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Highlights Of Donald Trump At Tonight’s Republican Debate – Donald Trump With Hannity 0:20 – 1:34 Angry segment 5:56 – 6:56 With Ted Cruz – “NY Values” 9:36 – 10:58 Polls, Birther Argument 6th GOP Debate P7, Fox Business MAIN Republican Presidential Debate 1/14/2016 #GOPDebate 0:00 – 3:06 Carson on Isis 3:06 – 5:04 Christie on Isis 5:28 – 10:20 Trump on Muslims, Trump/Bush Rand Paul boycotting debate: [Facebook Video] 0:00 – 0:42 – opening statement – eerie 2:12 – gets started – not much movement – 7:32 Marco Rubio: If I’m President, ISIS Terrorists ‘Are Getting a One-Way Ticket to Guantanamo Bay’ Chris Christie: We Cannot Have a 3rd Term of Obama’s Policies With Hillary Clinton Ted Cruz Responds to New York Times ‘Hit Piece’ Website: As a behavior analyst and body language expert, Scott Rouse holds multiple certificates in advanced interrogation training and has been trained alongside the […]

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