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Show Items Richard’s Items: 1-  First day of government shutdown ends in standoff   2-  NASA removes first African-American woman set to be on space station crew Paul David’s Items 1- Blowing America’s Mind: A True Story of Princeton, CIA Mind Control, LSD and Zen A True Story of Princeton, CIA Mind Control, LSD and Zen By John Selby and Paul Jeffrey Davids PLEASE CLICK COVER TO GET YOURS. WHO GOES THERE? PRINCETON UNDERGRAD GUINEA PIGS, SHRINKS ON LSD, HYPNOTISTS AND SPIES USA Today states “You’re not tripping: LSD is making a comeback.” A 40% jump in those 18 to 25 using acid is reported. What scared the hell out of America in 1966 when LSD was criminalized for the first time? And why aren’t the young today frightened anymore? The new book BLOWING AMERICA’S MIND (subtitled A TRUE STORY OF PRINCETON, CIA MIND CONTROL, LSD AND ZEN) now appears on the scene […]

Richard’s Items     Paul’s Items             1. PAUL & JEFF B&W                 2. SCI-FI BOYS PHOTO – SEA SERPENT UNION ICE               3. SFB-SIEGFRIED DRAGON               4. GEORGE PAL                           5.  HOL & ALISTAIR V -77-                           6.  JOHN HUSTON                           7. KOHNER & LAEMMLE – ORIG           8.PAUL KOHNER – JOHN HUSTON                 9. PAUL KOHNER & JOHN HUSTON PORTRAITS                 10.  GREAT PHOTO – FRONT PETER JACKSON LEFT, FORREST J ACKERMAN RIGHT – […]

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Richard’s Items Trump looks to extend dominance as GOP starts to panic [News] Third launch scrapped in a week: Is SpaceX failing or just innovating? [News] Why We Can’t Just Throw Our Garbage Into the Sun [News] Watch Scott Kelly return to Earth today after spending a year in space [News] Researchers discover ‘exquisite’ 515-million-year-old fossilized nervous system [News] Paul’s Items Now available for pre-order at, publication date is April 4,2016. 514 page hardback, also available for Kindle. This book follows from the Paul Davids documentary THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT as it is a complete account, with contributions from scientists, of the Ackerman afterlife communication case. THE LIFE AFTER DEATH PROJECT, a Special-Edition 2-DVD set. Special Guest: Paul Davids PAUL DAVIDS is an author, artist and director, who has produced films that include Marilyn Monroe Declassified (2016), NBCUniversal’s Jesus in India (2007) and The Sci-Fi Boys (2006), and Showtime s Roswell (1994). He co-authored […]

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1. Original 1938 ‘War of the Worlds’ CBS Radio Broadcast 2.  3.  4. 5.  6.  7.  8.  9.  Paul Davids is from Bethesda, Maryland, the son of a famous Georgetown University professor of American History, Dr. Jules Davids. Dr. Davids worked extensively with John F. Kennedy on the writing of PROFILES IN COURAGE (for which he is credited in the Preface).  Jules Davids was a professor to Jacqueline Kennedy and later to Georgetown undergraduate Bill Clinton. Paul Davids is a graduate of Princeton University, where he majored in psychology and won numerous awards in writing. He then attended the American Film Institute Center for Advanced Film Studies in Beverly Hills. He is married to Hollace Davids, who is Senior Vice-President of Special Projects for Universal Pictures and who has produced several of his films. After a few years working as a script analyst for Hollywood agent Paul Kohner (where he read all the submissions for […]