Richard’s Items:

1. Donald Trump: I Meant That Obama Founded Isis, Literally 

2.  U.S. will affirm its prohibition on medical marijuana, officials say

3. Rio Olympics 2016 Gymnastics: Simone Biles Wins All-Around Gold

4. Multiple Bomb Blasts Strike Thailand


Debra’s Items:


1. Black Sun


2. Shiva

3. 2-minute promo video created by CERN in year 2015

4. One segment of the Gotthard Tunnel performance from June 01, 2016

5. Debra’s blog about the Gotthard performance and suggestion that the ballet is related to particle physics:

6.  “Black Sun” graphic and the Vishnu image files


“When I look back on all the crap I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all.” — the “Kodachrome” song by Paul Simon, 1973

I grew up in the quiet, small, city east of Palmdale, California during the 1960’s. Hundreds of families moved into this area during that decade as a result of the rapid rise of the aerospace industry, as Mr. Hoagland can well attest. That area is synonymous with the infamous “Skunk Works” and with the dry lake bed at Edwards A.F.B. used for Shuttle landings.

I’m not quite old enough to remember the assassination of JFK, but I do remember the assassination of Brother Bobbie on an early summer’s day in 1968. I was finishing up my first grade at the elementary school just up the street from our suburbia house. Maybe that was when I became self-aware that something wasn’t right. When I saw the events of that day unfolding on our new color TV, I remember a thought passing through my 6.5 year old mind. And silly me assumed that everybody else was also holding this same belief. To me, it seemed perfectly obvious:

“The President and his brother must have been killed by the same people.”

I don’t know how a little first-grader was able to come to that conclusion. That certainly wasn’t the sort of idea you would expect to be rumbling around the brain of a little kid. But it kept rumbling in mine and still does, to this day.

The people of my generation passed through the Space Race, the Vietnam War, Watergate, the Disco Era, Yuppies, the World Wide Web, and Irrational Exuberance. Throughout this entire period, a relentless Matrix Machine has been whirring in the background of our lives, unnoticed and largely unchallenged. If truth be told, that Machine has been whirring for centuries.

I had been fascinated with the study of ancient history for as long as I can remember. When my radio finally tuned its way into the Art Bell Show during the Hale-Bopp Comet period, I realized that I had found a network of people who were likewise interested in exploring versions of history that clash with mainstream education. Through that show I found the Enterpise Mission web site and even had the opportunity to attend two of Richard Hoagland’s presentations, one in Pasadena and one in Del Mar. But the two of us have never formally met (yet).

I guess it was inevitable that the 6.5 year old kid who once questioned the official doctrine of the Kennedy assassinations would one day swallow her own Red Pill. In the year 2003, I moved to Sedona, Arizona. As the 2008 Crash progressed, I watched the financial aspects of my family’s life collapse into disaster as the equity of our homes evaporated into the dry Arizona air.

I finally came to that moment as have so many readers and contributors of and other Alt-News web sites, that day when you finally stop and ask “Why did this happen?” I started reading, researching, listening. Gradually the bricks of The Matrix began to crumble. I discovered for myself that axiom for which Richard Hoagland is so famous: “The lie is different at every level.”

When I found Joseph Farrell’s work via Hoagland’s introduction of him to the airwaves, that’s when I really came home. You will find that my blogs are shameless advocates of Farrell’s books, books like “Babylon’s Banksters” and “Financial Vipers of Venice,” among others. Finally I had found somebody who logically connected the dots among ancient history, ancient religion, financial tyranny, and the search to domesticate the ultimate energies of the universe.

Eventually the personal blog that I had written about the ancient “Murasu Archive” came to the attention of the Lead Editor of That blog is a fictional tale based on the very non-fictional bookkeeping records of a powerful Judean banking family headquartered in Nippur, Babylonia around the year 600 B.C. The Murasu family rose to such a level of wealth and influence during the Persian Empire that they were able to finance the overthrow of one emperor and replace him with their man of choice, Darius II. And thus the template was set for the continuous rise and fall of empires throughout the Greek, Roman, and Anglo-American eras.

(That blog is found here at my original personal site with by the nickname “SedonaDeb”)

So here we all are in the year 2016, finally getting down to uncovering the Great Lie that has been the driving force in the world’s background since the conclusion of WWII. Or did that war ever really end? That Lie is, of course, the false idea that the Nazi’s quietly faded away. In February 2016, V. the Guerrilla Economist of invited me to join his team of writers and readers who are all trying to Slay the Bankster in their own way. We carry on with confidence because no Evil has ever stood forever against the onslaught of Truth. Undaunted, we move forward.

Articles posted at that site by the author’s name of “Bankster Slayer” are my own creation. I make no apologies if what you hear in my blogs steps on the toes of a long-cherished paradigm. I am just A Messenger. In fact, you will find that my blogs will invite your comments to provide additional pieces of information that perhaps you may have gleaned from your own research. I have many holes that need filling.

My own web site, Twitter page, Facebook and some-time blogs are found here if you care to visit:

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— Debra Caruthers aka Bankster Slayer

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