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Welcome to an extraordinary Enterprise Mission Christmas Weekend Experience — in “ET Communications.”


Four years ago this Fall, an extraordinary object fell into the inner solar system — Humanity’s first known Interstellar Visitor ….

Diving toward the planets orbiting the sun at a steep (and mathematically-significant!) 33-degree angle, the mystery object — dubbed ‘Oumuamua by NASA (“a messenger from afar, arriving first …”) — made a breathtaking hyperbolic turn around the sun in late 2017 at 195,000 miles per hour (!), before racing back into the interstellar darkness in a little over four short months … never to return.

Our own thoughts (and calculations, based on its unique “Hyperdimensional” orbital elements) first raised the crucial cosmic question:

“Could this finally be a genuine Interstellar Probe — sent to ‘look us over’ … from some other Galactic technological civilization?!”

Since we published that extraordinary possibility in 2017, others have joined in … but (as far as we can tell) NO ONE in four long years ever tried to “send a message TO ‘Oumuamua,” to see if it would ANSWER … until now.

Tonight (and Sunday night) we shall report some of the Enterprise Mission’s first “translated” results — from our beamed radio transmissions to ‘Oumuamua since December 4th. Results not only containing the SAME “hyperdimensional codes” we have been sending … but answers that seem to directly connect to OUR OWN ancient history of “sacred geometric sites” here on planet Earth!

Join us this weekend, for a unique Christmas Gift … directly from the stars ….

Richard C. Hoagland

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Trump Administration Suddenly Announces

Why the Fury to Return to Mars?

Find Out “Why” Here:

Click on Image for The Presidential Briefing


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Show Items


Richard’s Items:

1. La Palma, Canary Islands: eruption Sep 2021 – updates




2. VIDEO: Rescue workers are feeding cats that survived the La Palma volcano eruption




3. The James Webb Space Telescope has successfully launched




4. OUMUAMUA Transmission Friday 12-24-21




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Maria’s Items:







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Jon’s Items:

1. Dec 4 chirp dB




2. Dec4chirp dB x50zoom




3. Dec4chirp dB x90zoom




4. Dec4chirp dB x95zoom




5. Dec 4 chirp Hz




6. Dec4chirp Hz x50zoom




7. Dec4chirp Hz x90zoom




8. Dec 24 dB




9. Dec 24 x50zoom dB




10. Dec 24 x100zoom dB




11. Dec 24 Hz




12. Dec 24 x50zoom Hz




13. Dec 24 x100zoom Hz




14. Parade north wing




15. Fishman 2 Sphinx




16. ET phone Utah




17. EM ‘Oumuamua Team audio analysis by Jon




18. Time Travel Clips




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David’s Item:

1. Frequency Meter – Recorded between 12:15 and 12:20 Pacific Friday December 24, 2021


This is way too mind blowing – In Response to Oumuamua Transmission at 11:00 AM pacific Time

1697.62 hz

Square root = 41.20218440811118

Peter Lemesurier Found using more primitive measuring tools that the most common measurement in the Great Pyramid of Egypt was 41.21 Inches = 2 Royal Cubits – BUT it did not perfectly resolve the finished height of the Great Pyramid to 280 Cubits of 480.69 Feet

41.202 inches per RC DOES Perfectly Resolve as 2 RC Because Divided by 2= 20.601 Inches per RC x 280 = 480.69 feet exactly

41.21 PI = 2 Royal Cubits appears in the Great Pyramid in these locations and more:
a) 41.21 “ Entrance casting Stones Thickness of upper course
b) 41.21 “ Width of Entrance
c) 41.21 “ Descending passage width
d) 41.21 “Width of ascending passage
e) 41.21” width of nerve center passages
f) 41.21 “ Ascending passage entrance of the Grand Gallery
g) 41.21” width of Grand gallery oor – Greatest Width of Grand Gallery 41.21 x 2 = 82.42”
h) 41.21” Queens Chamber Passage
i) 41.21 “ Kings Chamber passage width and height
j) 41.21” Width of Passage of Kings Chamber Lower chamber
k) 41.21” Kings Chamber vertical distance from oor to granite leaf
l) 41.21” Kings Chamber height to top of North Ventilator
m) 41.21” Kings Chamber Coffer height


James Wyatt Found Noah’s Ark measured 515 feet remember, which uses the 20.601 Inch Royal Cubit 300 Cubits x 20.601 = 6180.3 Inches (Golden Number to perfection) = 515.025 Feet

The message we got after Oumuamua transmission today resolves the Royal Cubit of the Bible and Ancient Egypt to Perfection 20.601 Inches per Royal Cubit

Considering all of the 1 to 1.6180339887 business with Oumuamua, look closely here

Noah’s Ark is 300 Cubits

Ezekiel tells us in 5 places God uses the “Cubit plus a hand” = Royal Cubit. The Great Pyramid finished height is resolved to exactly 280 Cubits using 20.601 inches per RC = 480.69 feet (Lemesurier’s final final)

Ron Wyatt measured the remains of Noah’s Ark on Mount Ararat at 515 feet

Noah’s Ark is 300 Cubits x 20.601 inches per RC = 6180.3 inches = 515.025 feet Exact Golden Ratio number is 1.6180339887

A-2.Oumuamua Closest Distance to Earth 24,200,000 km

B-2. Earth to the sun distance is an Astronomical Distance Average 149,597,870

C-2. The ratio is 1 to 6.18 (The Golden Ratio Number again)

D-2. It’s velocity when we transmitted a series of tones to Oumuamua was 61,808

E-2. Right now it is the exact Fibonacci ratio of 89 to 144–%5C%2C—%20from%20Earth%5C%2C%20getting%20away,confusion%20whether%20it%20was%20an%20actual%20alien%20spacecraft

F-2. Its average speed of 26.03966872 Miles Per Second = 16.1803 Miles per second



2. It breaks down to the Islamic Cloth Cubit of Damascus, which is 25 inches today

Frequency 2509.83 Square root = 50.098 = 2 Islamic Cloth Cubits of Damascus

= 25.04 Inches

Every transmission breaks down with the same math formula to a Cubit from different parts of the ancient world!

This is the response from Oumuamua Yesterday




3. The Rabbinical Cubit, This puts the handbreadth at roughly 9 centimetres (3.5 in), and 6 handbreadths (1 cubit) at 54 centimetres (21 in)The Rabbinical Cubit, This puts the handbreadth at roughly 9 centimetres (3.5 in), and 6 handbreadths (1 cubit) at 54 centimetres (21 in)

1783.55 Square root = 42.232 (2 Rabinical Cubits) Divided by 2 = 21.11 (Note the Rabbinical Cubit is not exact)


4. Rabbi Avraham Chaim Naeh put the linear measurement of a cubit at 48 centimetres (19 in).[18] Avrohom Yeshaya Karelitz (the “Chazon Ish”), dissenting, put the length of a cubit at 57.6 centimetres (22.7 in)

You have to understand the Cubit war arguments. So this frequency Capture of 1976.37 Square Root = 44.456 for 2 Rabbinical Cubits = 22.22 Inches Per Cubit well within tolerance of the above argument



5. The ancient Egyptian royal cubit (meh niswt) is the earliest attested standard measure. Cubit rods were used for the measurement of length. A number of these rods have survived: two are known from the tomb of Maya, the treasurer of the 18th dynasty pharaoh Tutankhamun, in Saqqara; another was found in the tomb of Kha (TT8) in Thebes. Fourteen such rods, including one double cubit rod, were described and compared by Lepsius in 1865.[6] These cubit rods range from 523.5 to 529.2 mm (20.61 to 20.83 in) in length and are divided into seven palms; each palm is divided into four fingers, and the fingers are further subdivided.[7][6][8]




6. From the Dead Sea Scrolls, “Temple Scroll” we see the same measurement for the inner court of the Holy of Holies at 280 Cubits x 20.601 inches = 480.69 feet which is Peter Lemesurier’s final measurement of the Great Pyramid’s Height with its Apex

The temple scroll describes a Temple compound arranged in three concentric square courts resembling the Israelites camp in the desert during their exodus from Egypt to the promised land.[5] An idealized “four square” Temple plan is presented in the Temple Scroll. Johann Maier calculated that the scroll dimensions of the three inner courts[7] are:

Inner Court 280 cubits × 280 cubits (300 × 300 outer square)
Middle Court 480 cubits × 480 cubits (500 × 500 outer square)
Outer Court approximately 1,600 cubits × 1,600 cubits[7]




7. Alien Vrillon Interruption 1977




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Maria Wheatley

The Avebury Experience,
Esoteric College

Maria is a second-generation dowser who was taught by European Master Dowers, her late father and Chinese geomants. She is a leading authority on geodetic earth energies, ley lines and stone circles. Maria is an accomplished author of books on sacred sites and dowsing.

In 2015 Maria made a major discovery. In the Neolithic period there was a royal priesthood of long skulled (elongated) people that made Stonehenge their spiritual capital. Across Europe and the British Isles, this Enigmatic long lost civilization designed elongated shaped monuments to reflect their skull shape. During the Early Bronze Age, the long skulled people were murdered by round skulled people who designed round stone circles and created round barrows for the departed – reflecting the shape of their skulls. Maria tracked down the long elongated skull of the High Queen of Stonehenge and many others to reveal the Secret History of Stonehenge.

Maria has studied Neolithic Britain and Bronze Age prehistory at Bath and Oxford University. Alongside other professionals, Maria combines her knowledge of archaeology, and earth energies with state of the art equipment to detect and interpret the hidden frequencies that the Earth emits. She is an expert on locating and analyzing earth energies at sacred sites across Europe.

Maria has also written holistic diploma courses and runs which offers certificated courses on holistic subjects including past life regression, Druid Soul Star astrology, tarot and dowsing.

Maria teaches advance dowsing techniques which are not taught anywhere else in the world.

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Jonathan Womack



Jonathan Womack is an astral Samaritan, psi-archeologist, musician, award-winning author, and film producer. Jonathan began leaving his body in the fall of 1965 after watching an episode of the sci-fi series, “Lost in Space”. A year later, Jonathan found his calling after watching the premiere of the Saturday morning cartoon, “The New Adventures of Superman”. Jonathan donned the astral cape and leotards when he began receiving psychic distress alarms from people and spirits.

In 1968, during a family vacation to Colorado, Jonathan was struck by the appearance of ancient ruins and monuments. Five decades passed as Jonathan evolved and expanded his metaphysical scope, answering alarms and clearing traumatized sites such as ground zero in New York City.

In the summer of 2021, while viewing images presented on an episode of Richard Hoagland’s radio podcast, “The Other Side of Midnight”, Jonathan was again struck by clear evidence of ruins, monuments, portals, sphinxes, spires and murals in Arches National Park, Utah.

Jonathan committed himself to dispelling the myth and conditioning of “interesting erosion” in the American southwest, Alula, Saudi Arabia, and other sculpted regions around the world, as well as the planetary art covering the Martian surface.


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David Sereda


David Sereda was born in Edmonton, Alberta, August 21, 1961. He was born into a family of 5 boys being the 2nd eldest. His father, Dr. Lynn Sereda, Ph.D. in educational psychology from UC Berkeley, CA, was dedicated to his children’s spiritual growth. His influence on David is one of the greatest driving forces behind what he does. His mother Linda Trafford, was a carpenter, artist and family lawyer in California.
Crystal Sereda first met David Sereda in Los Angeles at the House of Blues. Dan Aykroyd introduced us at a world meeting of sorts, wherein, my husband was introduced to me as a UFO researcher and historian. David, among other experts and friends were brought in to analyze some UFO footage in the screening room. At that time I especially enjoyed singing Jazz and blues in Los Angeles. I was professionally trained in opera technique, which I use with my husband’s music to create a new way of recording with the 5151, being the first to ever be recorded in modern history out of our “Scale of Life” new harmonic musical scale.
We have also enjoyed film making together which includes our narrating, acting, filming, and my singing vocals for our documentary films along side my husband’s love for music with scoring. We have produced such documentaries as Quantum Communication, The Voice, From Here to Andromeda, Hope For Humanity and Mona Lisa’s Little Secret.
David decided at a certain stage of his education to self design his learning and consequently has studied world religion, meditation, philosophy, science (Fringe science), physics, photography, screenwriting, art, film, music, consciousness, UFOs, Crop Circles, history, sacred sites, transpersonal psychology, yoga and more.
Since the year 1999, David has appeared on hundreds of radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and George Noory, Jimmy Church, John B. Wells, Shirley MacLaine, Alan Handelman, Alan Eisenberg, and so many more. He has also appeared on nearly every news station on TV including CNN, Anderson Cooper, Fox News (various affiliates), History Channel "Ancient Aliens", Peter Jennings UFO special, "Seeing is Believing 2005" and more.
He has written self published books such as Evidence, the case for NASA UFOs, Singularity, Differentials, Face to Face with Jesus Christ, and jointly with his wife Mona Lisa’s Little Secret, and God’s Great Pyramid.
He has Co Produced, Directed, Edited and scored documentary films, "Evidence, the Case for NASA UFOs" (2001 on VHS 2003 on DVD), Dan Aykroyd, Unplugged on UFOs (2005), THE VOICE (2006), Quantum Communication (2007), Mona Lisa’s Little Secret (2008), Hope for Humanity (2009), etc. His films have had millions of views from DVDs, TV, and Youtube, etc.
He has produced and scored music for meditation, frequencies for tuning consciousness. He and his wife have a meditation practice and consciousness course series on audio and video called Quantum ReGenesis. David and Crystal Sereda have developed a company with natural technology developed both to imprint frequencies and vibrations into jewelry & crystals. He also designs and makes harmonic field transmitters and wands!



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Michael Lee Hill


432 Hz – Unlocking The Magnificence Of The 3 6 9, The Key To The Universe.

Michael Lee Hill is an award winning musician, filmographer and UFO experiencer, who incorporates cosmic harmonic frequencies into his music gained from his communication with those not from here. Michael speaks on the indigenous connection with Star Beings and The wisdom gained in those communications.
He discusses time, numbers, and the physics of creation.

His actual Scientific GVD photography captures the amount of photonic light energy within a droplet of water. Imagine what drinking this 432 Hz water does to the human body at a cellular level! His footage of the Lake Erie UFO’s has created a Billy Meier like buzz and Michael seems to have developed an intuitive relationship with these craft. In his home state of Ohio, Michael has been cataloguing video after video of UFO’s over Lake Erie. The phenomena consists almost entirely of "Pulsating orb’s of light”—unusual lights seen changing colours, converging, and separating over the lake.

Stories of the unexplained phenomena date back over 150 years to the indigenous North American Indian Tribes. Michael has been featured on the History Channel's “UFO Hunters”, Fox News, CBS News, Jeff Rense, Coast To Coast, Dreamland, and countless radio and TV programs. He has also been a special guest speaker at the Star Knowledge Conference. Key factors of his presentation include:

• Numbers, as well as Base 60 and Base 12 Math
• Time itself
• The Earth’s 25,920-year precessional cycle
• The physics of creation
• Learning how the Anunnaki communicated through recent Crop Circles discoveries regarding 432 based technology. A NASA scientist recently confirmed that this same technology can open a portal through the fabric of our space-time, bringing through energy from another dimension that revitalizes dead municipal tap water back into LIVING HOLY WATER!


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Ron Gerbron

Member of the Enterprise Mission Imaging Team

Ron is a proudly uncredentialed polymath with a deep interest in the study of archeology, especially Martian archeology. Ron was raised on a farm in Pennsylvania collecting arrowheads as a child.  He found the programmatic aspect of education too limiting after attending a famous Quaker school in PA. Ahead of his studies and his time, he attempted to contort himself into attending college; before he gave up on academia and left to travel overseas. Throughout all this time, he has focused his core attention on the metrology of our paleo history, particularly on other planets, and especially Mars.

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5 Comments so far:

  1. DeborahSala says:

    JFK’s address to the joint congressional session was on May 25 1961, as referenced on Page 324 of the book Dark Mission the secret history of NASA; May 25, 1961 to ‘Oumuamua first sighted on Oct. 19, 2017 is 20601 days, a decimal equivalent of the cubit.

  2. BrianKovar says:

    I just had a thought. Now my method mentioned about about visualizing a carrier wave and a transmission wave in 3d. Now what happens if you take a cross section of that wave. You would get a image just like a crop circle or one of those crystal disks Micheal hill makes. 
    Now what would happen if you take the letters of the English alphabet and visualized them on my 3d wave displayer. So for example have someone speak the letter A into the device and get a cross section of the letter A. You then repeat that for every letter. Now you create a machine that will recognize the cross section of each letter in that 3d wave beam in real-time and then speaks the letter A or of its advanced enough it speaks words 
    And you create communication. 
    Now the problem is you need to do this process for every language 
    But I wonder if I’m crazy or if this will actually work. 
    Some who knows about creating advanced computer programs should try and see if they can make something out of my idea. I mean it either works or it doesn’t right? 

  3. BrianKovar says:

    I know this might not be possible with current technology but I wonder what would happen if you were to somehow fashion a way to display these frequencies in a tube of glass about 5 feet long with a visible to the naked eye laser in it that can expand/contract or I guess vibrate in three dimensions so that you can see the high and low points of the frequency but at the same time you can also see the gaps in the frequencies. Ie you see a laser vibrate to create a visualization of the frequencies but you also see the empty spaces where the laser isn’t. 
    I think several Scifi futuristic movies had displays like this but I can’t think of any. 
    Now it might be possible to create a computer program to do what I am describing. I just have a feeling that you would find something incredible if you could somehow do this. 
    Now that I think of it a good way to visualize what I am describing would be to think of when you hit a guitar string, it vibrates making sound. Now if you could slow down that guitar string enough you could see every way that guitar string bends and vibrates in three dimensions. Ie one part bends up which then bends left which them bends down and so on.
    Now when you do this you only see the guitar string in motion but you can imagine what that guitar string looks like when it’s still. Now that still guitar string is the carrier wave, or the 144. And on top of that carrier wave or in our visualization a motionless guitar string, is the message wave which would be 432, or in our visualization the guitar string you plucked. 
    Hopefully that made sense. 

  4. DKJ says:

    I think you guys are playing with fire here! We don’t know if THEY are looking around the universe for planets to take over, or looking for FOOD, or water or other resources. 
    War of the Worlds, Independence Day,  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Aliens, etc.
    You might be calling down hell fire on us.
    Maybe the Mayans were wrong, or maybe we read it wrong. Instead of 2012 it’s really 2021, Dec. 2012. When the clock resets.  Aliens make first contact and come back and eat us.

  5. Charlie Linville says:

    The Carpenters version is nice, but why didnt you use the original version composed by Klaatu?

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