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Was Uvalde Just the Latest in a Continuing … Secret Ritual?!

This last week has been hell ….
Today, the President and First Lady of the United States are flying to Uvalde, TX, to once again assume his unofficial presidential role as “consoler-in-chief.”
As everyone must know by now — there was another US shooting last week (taking place just days after an 18-year-old shooter, using an AR-15, murdered 10 shoppers in Buffalo, NY!); this time the victims in Texas were MUCH younger : 19 fourth-graders, and their two teachers … who all died last Tuesday at the hands of another “mad” 18-year-old male … wielding (of course) another AR-15.
Amid the continuing confusion and controversies swirling around this latest Texas tragedy, it is important to note that the first “mass shooting” occurred in the United States when Charles Whitman first climbed the University of Texas “Texas Tower,” on August 1, 1966, and killed 14 students by long-range rifle fire, before police climbed the Tower (after waiting 96 minutes … sound familiar?) … finally ending Whitman’s spree by shooting him dead.
What can these two “major US gun crimes” — the first one in 1966, and the latest in 2022 — possibly have in common … across almost 60 years?!!
Tonight, my guests and I are exploring the extraordinary possibility that we are dealing — not just with the “social meltdown of another deranged teenager ….”  
With a decades-long pattern of carefully planned Deliberate Ritual Human Sacrifice!!
And, we’ve got some extraordinary new evidence … specifically, coming from Uvalde.
Join us ….
Richard C. Hoagland

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Georgia Lambert

GL face

Website: Lambert’s Lodge 

Georgia Lambert has over fifty years of experience in the field of Esoteric Studies, receiving formal training in Eastern and Western disciplines, methods and traditions. She was the first to be licensed by the State of California to teach Meditation and Esoteric Physiology, an experimental course she presented for 3 years at the College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific.

In the past, she has served on the board of directors of United Health Resource, has been on the staff at the Institute for Health Facilitation for 3 years, taught for 2 years for the Institute for Advancement of Human Potential, and served on the Teaching staff of the Philosophical Research Society for 10 years, under Manly Palmer Hall. Her lecture credits include Children’s Hospital of Orange County, California State University of Fullerton, Orange Coast College, and Orange County Correctional Facility at Chino, The William Parker Holistic Health Center, The University of the Seven Rays, The Edgar Casey Foundation (A.R.E.),The Theosophical Society, Arcana Workshop, and the 1985 National Cranial Conference sponsored by the American Osteopathic Association.

In 1989, she became the first woman to address a Scottish Rite Research Group on the higher degrees of Masonry. In 1995, 1996, and 1997 she gave presentations to the Pacific Southwest Regional Conclaves of the Rosicrucian Order A.M.O.R.C., both in the USA and in Canada. In 2001, she was invited to participate in a “Think Tank” under the umbrella of an Aerospace Corporation on the subject of Science and Education, and her artwork was featured at the Education Summit for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. In England, she has given seminars for the Scientific and Medical network at St. Katherine’s College in Oxford, and for the Wrekin Trust at Regents Park College, London. Her publishing credits include articles in the British Holistic Health Journal, Caduceus, and appearances on both radio and television.


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Robert Morningstar


The Morningstar Report Newsletter
Latest article:
UFOs Over The Great State of Maine: Memories and Recollections of a UFO Hunter

Robert Morningstar is a civilian intelligence analyst, investigative journalist and psychotherapist, living in New York City.

Robert is a specialist in photo interpretation, geometric analysis and computer imaging. Robert Morningstar is a graduate of Power Memorial Academy and was a New York State Regents Scholar (1967-72) at Fordham University where he received a degree in psychology.  While at Fordham University, in 1969, Robert participated as a research fellow in a US Navy-sponsored program to develop Artificial Intelligence.

An expert in Chinese language, history and martial arts, he is acknowledged as a Master of Yang Family Tai Chi Ch’uan by the Hong Kong Tai Chi Masters Association and has taught at Oberlin College, and  Hunter College, the City University of New York. In 1992-93, he worked in the Behavioral Science Department of The International Center for the Disabled.

Robert Morningstar is a FAA-licensed private pilot and Instrument Ground Instructor and has studied the paranormal and UFOs for over 50 years and published many research articles on the Internet, exposing government cover-up and deception applied in the JFK Assassination. His work is cited in major books on the JFK assassination, notably in Paris Flammonde’s “The Assassination of America” and “Conspiracy Science” by Prof. James Fetzer.
In 2004, Robert Morningstar presented "TMA 1: A Sign of Intelligent Life on Mars" before a peer review panel at the Min-Tech conference at Johns Hopkins University sponsored by AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics) and was a featured speaker at the historic Secret Space Program Conference-Breakaway Civilization Conference held in San Francisco, June 2015 where he exhibited Apollo mission lunar anomalies and related UFO activity that occurred throughout the Apollo Missions. Robert has written extensively to expose NASA’s use of “Disinformation Technology” to suppress evidence of an extraterrestrial presence on the Moon and of life on Mars.
 Robert is currently the Publisher & Editor of The UFO Spotlight & UFODigest, which expose the real nature and menace of the UFO phenomenon its cover-up and threat to our constitutional liberties. Robert ihas been heard regularly on many national and international radio programs, including Coast-to-Coast AM, Far Out Radio, The Other Side of News, The Martian Revelation, Dr. J Radio Live in L.A. and Skywatchers Radio. Robert is currently the host of hs own radio programs on Revolution Radio..
Robert Morningstar has been listed in Who's Who In America, Who's Who In Who in Business & Industry (1992) and In Science & Technology (1993). Robert was the recipient of the Marquis Who's Who 2020 Albert Neill Lifetime Achievement Award for his work and career as a Civilian Intelligence Analyst.

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Ron Gerbron

Member of the Enterprise Mission Imaging Team

Ron is a proudly uncredentialed polymath with a deep interest in the study of archeology, especially Martian archeology. Ron was raised on a farm in Pennsylvania collecting arrowheads as a child.  He found the programmatic aspect of education too limiting after attending a famous Quaker school in PA. Ahead of his studies and his time, he attempted to contort himself into attending college; before he gave up on academia and left to travel overseas. Throughout all this time, he has focused his core attention on the metrology of our paleo history, particularly on other planets, and especially Mars.

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Trump Administration Suddenly Announces

Why the Fury to Return to Mars?

Find Out “Why” Here:

Click on Image for
The Presidential Briefing


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Show Items


Richard’s Items:



Biden visits Uvalde, Texas; DOJ launches police response review; mourners flock to vigils: Live updates





Behind the Tower: New Histories of the UT Tower Shooting – Behind the Tower







Warren Burger “2nd Amendment Fraud” – 1991 PBS News Hour





Second Amendment



5.   “UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities”

  From — “UFOs: Myths, Conspiracies and Realities” [Barnes & Noble — 2012], by John Alexander, 35-36, Italics in the original: 

“… Only once in all of the dozens of briefings that I gave [to high-level military intelligence officials (and military officers) on UFOs/UAPs — based on Alexander’s study of the field], did I get a negative response …

“On this one occasion, things turned ugly. 

“After I briefed General Max Thurma, who at the time was the Vice-Chief of Staff of the Army — the number two four-star position in the Army — he asked me to also brief the Board on Army Science and Technology (BAST) Study Group that was examining the Army use of Space.  Heading this committee was Dr. Walt LaBerge, an eminent scientist who had previously served as the Principal Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering, as Under Secretary of the Army, as the Asst. Secretary of the Air Force, and was then a vice president at Lockheed Martin. 

“Among his many accomplishments, LaBerge was the co-inventor of the Sidewinder air-to-air missile and had led the team that built NASA’s Mission Control Center.  His distinguished career had brought him in close contact with many advanced [and highly classified] developments in the U.S. Space Program. Attending the meeting were about ten scientists and Dr. LaBerge.  For about an hour I ran through my briefing and informed them that the universe was probably not built the way they thought it was and that UFOs deserved serious consideration. 

“As I concluded, LaBerge asked the group of scientists and engineers if they had any questions.  There were a few pretty good questions from the attendees who seemed to be genuinely interested.  Then the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed in a scientific meeting took place–

“Livid, LaBerge slammed his hand on the table and began screaming at me.  His first comment was, “You’re not supposed to know that !!  That’s what you learn when you die !!”  To say that I was startled by his overreaction would be an understatement.  Never would I have anticipated that someone of his stature would totally lose control of his emotions in front of a group of distinguished peers.  Bringing religious beliefs in an uncontrolled and explosive manner before a panel like this was far beyond the pale ….” 








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 Ron’s Items:




0712 Ridge Combo











PIA25288 Section 2 Combo








PSP 010329 1525 RGB.NOMAP_s2_asg








Sol 0248 Mouse Hole Combo










Stack Comparison Combo








ZR0 0439 0705903676 113EBY N0244232ZCAM08457 1100LMJ ssg



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Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Ron  –  Robert
Fast links to Bios:  Georgia  –  Robert  –  Ron

Robert’s Items

1.  Shooter Fired Outside for 12 Minutes Before Entering the School

2.  New Details of The Shooter’s Background Information

3.  Border Patrol Agent Rushed in With No Backup to Stop the Shooter

4.  Federal Agents & Texas Cops Stood Outside for 40 Minutes Afraid to Get Shot

5.   Texas probing whether Peter Arredondo had police radio during disastrous school shooting response

6.  Harrowing Video of Parents Begging Cops to rescue their Children

7.  A Mother, Handcuffed Outside the Texas School Shooting, Later Ran Into the School To Rescue Her Two Children 

8.  A Mother, Handcuffed Outside the Texas School Shooting, Later Ran Into the School To Rescue Her Two Children 

9.  Shooter’s Mother Speaks Out; “He had his reasons”

10.  Officers Waited to Engage Texas School Shooter Because ‘They Could Have Been Shot’: Official

11.  Moment bow-and-arrow attacker fires at hiding customers in Co-op killing spree

12.   Orchestrating a Mass Shooting Event

13.  The True History Of Moloch,
The Ancient God Of Child Sacrifice
By Marco Margaritoffohn Loeffler
Condemned by biblical prophets and Roman senators alike, few pagan deities were as reviled as Moloch, a god whose bronze body was a furnace used for sacrificing children.






The Chinese art of physiognomy









Video Game Tournament Shooting



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Fast links to Items: Richard  –  Ron  –  Robert
Fast links to Bios:  Georgia  –  Robert  –  Ron

5 Comments so far:

  1. Eric Z says:

    Except how it is handled by actual military personnel.\
    from :

    How can so many enthusiastic gun owners say that they hold the military as a model, and yet not accept the strict regulations that go with the military’s use of firearms?

    Probably with the same logic that they use when they buy military tactical kit and shoot GoPro videos on their homemade urban range, but would never carry a hundred pounds on their back for 20 miles or sit freezing in a foxhole for days on end. This is another facet of rights without responsibility, or privilege without duty, in our present “liquid society.”
    In the Army, firearms are stored under lock, key, and sometimes guard, and god help you if one goes missing—the post shuts down and a frenzied search bordering on a religious quest begins. After basic training, soldiers are required to go through a few hours of refresher training with practical drills before they are even allowed on a range for individual shooting qualification. These are ranges that are heavily monitored, with a monumental emphasis on safety.


  2. Bingo says:

    The main problem is that the general populace can’t understand the complexity of the issue. Just listen to Abbott the other day:
    “It’s not about guns, it’s about mental health.”
    It is an issue about both! An old saying in engineering says it best. There is no such thing as a silver bullet. There is no single solution for the problem, but you can’t explain that to people because everyone wants simple solutions. To fix this problem we need a number of things:

    Better security in schools
    Red flag laws
    Elimination of the personal sale loophole
    Better health access across the spectrum
    Better funding for education
    An attempt to prevent the glorification of violence in our culture

    It’s a very complex problem with many causes. Even some of the solutions on their own would help though. 

  3. Psu Edon says:

    three sides white eyes discussed here 

  4. Adam prentice says:

    It’s called buying noise cancellation headphones. An absolute joke guests can’t buy some simple £20 decent headphones.

  5. Tyler says:

    Can you address the misnomer ‘assault weapon’. There is nothing unique about an ar-15 except its popularity.

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