormal Borderline”.

Ecker conducted PR and personal appearances in behest of Paramount’s motion picture release “Fire in the Sky.” In January of 1995 the Disney Company in Orlando, Florida asked Ecker to set up an international two-week program with the top UFO researchers in the world to introduce their new alien attraction. It was a hit. 20th Century FOX’s summer blockbuster “INDEPENDENCE DAY” asked Ecker to sit on the panel being held in connection with the opening of the renamed Highway 375 to the “EXTRATERRESTRIAL Highway” that straddles Nevada’s legendary Area 51. Along with stars from the film and Nevada Governor Bob Miller, Ecker was asked to lend his expertise to the project.

Ecker has addressed the UFO mystery in domestic and international lectures. He has spoken in Vienna, Austria at the first international symposium of Vienna, in Sheffield, England at the BUFORA conference in 1997, the Mutual UFO Network in Las Vegas, the UFORUM society in Los Angeles and speaking engagements, radio and television, throughout the United States.

He has recently completed a novel titled Past Sins that is published by Gateway Publishing. The novel is currently under consideration by a major production house for a movie or television series. More can be learned at Amazon

Ecker ‘s show“Dark Matters Radio” , is broadcast on Friday and Saturday evenings at 5:00 PM Pacific for two hours. The link to the archive page is .

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David Sereda


David Sereda was born in Edmonton, Alberta, August 21, 1961. He was born into a family of 5 boys being the 2nd eldest. His father, Dr. Lynn Sereda, Ph.D. in educational psychology from UC Berkeley, CA, was dedicated to his children’s spiritual growth. His influence on David is one of the greatest driving forces behind what he does. His mother Linda Trafford, was a carpenter, artist and family lawyer in California.
Crystal Sereda first met David Sereda in Los Angeles at the House of Blues. Dan Aykroyd introduced us at a world meeting of sorts, wherein, my husband was introduced to me as a UFO researcher and historian. David, among other experts and friends were brought in to analyze some UFO footage in the screening room. At that time I especially enjoyed singing Jazz and blues in Los Angeles. I was professionally trained in opera technique, which I use with my husband’s music to create a new way of recording with the 5151, being the first to ever be recorded in modern history out of our “Scale of Life” new harmonic musical scale.
We have also enjoyed film making together which includes our narrating, acting, filming, and my singing vocals for our documentary films along side my husband’s love for music with scoring. We have produced such documentaries as Quantum Communication, The Voice, From Here to Andromeda, Hope For Humanity and Mona Lisa’s Little Secret.
David decided at a certain stage of his education to self design his learning and consequently has studied world religion, meditation, philosophy, science (Fringe science), physics, photography, screenwriting, art, film, music, consciousness, UFOs, Crop Circles, history, sacred sites, transpersonal psychology, yoga and more.
Since the year 1999, David has appeared on hundreds of radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and George Noory, Jimmy Church, John B. Wells, Shirley MacLaine, Alan Handelman, Alan Eisenberg, and so many more. He has also appeared on nearly every news station on TV including CNN, Anderson Cooper, Fox News (various affiliates), History Channel "Ancient Aliens", Peter Jennings UFO special, "Seeing is Believing 2005" and more.
He has written self published books such as Evidence, the case for NASA UFOs, Singularity, Differentials, Face to Face with Jesus Christ, and jointly with his wife Mona Lisa’s Little Secret, and God’s Great Pyramid.
He has Co Produced, Directed, Edited and scored documentary films, "Evidence, the Case for NASA UFOs" (2001 on VHS 2003 on DVD), Dan Aykroyd, Unplugged on UFOs (2005), THE VOICE (2006), Quantum Communication (2007), Mona Lisa’s Little Secret (2008), Hope for Humanity (2009), etc. His films have had millions of views from DVDs, TV, and Youtube, etc.
He has produced and scored music for meditation, frequencies for tuning consciousness. He and his wife have a meditation practice and consciousness course series on audio and video called Quantum ReGenesis. David and Crystal Sereda have developed a company with natural technology developed both to imprint frequencies and vibrations into jewelry & crystals. He also designs and makes harmonic field transmitters and wands!



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Jonathan Womack



Jonathan Womack is an astral Samaritan, psi-archeologist, musician, award-winning author, and film producer. Jonathan began leaving his body in the fall of 1965 after watching an episode of the sci-fi series, “Lost in Space”. A year later, Jonathan found his calling after watching the premiere of the Saturday morning cartoon, “The New Adventures of Superman”. Jonathan donned the astral cape and leotards when he began receiving psychic distress alarms from people and spirits.

In 1968, during a family vacation to Colorado, Jonathan was struck by the appearance of ancient ruins and monuments. Five decades passed as Jonathan evolved and expanded his metaphysical scope, answering alarms and clearing traumatized sites such as ground zero in New York City.

In the summer of 2021, while viewing images presented on an episode of Richard Hoagland’s radio podcast, “The Other Side of Midnight”, Jonathan was again struck by clear evidence of ruins, monuments, portals, sphinxes, spires and murals in Arches National Park, Utah.

Jonathan committed himself to dispelling the myth and conditioning of “interesting erosion” in the American southwest, Alula, Saudi Arabia, and other sculpted regions around the world, as well as the planetary art covering the Martian surface.


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Ron Gerbron

Member of the Enterprise Mission Imaging Team

Ron is a proudly uncredentialed polymath with a deep interest in the study of archeology, especially Martian archeology. Ron was raised on a farm in Pennsylvania collecting arrowheads as a child.  He found the programmatic aspect of education too limiting after attending a famous Quaker school in PA. Ahead of his studies and his time, he attempted to contort himself into attending college; before he gave up on academia and left to travel overseas. Throughout all this time, he has focused his core attention on the metrology of our paleo history, particularly on other planets, and especially Mars.

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Trump Administration Suddenly Announces

Why the Fury to Return to Mars?

Find Out “Why” Here:

Click on Image for
The Presidential Briefing


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Show Items


Richard’s Items:

1. La Palma, Canary Islands: eruption Sep 2021 – updates



2. Where recovery efforts stand 1 week after tornadoes devastate South, Midwest



3. Gillibrand’s Groundbreaking Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Amendment Included In Final NDAA
Gillibrand’s Provision Will Establish a Formal Office to Carry Out a Coordinated Effort on Collection and Analysis Related to UAPs


4. Radar Echoes From the Moon



5. Project-Diana-1946-2



6. Bracewell probes



7. Tse2008_tsa102_high-high-res-version-enhanced3-saturated-CL



8. Tse2008_tsa102_high-high-res-version-enhanced3-saturated-ultra-CL



9. LCROSS-Swing-by-Features-IR-Vis



10. kh-208-2z-enhanced-CL-Inset-enhanced



11. Corona-CIA-Moon-2020-TV-Eclipse-comp



12. Washington-DC-Moon-Monuments-enhanced2



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Jon’s Items:

1. Calling on Oumuamua



3. 18secChirp_Wave Form_zoom_in_A



4. 18secChirp_Wave Form capture_zoomed out



5. Chirp A_normal playback speed



6. Chirp A_slowed down



7. 18secChirp_Wave Form_zoom_in_B



8. Lunar Dome / Hollow Moon Mockup



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David’s Item:

1.Captured on my Frequency meter during my radio responding at 432 Megahertz after the Moonbounce
This is mind blowing – It is the speed of light in metric 299,799,00 checked against 299,792.458 = 99.997 % the known speed of light
This just happened at 6;51 PM pacific WOW!



2. Considering all of the 1 to 1.6180339887 business with Oumuamua, look closely here

Noah’s Ark is 300 Cubits

Ezekiel tells us in 5 places God uses the “Cubit plus a hand” = Royal Cubit. The Great Pyramid finished height
is resolved to exactly 280 Cubits using 20.601 inches per RC = 480.69 feet (Lemesurier’s final final)

Ron Wyatt measured the remains of Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat at 515 feet

Noah’s Ark is 300 Cubits x 20.601 inches per RC = 6180.3 inches = 515.025 feet

Exact Golden Ratio number is 1.6180339887

A. Oumuamua Closest Distance to Earth 24,200,000 km

B. Earth to the sun distance is an Astronomical Distance Average 149,597,870

C. The ratio is 1 to 6.18 (The Golden Ratio Number again)

D. It’s velocity when we transmitted a series of tones to Oumuamua was 61,808

E. Right now it is the exact Fibonacci ratio of 89 to 144–%5C%2C—%20from%20Earth%5C%2C%20getting%20away,confusion%20whether%20it%20was%20an%20actual%20alien%20spacecraft


3. Tonight with my frequency meter, I captured

8069.60 Hertz Divided by 144.1 = 56

56 is the number of holes/pits in the Stonehenge Circle

To discuss with Richard Hoagland!


4. Pure tone wavefile examination 144.1 Hertz



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8 Comments so far:

  1. Jay says:

    My understanding is that the Schumann resonance has changed in the last number of years.——-What is the significance and effects of that? Thanks.

  2. jay says:

    is it possible that different sets of the return signals you have received are from different senders?

  3. Bolt Upright says:

    Where do we find this cast to find out?
    “What will we (and, the entire Earth!) hear back — 1.5 seconds later?
    Join us … and find out.”

  4. Deborah D Sala says:

    Richard’s team should contact Billy Carson (4bidden knowledge TV) and see if you all can combine resources to decode the language of the signals being received

  5. BrianKovar says:

    This all reminds me of a book by tom godwin called the survivors. It’s from I think 1960
    Anyway this reminds me of a scene where after realizing a normal radio is useless the group builds a hyperspace radio to signal the gorn or gern battle cruiser. They sent two words in that message in the book. Ragnarok calling. 
    I don’t know why but that book resonates with what’s going on now. 
    Anyway when all of this is said and done it’s gonna make one helluva movie

  6. Greg Ahrens says:

    You might try signaling to the big comet that is currently passing through the inner solar system, although you might have to find a transmitter in the southern hemisphere.

  7. Mike C says:

    I think their saying, “
    I declare the games in Berlin at the celebration….”

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