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1. New Energy Movement     2. Andrew’s Blog     3. Andrew’s YouTube Channel 4.     5. Free Energy – Bruce DePalma     6. N-Machine Test 7. The Home of Primordial Energy     8. Electromagnetic Induction of Space Substratum 9. Tewarti 10.  11.  12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Websites: New Energy Movement, RevMount, Evolutionary YouTube Channel Andrew Mount has a 25-year background in whole systems solutions, environmental science, and new-paradigm physics.  He has spent the last 6-years practicing permaculture and developing food security initiatives in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon, his pastoral home. Andrew’s social entrepreneurship efforts have been recognized by Dr. Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Laureate) at the 2013 Oregon Social Business Challenge.  Andrew served as a key organizer in the successful campaign to ban GMOs in Jackson County, OR. After his 9-year tenure as Secretary to Bruce DePalma and as Trustee of DePalma Institute. Andrew co-founded (NEM) with Dr. Brian O’Leary and others, serving as an Associate Director and Adviser to NEM’s Board.  He is co-founder of Southern Oregon Slow Money and an […]

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. Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Gary – Kynthea – Andrew – Timothy Fast links to Bios:  Gary – Kynthea – Timothy – Andrew   Andrew’s Items: 1. NPR: Mounting Evidence Suggests COVID Not as Deadly as Thought:     2. When It Comes to Masks, There Is No Settled Science:   3. Mask Exemption:   4. AC – Face Mask Exemption Card:     5. Flu deaths reality check | CBC News:     6. Some States Are Now Police State: Camps and Ankle Bracelets:     7. Telus selects Vancouver, four other cities, for initial 5G rollout:     8. Telus 5G – Coverage, Phone Support and Cost:   9. Telus Peace of Mind Plan – Free Spirit Commercial 2020:   10. TELUS Peace of Mind Plans:   11. AC – A Helpful Network or a Controlling Web?     12. […]

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Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard  – Bob –  Andrew – Ron – Keith Fast links to Bios:  Tim C. – Bob –  Andrew – Ron Will – Keith –  Tim S. – Kynthea – Georgia . Robert Harrison Click on Images to Enlarge 1. 1947     2.     3.     4. Moonraker (UK cinema poster) Guest Page Fast links to Items:  Richard  – Bob –  Andrew – Ron – Keith Fast links to Bios:  Tim C. – Bob –  Andrew – Ron Will – Keith –  Tim S. – Kynthea – Georgia . Andrew’s Items: 1. Elon Musk tells employees the Starship rocket is ‘top SpaceX priority’:   Click on Images to Enlarge 2. AC – The Expanse     3. AC – Lunar Temple Row     4. AC – A Site to Behold     5. AC – A Temple Mount     6. AC-Strange Adventures     7. AC-Strange Adventures     8. Old = New     9. Chesley-Bonestell painting – “Exploring Mars” 1954     10. From Anderson’s 1970 sci-fi tv series UFO                     […]

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  Andrew Currie’s Items:   1. Giant asteroid with its own moon to pass by Earth this weekend:     2. Artemis Mission:   3. Superman II:     4. An Astounding Amount of Water Has Been Discovered Beneath the Martian North Pole:     5. NASA – Get Your Boarding Pass:       6. Physics Is Pointing Inexorably to Mind – Scientific American Blog Network:   7. Sir Roger Moore, James Bond Actor, Dies Aged 89     8-     9-     10-     11-    

Click on Image for The Presidential Briefing Trailer:     During the fallout of World War II, the British attempted to divide India into two separate states based along religious lines. The result was the 1947 Partition of India which resulted in two independent dominions: the Hindu dominated India and Muslim Pakistan. The main issue between the two nations since their inception has been a territorial conflict over a shared region known as Kashmir. The two neighbours have fought several major wars over this area (one as recent as 1999) involving thousands of casualties and numerous clashes across the Line of Control in Kashmir. This ongoing border crisis has recently erupted again when Pakistan shot down an Indian jet fighter over Pakistani-controlled Kashmir, one day after India’s Air Force had launched air strikes against an alleged terrorist camp in Pakistani territory. Tensions between the two nuclear nations have calmed, but […]