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Mars Another Look

   Tonight we go back in time to Mars. What do we know now that we didn’t know back then? Why has this knowledge been suppressed? What’s to come, and where do we stand in the thick of all of this?

   Questions that need to have answers… Answers that are coming like a freight train in broad daylight.  Are we ready for the next big leap in our evolution, and can we handle the truth? 

    The next question is, Where do we go from here?

  Keith B. Morgan      


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Ron Gerbron

Member of the Enterprise Mission Imaging Team

Ron is a proudly uncredentialed polymath with a deep interest in the study of archeology, especially Martian archeology. Ron was raised on a farm in Pennsylvania collecting arrowheads as a child.  He found the programmatic aspect of education too limiting after attending a famous Quaker school in PA. Ahead of his studies and his time, he attempted to contort himself into attending college; before he gave up on academia and left to travel overseas. Throughout all this time, he has focused his core attention on the metrology of our paleo history, particularly on other planets, and especially Mars.

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Keith Morgan


The Morgan Curve BLOG:

YouTube Channel:

Co-Producer and Sound Engineer for both 'The Other Side of Midnight' and 'The Other Side of the News.'

Keith Morgan has been an Electronics Technician with ABC News in Washington DC since February 1982 and retired in July 2011. He has a BA in Communications from Howard University with a minor in Computer Science. He helped build Howard University's TV station, WHMM, now WHUT. He worked at WRC Channel 4 in Washington in 1980. Keith is the discoverer of what has been coined the Morgan Curve on Mars. He has researched the Mars anomalies since 1988 after  purchasing “The Monuments of Mars”. You can find Keith in Graham Hancock's book "The Mars Mystery", and Dr. Stanley McDaniel's "The McDaniel Report, as well as "The Monuments of Mars" second edition on, and "Dark Mission".

 He worked with Nightline with Ted Koppel. Keith  was instrumental in getting a face to face between Richard Hoagland and Ted Koppel. While at ABC he saw news casts, going to ABC affiliates, about inventors with technologies that could have got us off fossil fuels decades ago. Those were similar technologies that are just now coming into the mainstream today.  He also supplied the Nightline show with information which was used in various shows about Mars and Europa.

Keith thinks he now knows why the face is on Mars, and who is buried within, based on Sumerian writings over 6000 years old.

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Trump Administration Suddenly Announces

Why the Fury to Return to Mars?

Find Out “Why” Here:

Click on Image for
The Presidential Briefing


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Show Items


Richard’s Items:



NASA’s Webb Reaches Alignment Milestone, Optics Working Successfully






Where is Webb?       Telescope Alignment Over All Instrument Fields Of View



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 Ron’s Items:















































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   Keith’s Items




Me and Ted Koppel














FACE with Overlay







The Morgan Curve










The First 3 Mounds of the Curve









Morgan Curve Angles Composite




Exponential Spacing of Main Structures







The Face Detailed Comparisons

















The Badlands Guardian






Guardian with Annotations





Stan Meyer’s Water Powered Car





Stan’s Electrolyzer 






Stan’s Spark Plug Replacement Electrolyzer







The Reed Magnetic Motor






Me Next to the Motor






Me Next to the Surge Electric Car






Troy’s Cousin, Dennis Weaver and Richard C. Hoagland







Homopolar Principle  

    (Click the Image to View)




Bruce DePalm’s N-Machine based on Homopolar Electrical Generation





Side View of Delta Wing Aircraft





Delta Wing Models of Aircraft






The Morgan Curve YouTube Channel






The Morgan Curve PDF








My Utah Experience PDF





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8 Comments so far:

  1. Jay says:

    Timing wasn’t good to listen to the show live so I’m listening to the show now——–Keith, you have a lot of fascinating things to say and I always enjoy when you’re hosting——-if I may offer a few words of advice based on my experience as a musician——as a guitarist I know not to throw every lick into every song—–also I’ve learned that it’s good to take breaks between songs to give the audience a chance to absorb——-applying that to your show tonight——1) you covered topics that really were material for 10 shows, if not more. It got a bit overwhelming and I understand that you wanted to make the most of your chance———-2) I would suggest, even when you’re hosting alone, to line up some sound clips, talk 10 or 15 minutes at a time and then play a clip to break things up——-of course if you’re hosting again, which I hope you will be doing, you will have guests, as I hear Ron Gerbron is about to come on——–you may already have done this, but since clearly Richard’s technical situation means that he will be missing a lot of shows—- meaning that you will probably get many more chances to host—, I suggest that you prep up some shows in advance as far as having sound clips and outlining how you are going to present the time———–you can easily take a number of the topics you cover tonight and make a whole show out of each of them——so good show, plan on doing more and plan accordingly—-

    Best wishes, jay

  2. Robert says:

    Great show. Thanks

  3. David Hodges says:

    Absolutely LOVED listening to Keith Morgan tonight. My one suggestion to him would be to leave off the “I hope I’m not boring you” comments; totally unnecessary. He is a fascinating host, and guest. I wish he would have shared his thoughts on the best graphene company to invest in.

    • Keith Morgan says:

      Thank you so much. I guess I didn’t bore you guys, thank goodness. As for the best Graphene company to invest in, that I can’t tell you because they are all just getting started. So that’s why I bought into all of them, since they are considered penny stocks. Even if one of them excels the most it should get me back what I invested in the others plus. It’s like asking, do I buy Apple or Microsoft when they first got started. If you have both then one that tanks, which neither did, the other will give you such a windfall that any loss on the other would be nothing that would hurt your investment at all.

  4. BBob Brighr says:

    great show Keith

  5. Bob says:

    Great show Keith

  6. Don K Johnson says:

    SPAWARS Navy in San Diego was doing work on cold fusion with SAIC.
    they even had a video on YouTube of their results.
    They it went black

    • Keith Morgan says:

      Thanks for listening Don. Eugene Maloff, MIT professor, was aware that M.I.T. had duplicated the Pons and Fleischmann “Fusion in a Bottle” experiment, and got positive results. However, M.I.T. reported, publicly, that they gotten no positive results. M.I.T. was working on Hot Fusion, and receiving funding for it. Do you really think M.I.T. would have challenged their own work, with a chance of loosing that funding? Eugene was killed in an allege robbery attempt. He was beaten and strangled to death. There is a YouTube post, from the Oxygen channel. They spelled his name as Mallove. Here is the link to the video.
      The guys who try to do the right thing always end up on the short end of the stick.

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